This is about the Marauders first year at Hogwarts, how they become their own person, and how their friendship grows. I know that it is an over-used topic, but they're my favorite characters and this is my first fic.

Warning: there will be some one-sided slash in the last two or so chapters! Pairings are LEJP (but it's one-sided), PPOC, MMAD, and . There will be more but those are the most prompt ones. This story will most likely NOT follow a lot of the books. There will be spoilers for those who have not read Deathly Hollows.

Begin chapter one

James Potter

BONG! 'Crap! I forgot about that bloody alarm!' James thought as he hastily jumped out of his large four-poster bed, ripping the covers off of himself. He started to race across the vast bedroom to shut off the gong-like sounding alarm that was sitting on a dresser by the door. When he was almost there, his right foot crossed his left, and not noticing this, he tripped and landed flat on his face with a proclaimed (and rather loud) thump. The alarm was still going off, the sound echoed throughout the Gryffindor red and gold decorated room.

"Oh great," the messy haired boy muttered, absent-mindedly rubbing the bridge of his nose. 'I'd give a hundred galleons if the entire house wasn't awake by now…' he thought darkly. Now walking over, James forcefully hit the alarm on the top and it instantly fell silent. Pleased that he had gotten it to shut-up, James glanced at the face of the clock and read that it was only two-thirty in the morning. He groaned and walked over to where he'd fallen, making to pick up his glasses and ramming them onto his face.

'Why the hell did I get up so early,' a mischievous grin played its way across his face as he remembered. 'Oh, I'll get in big trouble for this,' the be-spectacled boy thought, 'but it'll be well worth the look on Perenelle's face when she wakes up.'

The plotting eleven-year-old was brought out of his thoughts as he noticed a large barn owl tapping on one of his windows. In its beak, he saw, was an envelope, sealed with a badger, eagle, snake, and lion.

Sirius Black

There was a bang and a small shriek, that's all that Sirius Black needed to know to realize that his prank, if that's what you would call it, had worked. He was too swept up in gleeful laughter and dance to notice the loud thumping noises that signified someone ascending towards his bedroom.

'Ha! That was perfect, but I hope that nothing went wrong…If it did thought, Andy'd be able to take care of it for Bella and Cissy, right?' He was still too busy celebrating and questioning himself to notice that his door opening.

"SIRIUS ORION BLACK!" Bellatrix screeched at the top of her voice. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!?"

"Well Bella, first off, I would greatly appreciate it if you stopped yelling in my ear." There was an indignant huff. "Second, how do you know it was me who did it? It could have well been Regulus, or Andy and Cissy."

"Because," she seethed, dark gray eyes brimmed with malice. "You are the only bloody-one who's dancing around and laughing. And," she emphasized, "you've got the oddest sense of humor that the entire wizarding community has ever seen."

"Ahhhh, but that's why you love me!" the cousin cheekily replied.

"Yes, I suppose it is," the usually black-haired beauty grudgingly admitted. It was just then that Narcissa, Regulus, and Andromeda entered the messy room, the first twos noses recoiled at the smell. Andromeda marched up to Sirius with a scowl firmly planted on her face. The boy sighed, he had been counting on his cousin to help back him up, instead, she was going to be the one lecturing him on the importance of NOT turning peoples hair into king cobras.

"An owl came for you today, while you were still sleeping, or plotting. Tell your mother and father, when they get back, that they need to get ready for a trip to Diagon Alley." With that she left, only apprehensively eyeing Bellatrix and Narcissas' snake covered heads once each, where as Regulus stayed a good two yards away from the duo. The blond cousin glared at her cousin once more before exiting his room, Bella left without a second glance, and the little brother gazed fearfully at his sibling, who grinned back, before rushing downstairs to ask if he could play a game of exploding snap before breakfast.

"Yesssss! I'm going to Hogwarts!" Sirius screamed as he started laughing his head off and jumping around his room again.

Peter Pettigrew

Dink! Dink! Dink! Dink! The noise was getting louder every time it sounded. A short and chubby blond-haired boy groaned and pulled an over stuffed pillow over his ear, trying to block out the sound and get back to his wonderful, food-filled dream.

"Peter, you dolt. Turn the alarm off before you wake Mum up, you know that she needs to have some rest!" a voice hissed from the single bed next to Peters.

The boy sat up with a jolt that knocked the clock to the hard flooring where it broke. 'Oh no,' Peter groaned inwardly, covering his face with his hands. 'I broke the stupid thing…Mark's going to kill me, that's the third one this week!'

"Peter," the voice was slightly apprehensive, "Peter, did you break it?" A very adult groan was heard as Peter mentally cursed his clumsiness. "You did, didn't you." It was more of a statement then a question. There was a large sigh accompanied by the sound of someone getting out of bed. "Well, I'm off to take a shower. You can pick up the pieces, again, and throw 'em into the trash bin, again."

"Kay, Mark," the younger brother mummered while keeping his eyes downcast. 'Darn it!' he thought, 'Why do I have to be so damn clumsy all the time?'

A short man, rather on the plump side, jogged into the small bedroom, his fuzzy blue bedroom slippers loudly scuffing on the floorboards. He was grinning madly, baby blue eyes twinkling like there was no tomorrow, in his left hand, a very rumpled piece of parchment was clutched. Ian Pettigrew ran over to his second eldest son and gave him a huge and proud hug. He wiped some tears from his eyes and ran a beefy hand through his wispy blond hair when he'd broken off.

"Hullo, Dad. Why're you so happy? I mean, I know it's twins this time, but you weren't this happy when Tammey was born." Peter frowned as his father chuckled and lovingly ruffled his sons yellow hair.

"You clearly lack certain observational skills, my boy," he smiled.

'Well that's not a very nice thing to say to someone first thing in the morning,' Peter thought. Mr. Pettigrew chuckled again as the scowl remained, he handed the parchment to his son so that he could read it as well. "Does Mum know?"

A shake of the head, "No, it came just now, along with the morning paper. I didn't want to wake her up, as she's still resting." They mirrored each others grins, "Now get dressed, Pete, we need to get breakfast finished and head off to Diagon Alley to get your Hogwarts supplies."

"Wow," Peter muttered as his dad left the room, "I'll get my own wand!" He raced out of the room as his father called out to him to hurry it up.

Remus Lupin

"Remus…" a soft voice drifted up the staircase that led to the attic-space. "Remus dear…" the voice, slightly louder, called again. A tuft of tawny hair emerged from underneath the hand knit sheets. Two narrowed and groggy-looking amber eyes, flecked with gold, soon followed suite. There was a large, collective yawn and stretch as the boy pushed himself upright, he sat cross-legged on the bed for a few minutes, with his eyes closed. If Remus Lupin was anything, it was definatly not a morning person.

"Remus, please wash up then join your father and I for breakfast. I made your favorite, today's a very special day."

'My favorite!' There was a thump as the young werewolf fell out of his bed onto the hardwood flooring below.

"Are you ok, Rem?" a different, deeper voice called out. "You seem a bit, slower, then usual this morning…" his dads voice drifted off.

"Wha'? OH! Oh, yea…I'm fine, really. I was just," he searched for the right word, "startled, is all." 'That would be an understatement,' he thought, 'as far as falling out of bed would go. What's the occasion, though, I wonder…' "Oh, well." The bookworm muttered as he shuffled across his attic bedroom to the joined bathroom to wash up.

Five minutes later he was sitting at the Lupin's kitchen table, happily munching away at fresh blueberry and chocolate pancakes, rashes of bacon, and a glass of milk. Although, all the while he was keeping a close watch on his parents to see if they would give out any hints as to what was going on.

When, finally, everybody was done eating, Remus was clearing up the table and the dishes and Mrs. Lupin was putting away the leftovers, Mr. Lupin pulled something out of his pocket and spoke to his son:

"Rem, you remember how we told you about Hogwarts, the Wizarding school, right?" The boy tilted his head to the side quizzically but nodded all the same. "Good, now, remember how we thought that you couldn't because of, err…your…condition?" Remus nodded his head again and noted the use of past tense. A spark of hope lit up inside him, maybe he could go after all…. Mr. Lupin held an envelope out to his son, "Well," there was a look of pure happiness in his eyes and on his face. "We're going to go get your supplies today after you've showered."

Remus just stared blankly at the envelope, not even bothering to open it. He broke into a wide smile, dropped the letter onto the table, and ran upstairs as fast as his short eleven-year-old legs could carry him. He, a werewolf, Remus John Lupin, 'was going to Hogwarts.'

End chapter one

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