Title: Please don't touch me

Rating: M this chapter

Genre: Angst, Romance, Drama

Pairing: Naruto/ You decide

Summery: AU: In order to survive Kyuubi place some of his chakra into Naruto instead of the seal causing the 4th to live and giving Naruto fox ears and a tail. Unfortunately the Kyuubi transports Naruto away from the village where an old mute woman finds him and takes him in. Living peacefully for 4 years they are attacked and Naruto is tortured by the attackers because he looks like Arashi. Escaping Naruto runs into Minato and Jiraiya returning from a political mission, shocked Minato beings him back to leaf and slowly nurses him back to health. As Naruto grows although word gets out that Arashi has a son and many come to kill him well other are trying to seduce him.

Warning: Rape, Gore, Maybe yaoi if you vote on it and there may be Mpreg if you pick a guy.

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Chapter two- Enslavement


A flash of yellow blow passed the demolished building and working villagers before disappearing out of the village and into the forest of death. After hours of running the man finally collapsed near a waterfall as the tears finally fell freely from his sad blue eyes.

"Why? Why did you have to die Kushina, I needed you." The man whispered brokenly as he looked up into the night sky in wonder and pain. "Why did things have to turn out this way, we were supposed to be happy." The man said sadly as he turned his head away from the heavens to watch how the waterfall created small whirlpools at the bottom. "I'll save your son, Kushina and I will make him happy and strong, I know that Naruto is alive, even if they others say he is dead I know he is out there somewhere and I will find him." The man promised himself as his expressions darken. "This is all the Kyuubi's fault, if it was not for that demon I would still be with my son." The man screamed only to have his head fall into his hands and he began to cry once again. "What have I done to you Naruto, what will you look like when I find you, like the demon that I turned you into, likeIT?" The man questioned in despair as he began to fall asleep with only the moon's calming glow as his companion.


4 years later


An elder women with walking up the ancient stair leading up toward a temple as a small blond child ran ahead laughing the whole way. Smiling happily the women quickly reached out and grabbed the boy who just continued to giggle merrily until he heard a soft sigh pass the old woman's chapped lips. Whimpering slightly the boy reached out and licked the woman's cheek before hoping out of her arms rubbing his tails against the old woman hoping to take away her pain. The woman's eyes soften as she stared at the young child besides her only to see his fox ears twitch as he turned to look in the forest curiously; worried the woman began to look toward the forest to see had stared the child as she spotted a dark haired girl running toward them.

"Misa-sama, I have been looking all over for you, have you gone to the temple I heard Kagrato-sama is looking for you." The girl asked as the Misa shook her head causing some her long rose red hair to fall out from behind her ear. "That's okay, I am sure Kagrato-sama is still at the temple you should hurry." The girl said before turning her once warm brown eyes toward the small boy on the ground, scowling angrily at him before running off again. Sighing in annoyance the older woman began to walking up the stair at a quicker speed as she reached down and picked up the small blond boy who was shaking in fear. Closing her eyes sadly as they reached the temple the boy could do nothing but gasp in wonder forgetting about the mean lady as he stared at the structure before him, smiling Misa placed the boy to the ground watching as he began playing in the meadow before turning her eyes toward the temple. Glaring at the beautiful building in hatred Misa began walking up the cold marble steps and opened the golden doors coming face to face with the man she once loved.

"Misa-sama you must destroy that demon." The man whispered harshly as they began walking further into the temple. "I have let it live for too long." Kagrato said as he pulled out a small slip of paper and handled it to Misa. "I have arranged for his assassination." He said simply only to fall to the floor as Misa punched him in the face, tears in her once bright green eyes as she turned away and began walking out of the building ignoring Kagrato's screams of anger. Looking toward the field again Misa spotted her son playing with a family of deer, smiling sadly the woman walked up toward her son causing the deer to run away. Turned around the small boy smiled before running up to her and began to hug her only to feel something wet against his cheek. Confused the boy looked up toward the woman only to turn his head toward the side as he slowly stretched out his arm and wiped the water falling down his mother's cheek. Sobbing harder Misa picked up her son and began walking down the familiar stone stairs not noticing a pair of blood red eyes following their ever move.


"Arashi, stop mopping and come to the festival, it's been four years!" A tall muscular man in his fifthly shouted as Arashi glared at him.

"Do you even know what today's date is? Arashi hissed as the man in front of him froze before he turned and looked at the calendar only to notice it was October 10th. The man's dark eyes widened as he gave a sheepish grin looked at the livid man before him.

"Sorry," The man said slowly as he turned to look at his most famous student.

"It's okay Jiraiya I know you don't mean any harm." Arashi said calmly as he began shuffling through paperwork. "I need you to come with me on a political mission in a few months." Arashi commented as Jiraiya began shaking his head.

"No way in hell are you dragging me into one of your missions," Jiraiya yelled as Arashi slowly raised and began to look down to hissenseiwho just glared at him before sighing in defeat. "Fine, I'll go, but you are not stopping me from doing my research," Jiraiya muttered before walking out of the room whispering something along the lines of two sadistic blonds trying to kill him. Chuckling slightly at his sensei'sbehavior Arashi turned back toward the picture in his hand.

'Where are you Naruto?'


Misa quickly began to throw all her possessions into a traveling bag as the small blond boy sat in the chair swaying his legs back and forth. Turning around Misa smiled softly and extended her hand as the boy came running over, letting him sit on her lap she gently brushed his silky blond hair and put it into a long braid. Sighing sadly Misa picked up the child and grabbed her bag before leaving her longtime home to begin the long journey to the next town, Suna. After walking for a few hours, Misa gently laid her sleeping son down before setting up a small camp only to give a silent scream as she felt something sharp tear through her back. Turning around quickly she saw a tall man grinning down at her before speaking.

"Do you really think you can save that demon?" The man asked unknowingly waking up the small boy who watched in horror as the man began to plunge the knife into his mother, shocked the small boy shot up to protect his mother and got stabbed instead. Growling in frustration the man throws the screaming boy off to the side before stabbing his Mother right in the heart. Screaming the in horror and pain as the boy watched his mother fall to the ground he quickly began running through the forest not caring about how the stones stabbed into his small feet or the branches scratching his face. Suddenly he felt something hard hit him in the back of the head causing him to fall toward the ground. Whimpering the boy tried to rise only to have the man punch him in the face causing him to fall unconscious into a clearing as the moon shone down upon his fragile body.

"Tsumio, stop it." His companion said as he stared at the boy in front of him curiously.

"What do you mean stop; it is our mission to get rid of this thing, Matsudo." Tsumio stated as he looked at the crying demon before him.

"Who does this child remind you of?" Matsudo asked as Tsumio finally took a closer look as his brown eyes widened.

"Holy shit, that kid looks like a clone of the Yondaime." Tsumio whispered in disbelief as Matsudo continued to smirk.

"Do you know how much money we could get if we sold him to a village that despises the Yondaime?" Matsudo said happily as he picked up the boy's body surprised at feeling how soft his tails were. "Head back to town with the old hag's body that will give the villagers proof that we kill the demon then catch up with me later. Nodding his head in agreement Tsumio ran back into the forest as Matsudo continued to glaze down at the wounded child in his arms, a sadistic smirk upon his face. 'You're going to wish you were never born.'


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