AN: A quick story about something I think could have happened while Sora was asleep. No real pairings, though you could see both Kairi/Sora and Kairi/Riku if you squint. But really, it's just a Kairi/Sora's mom friendship fic.


Sometimes she doesn't know why she keeps going there. To the woman's house.

She's not a woman Kairi should know very well. She has no children, so Kairi has never gotten to know her that way. Yet it feels like they must know each other somehow. That they have for a very long time.

Kairi feels a little sorry for her, since most of the people on the Islands think the woman is crazy. She's depressed most of the time, and lost contact with her friends after saying that she felt like she'd "lost someone." Now she just stays at home.

She thinks she used to have a son, but she can't really remember him. She has his room, full of clothes and toys and books. But she has no pictures of him, and doesn't remember his name, or what he looks like.

And even though everyone tells her "you're insane, obsessed, you never had a son, and even if you did, how could you forget his name?" she still insists he should be there.

And Kairi knows how she feels, since she's missing something too, and no one else understands. She knows there used to be three of them, and now she's the only one left. Riku vanished, and there was someone else… she swears it. But he's always just on the edge of her memory; as soon as she tries to focus on him, he disappears. She feels like there are two holes gaping in her heart, missing her two best friends. But one seems never to have existed…

Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka all say she's crazy for it. They played on the same island forever, and they don't remember another boy. Though they barely seem to remember Riku either. Just a few offhand remarks about "what ever happened to him..?" It's something no one focuses on anymore, like he stopped mattering once he was gone.

Kairi is the only one to visit the woman anymore, but she does it often. And though the woman is old enough to be Kairi's mother, they are friends more than anything, and Kairi thinks she couldn't have a better one. Except that she does miss Riku, and the Other Boy. But they are friends, and the two of them are the only ones who listen to each other now. Kairi will bring cookies or something over, just to say hi, and the woman will make lemonade or tea, and they'll sit together and talk. They talk about anything; Kairi's classes, movies, music, weather, local gossip.

But then they'll both trail off, and stare off into the sky, missing the boy neither of them wants to live without.