Title:Please don't touch me

Rating: T this chapter

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama

Pairing: Naruto/ You decide

Summery: AU: In order to survive Kyuubi place some of his chakra into Naruto instead of the seal causing the 4th to live and giving Naruto fox ears and a tail. Unfortunately the Kyuubi transports Naruto away from the village where an old mute woman finds him and takes him in. Living peacefully for 4 years they are attacked and Naruto is tortured by the attackers because he looks like Arashi. Escaping Naruto runs into Minato and Jiraiya returning from a political mission, shocked Minato beings him back to leaf and slowly nurses him back to health. As Naruto grows although word gets out that Arashi has a son and many come to kill him well other are trying to seduce him.

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Chapter one: The seal


Loud screams could be heard as a giant red beast slammed its mighty tails into the running humans devouring all that got in its way as it demolished the village before it. A tall man with golden yellow hair looked upon the scene sadly as he turned back toward his sleeping wife slowly stroking her long red hair gently as a nurse walked in with a frown upon her pretty face.

"I'm sorry Yondaime, but there is a very high chance that your wife will not make it do to blood lose and other birth complications and even if she does she will never be able to have children again." The medi-nurse whispered quietly before quickly fleeing the room a she felt the murderous aura come off her leader. Glaring at the slammed door Minato sighed softly before walking over to his injured wife grasping her hand firmly.

"You can't die Kushina, please Naruto will needs you, I found a way to kill the nine tails yet I must sacrifice myself in the process. Naruto will be the hero of the village, but he will have no one if you leave." Minato said quietly as he felt his wife hand tighten slightly before once again become limp. Sighing Minato slowly let go of her hand and walked over to the small crib in the corner of the room peering down at his newborn child, already a small batch of golden hair could be seen along with hypnotizing blue eyes even deeper than the Minato's. Smiling down at his child Minato picked him up and slowly began to rock him in his arms causing the baby to coo and giggle in delight at the attention. Smiling sadly Minato wrapped Naruto in his long white cloak with red flames before leaping out the window with his son and began running toward the battlefield as Gamabunta appear in front of him. Nodding his head in understanding the 4th began running up the frog's leg as it dashed toward the Kyuubi, as soon as Minato reached the top of Gamabunta head Minato cut his arm and began to draw a bloody seal on his son's stomach. A giant roar could be hears causing Naruto to cry loudly, Minato placed his son gently on the frogs head before standing as he began doing advanced hand-seals watching as the Kyuubi charged toward him claws extending to kill. Finishing the hand-seal with seconds to spare the Hokage looked the Kyuubi dead in its blood red eyes before shouting.

"Demon Seal no jutsu," Minato screamed as he collapsed watching the Demon slowly being sucked into the seal. Roaring in rage the Demon turned its glaze toward the baby before concentrating its remaining energy toward the boy, confused Minato watched helplessly as his son screamed in pain as his body became engulfed with glowing red charka. Gasping Minato began to crawl toward his son hoping to save him only to feel a blast of deadly charka flow through him before slipping into a dark abyss.


A cold October breeze flew across the land as an old woman slowly limped up the mountainside hoping to return home safely only to here a soft whimper to her right. Curious the woman began heading toward the noise carful to avoid the slippery rocks until she came across a small white bundle hidden around a stone. Her wise grey eyes widened in confusion as she began to quickly bend over to pick the bundle up only to hiss in pain as her back cracked loudly in protest of bending, the woman sighed ignored the throb and grabbed the buddle before she slowly tried to rise. Intrigued she began to unfold the cloak only to silently gasp as a patch of golden hair was revealed covering an angelic face as two royal blue eyes stared up at the woman who had trouble looking away from them. What made the woman truly gasp besides the beauty of the child were two small orange fox ears atop his head, shocked the women began to stroke them softly causing the baby to purr and coo in delight before slowly closing his eyes drifting off in a peaceful sleep. Smiling slightly the women slowly began to limp home clutching the tiny baby tightly to her chest.


A tall man with bright yellow hair and sharp features slowly opened his deep cobalt eyes peering up at the white ceiling in confusion before turning his head toward the side to peer at his weary comrades.

"What happened?" He rasped as he looked into Jiraiya's eyes in curious as to why he was still there, "I thought the seal was supposed to kill me." He whispered quietly as Tsunade looked away, her head downcast.

"Something went wrong during the sealing; the Kyuubi transferred some of its chakra into Naruto directly instead of the seal." Sarutobi said softly as he watched Minato's deep blue eyes widen in shock. "Since you did not seal Kyuubi completely the shinigami did not take your soul, but before Naruto disappeared we saw him transform, he is more than likely dead" Sarutobi whispered sadly as Minato tried to rise.

"What do you mean disappear, and are you saying that I may have turned my son into a demon," Minato questioned as his voice crack, "Where is he, where is my son?" Minato demanded as he looked at Jiraiya who looked away.

"We don't know the Kyuubi transported him before we could stop him." Jiraiya said as Minato began to become hysteric

"What about my wife please I can't lose her as well, oh my god what have I done!" Minato yelled as he diving off the bed with the last of his strength to search for his family, Jiraiya quickly dove at him before he could get away slamming his palm into the back of Minato's neck rendered him unconscious placing his student back on the bed.

"I'm sorry Minato." Jiraiya whispered softly as he place him back on the bed before leaving the room letting his friend rest.


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