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January 16, 2060

More rain than usual fell down from the dark sky of Forks, Washington as many, dressed in black and tearstained faces, gazed down at the casket being lowered in to the ground.

Isabella Marie Thompson
Beloved Mother, Wife and Friend
September 13, 1988 – January 14, 2060

Besides the normal name and dates, there was something else written upon the beautiful granite tombstone that only someone with perfect eyesight could see.

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.

"Look," a pixie-like girl pointed out from where she stood. "They must've got our message. They put it on there!" She seemed ecstatic at what had been engraved on the stone but she was still saddened by the turn of events that had brought her and her family back to Forks.


Death of a sister, daughter, lover and even a mother had caused them to return to dreadful Forks, Washington.

Her mate, a tall blond haired man, with the same translucent pale skin of the pixie-like girl, placed a comforting hand on the pixies shoulder. "Edward will be pleased to hear that," he whispered.

The four others that had traveled with the couple nodded in unison. All wore similar saddened expressions. They had known the person being buried so long ago when she in her youth.

"I still can't believe he didn't show up!" snapped the pixie in a quick voice that only the group would understand. "He claimed to love her! So why didn't he come, Jasper?"

The man, who the pixie had called Jasper, engulfed the small girl into a tight hug. "He's hurting, Alice," Jasper told the one he held. "Just like the rest of us. If not more."

"He still should've come!" Alice practically shouted as she turned her attention back to the funeral. She let out a sigh and leaned in to her mate's chest, trying to control the dry sobs that threatened to take over her entire body.

The group of six didn't dare speak any more as the friends of the deceased began to lay flowers gently upon the brown casket.

The life of Isabella Marie Swan had ended. She had lived the life Edward Cullen had wanted her to. She had grown up, gone to college, married and had children.

But the Cullen coven was empty and damaged without the clumsy human running about. Bella had been the one to bring their family even closer together than they already were and now she was gone forever.