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Anywhere Missing

Chapter Two

He had to make it to him in time; he could still feel the gnawing desire to drain every single person that he passed. The constant beating of hearts surrounding him drove him nearly insane, and now what does it do. It begins to rain the second that he stepped out of the shuttle terminal making his way to his friend's home. He huddled into the long black trench coat, which he had stolen from a chair that he had passed; he stumbled around bumping into people as he clutched his head as the constant thumping intensified all around him. "He" was getting louder now, the flight had done something to him, and he was hungry. He could feel his jaw aching with the clenching of his teeth as he fought desperately to gain control.

"Why are you doing this? Give me blood we need it. Her…look at her…isn't she radiant with the hot blood that simply rushes under her skin? She's begging to be devoured just standing there…"

He could feel himself giving in at the sight of the young blonde woman. She looked lost as she glanced around her. Her big light green eyes were filled with an apprehension that he knew to be nerves; he had seen them before when he had been with "her". He steadily swerved through the crowd of ignorant people until he froze at the sudden change in her eyes. She had seen who she was waiting for. He watched as a tall man with black hair came up to her, lifting her into the air making her laugh. He stumbled back from them as they kissed passionately completely forgetting about the strangers everywhere around them. He clutched his head as Demon hissed and goaded him to get them both.

"Stop…I can't…keep away from me!"

"You can't have that remember? You left her all alone with Trowa. She's already forgotten about you and ran to his arms. Can't you see them? He's touching all the right spots to get her to moan deep in her throat, he's kissing the delicate flesh just behind her ear to make her melt in his arms. He's stealing her from you."

"No! He wouldn't do that…" he grumbled as he ducked into the dark alleyway farthest from the couple. He looked across the street to see them smiling at each other and laughing as they realized that they were both soaking wet. They were carefree like he would never be able to be. He growled deep in his throat then suddenly howled in fury and disgust with himself. He heard a whimper from behind him and snapped his head around to spot an old man huddled next to a dumpster, his filthy clothes a tail tale sign of his homelessness. Fangs instantly sharpened and his eyes glowed in the darkness, he watched the look of utter horror manage to appear on the man's face just seconds before he attacked him in his fit of despair of loathing.

"I figured he would be here by now. I mean he said he wasn't that far away from this colony. I hope I know what I'm doing?" Duo muttered as he paced back and forth in front of his girlfriend. His hands folded behind his back clenched so tightly that they were white and turning a pale purple.

"Let go of your hands, they're turning purple," Hilde ordered as she stood up to stand in front of him. She framed his face with her hands turning his gaze towards hers.

"It will be alright, Honey. You'll see, Howard's coming and with the two of you working together I'm sure that you'll figure something out that can help Heero. There must have been something that he was doing to keep this demon at bay for all these years, did you ever notice him take something or eat something?"

"No…" Duo scratched the back of his head as he started to pace once again when he suddenly froze in mid step. He spun around to face the petite pixie of a woman with wide eyes.

"I did once, he didn't know it but it was when he was behind a desk at headquarters. His door was cracked just slightly and well me being me, I was curious. So I looked in and there he was leaning up against his desk on the floor with his arm out, his head was leaned back and his complexion was almost completely white. I remember I started to go in and ask if he was alright but I stopped as I saw him fumble around him on the floor and pick up a syringe and jab it into his elbow. I watched for a few minutes longer until his coloring became normal and he started to get up and move around. I came back a little later when I knew he wasn't going to be in his office for awhile. I found a locked drawer and picked it, there were little bottles everywhere in it with syringes piled in front. I grabbed one, thinking that I would figure out what was going on, but I forgot all about it. Pretty pathetic friend aren't I? I break in to his office to figure out what my buddy was taking and I forget I even had it,"

"Do you still have it?" Hilde asked a hint of nervousness in her voice. Duo looked up to see her eyes wide and fog going over them.

"Yeah," he muttered absently as he turned to see his friend standing in the open doorway to his din. The man that stood bent over on himself was a shell of his former self. Duo looked over the muddy and soaking wet coat to see the familiar gleam of still wet blood caking the front and shoulders. He couldn't help but gawk at the filthy hair caked with blood, mud, and general filth of the streets, but the man's eyes were what scared the hell out of him. His eyes were hollow and void of nothing but the blackness of his pupils, but there was something unholy that dwelled deep in that blackness that sent chills up his spine.

"Buddy…what's happened to you?" he added quietly as he started to step forward.

"Stop, don't come any closer. Get her out of here I don't…I don't want…to hurt her. Please, Hilde…leave," his voice was rough from ill use. He cringed away from the helping hand that Duo stretched out to him; he sunk deeper into the coat as his eyes darted every which way. Duo glanced over to Hilde and nodded to her. She went over to him and kissed him.

"Be careful, you know where I'll be,"

"Wait," Heero whispered urgently as he stuck out his hand to grab her arm as she past him. She looked up to gasp at the wild and helpless look to his eyes.

"Don't go downstairs…Duo, put me there…make it…to where…I can't get out. You have to hurry, I can feel him,"

"Him? Who is him?" Duo questioned as he stepped closer as Heero let go of Hilde.

"You've got to help me. Tie me down, I know you still have something to keep me chained…you have to do it now. I can feel him. 'He' wants more…" Heero trailed off as the door opened and shut. Duo watched his friend's ear twitch like back in the war when trouble was coming. He looked over to see Relena then Trowa step into the light, his eyes went wide with the look that spread across Relena's face.

She was here, he could smell her, and even before the door was opened he knew that she was there. He sniffed once more as the door opened and he growled. He was there as well, how had he missed him? He felt his ear twitch back as Demon's voice filled his head once more only louder.

"What did I tell you? She's with him now…did I not tell you that she would leave you for him. Kill him; get rid of the competition,"

He turned his head the rest of the way towards the shadows to see her standing there looking as beautiful as he remembered her to be, but the look that soon filled her sea green eyes when she looked at him was enough to stomp any idea of being together again into oblivion. She was disgusted with him, hated the mere sight of him. He was a monster that she had only had nightmares about. He watched her back up a step to be held in the arms of the man that he now hated with every being.

"Yes, look at them. Don't they seem all cozy together? See how she just fell into his arms when she looked at you; see how well they go together. You have me now, you've always had me. I've never abandoned you like she did," Demon cooed.

"Kill him!"

"RAAHH!" Heero exploded suddenly jumping towards them. He ignored the look of terror that contorted Relena's face as Trowa tossed her to the side. He had only one thing on his mind and that was blood. He could hear it rushing with his enemy's adrenaline, see it glowing in every vain and artery, smell its heady metallic scent that was purely blood. Nothing else had that smell of ecstasy or the taste that it had when melting down his throat.

He gripped at Trowa's arm with a strength that greatly surpassed the acrobat's and started to rip but a soft sob stopped him instantly. He slowly turned his head over to see Relena huddled against the wall with Hilde knelt next to her trying to hold her back. A thin line of crimson red slithered from her honeyed hairline to edge her eye; he held the ex-pilot around the throat in a vice like grip that was steadily causing the blood to stop flowing beneath his fingers and turning the man's face a blue as he gasped for air that was refusing to come to his lungs. Heero snarled at the sobbing woman as he stood still clutching his prey, he could feel his fangs being released and his skin go hot. The pain that was usually so over-whelming was nothing compared to the look that was in her eyes. He suddenly couldn't hear Demon's voice as he cackled with victory, over the multitude of screams that engulfed his mind. He dropped Trowa in an instant to clutch the sides of his head and fall to his knees. He clawed at his ears trying desperately to stop the screams but nothing was working, they continued to drown out Demon's curses and cries of denial. Blood seeped into the edges of his vision as he lifted his head back up to lock gazes with Relena.

"Help me…please…make it stop…" he cried as he collapsed to his side curling into a fetal position and clawing at his head.

She scrambled away from Hilde's tight hold on her to crawl over to his writhing body. Tears freely fell from her eyes as she watched her hand shake slightly as it hovered above the man that she loved with every fiber of her being. She slowly lowered her hand at the protests of Duo and Trowa off to her left. She could still hear the desperate breathing that Trowa had to do just to get a tiny breath of air. She ran her fingers through his dirty hair to see him jerk and start to shrink away from her.

"Shh, it's alright. I'm here now," she whispered soothingly as she continued to run her fingers through his hair then pull him up to cradle his head on her lap. She watched him slowly relax and stop scraping at his head, and watched as his red eyes fade back to their Prussian blue while his skin turned back to its grungy paleness from the red that had appeared with the deep gashes of black that curled in on his face. She leaned down pressing her lips to his bloody temple as she sniffed back her tears.

"Kill me…I can't stop him…make it stop," he muttered just before oblivion finally took over and he went limp in her arms. She looked up into Duo's wide violet eyes and Trowa's heavy lidded green.

"We have to figure some way of stopping this. We have to save him," she looked back down to his peaceful form. She caressed his face, bringing her hand up to stare at the fresh blood that smeared the soft white delicate skin.

End Chapter

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