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Chapter seven!


-Peter Pettigrew-

"Do you know where Remus is? I need to ask him something."

"No, Peter, go away."

"But you must know! You're his cousin!"

"Just because I'm related to the kid doesn't mean that I know where he is every second of the day."

"Fine. Who would know then?"



Marielle groaned and hit her head with her Ancient Runes textbook. Peter turned around to see his older brother, Mark, walking up to him and Remus' cousin with James. The Ravenclaw boy smiled widely and waved at his friend whereas Mark ignored his sibling completely, instead keeping his eyes trained on Marielle as she glowered at him and began packing up her things.

"What are you talking about Lupin for?" questioned Mark with a slight frown.

"None of your business, Pettigrew," she sneered. His eyes narrowed slightly.

"I think it is."

"How can it be your problem? It's not like I've actually ever accepted or anything," she muttered. "Now go away and talk about Quidditch with your mates or something."

"Nah," he replied, dismissing what the Hufflepuff said with a wave of his hand. "Got better things to do."

"Like what?" asked Peter with unique curiosity. This was one of the first chances that he had to talk to his brother since the Sorting. Mark was always busy; trying to discuss game tactics with the captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team (he was the Keeper), studying for tests and quizzes and doing homework, or just hanging around with his huddle of friends.

Mark spared Peter a half-glance. "Nothing for your age group," he replied. Peter sighed deeply and made to walk away. "So…Hogsmeade weekend tomorrow," he heard his brother saying.

"I've told you a million times before, Pettigrew," Marielle ground out, "I'm not interested."

The blonde laughed and sat down next to her. "One day you will be!"

"Only if 'one day' in your language translates into 'when Hell freezes over' in mine," she retorted sourly. Peter was walking farther away but James put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head, signaling that he wanted to stay for a bit longer. Listen to the banter, he explained later, nothing more entertaining than a good battle of words…other than pulling a prank that is.

Mark laughed again, but his smile didn't reach his eyes. "So why precisely where you talking about Lupin with my little brother?" His voice was alight with implications. Marielle looked revolted.

"That's disgusting!" She exclaimed loudly. Several heads turned in their direction. "He's my cousin you bloody pervert!"

"Je t'aime trop, sweetie," he replied, grin growing.

James leaned over and whispered in Peter's ear, "I didn't know that your brother speaks French."

"He told me that he learned because girls 'think it's sensitive and romantic'," Peter maimed gagging. James looked thoughtful and sneaked a quick glance at the Slytherin table.

"I don't know," he muttered more to himself than his friend, "maybe I'll take a leaf out of his book sometime…" Peter let his mouth fall open in disbelief.


The noise echoed throughout the Great Hall, now everybody watched as Marielle stormed out of the room, fuming.

"Damn, que du mal!" Mark exclaimed loudly, clutching his left cheek. It had a bright red mark in the shape of a hand.

"What did he say?" asked James heatedly. Peter frowned at him.

"How am I supposed to know," he grumbled, "I never said that I speak French."

"Well that doesn't help matters," James said, Peter looked at him quizzically. "You know," James prompted, motioning with his hands, "you were looking for Remus…I was looking for Sirius…"

"Oh. Right. Well if we find one we find the other," Peter shrugged. "But what does that have to do with what we were talking about?"

James's brow creased slightly. "I have no idea," he eventually muttered, "but let's go check the library, if Remus isn't there, I don't know where else to look."


-Sirius Black-

(forty minutes before)

"D'you know where Remus is?"

"Dorm room…"

"Thanks, see ya later!"

"Uh huh," Fabian didn't look up from his book as Sirius turned heel and bolted out of the library. He turned the page, silently wondering whether or not Gideon and Romulus had told the Slytherin the password again.

(after five minutes of constant running)

"B – by – wha – ter," Sirius panted. The Fat Lady portrait smirked at him.

"What was that, dear? Didn't quite catch it…" He glared at her.

"I said: Bywater. The password."

"I'm sorry," she replied in a sickly-sweet voice. "But that was last week's. Professor Dumbledore changed it yesterday." Let's just say that the Fat Lady wasn't exactly fond of the Slytherin.

"Which Dumbledore?" asked Sirius frantically; he really needed to ask Remus something before Peter could. She raised an eyebrow.

"Why does it matter?"

"Because Headmaster Dumbledore loves sweets and Care of Magical Creatures Dumbledore loves, well, magical creatures…and goats…"

"True," she admitted reluctantly, "but why should I tell you? You're a Slytherin."

"Because I have a really, really important question that I need to ask one of my friends and he's a Gryffindor," Sirius explained frantically.

"Can't you just wait and ask him when he comes down?"


"And why is that?"

"I need to ask him before one of my other friends can," Sirius whined. The portrait rolled her eyes, muttering something about "kids these days…" Sirius huffed and crossed his arms. If he had to wait all morning for Remus to come down for breakfast and lessons, he would.

"Leonardo Da Vinci."

The first year spun around at the voice only to find himself face to chest with Molly Prewett. He quickly looked up at her face, feeling his own turn a bright red. The sixth year chuckled at him.

"You know," she said thoughtfully, "I weren't so convinced that you're gay I might've given you a good wallop for being so damn dense."

"How does me being gay stop you from hitting me for being stupid," Sirius scowled, "and I'm not gay! Why does everybody keep suggesting that I am?" Molly looked at him shrewdly.

"Somebody else called you gay?" She asked. Sirius nodded glumly. "Who?"

Sirius sneered as he answered, "Albrey Arkness and Charing Inkel. The two other boys in Slytherin first year." Molly scowled.

"If they do that again," she said, "tell me, I'll put them right."

Sirius shook his head. "No way! I can fight my own battles," he said, "and besides, Remus already did that…" Before Molly could respond the Fat Lady interrupted.

"Yoo-hoo," she called irritably. "You used the password, aren't you going to go through?"

"Oh," said Molly, eyes widening, "right. C'mon, Black." She grabbed Sirius's wrist and slipped through the portrait hole, which swung shut behind them as the Fat Lady muttered bitterly to herself.

"Not again!"

Molly put on an innocent face as Rudolf Brand, a sixth year prefect, flitted over to them. She kicked Sirius in the shin, which he took that as a sign to move behind her. "What again, Brand?" she asked, looking up at the taller Gryffindor with wide eyes.

Brand motioned with his head that he knew Sirius was behind her. "Prewett, how many times do I have to tell you, Potter, Lupin, and your brothers not to let a Slytherin into the common room? Even," he added to Sirius, who had stepped out from behind Molly, "if they have dire need to speak to a friend."

"Well you can't really tell the others what not to do," said Molly impatiently. "They're higher up than you, older and wiser."

The prefect quirked an eyebrow at her. "Not if they're letting members of other houses into our own. The common rooms are supposed to be hidden." He said and peered over their shoulders. "Ah yes, here's Lupin now." Molly and Sirius turned around to see Romulus clambering through the portrait hole, arms laden with countless library books.

"I – hate – this – stupid – castle!" Romulus grunted as he struggled to keep upright. With a deep groan he let go of the books, content on letting them clatter noisily to the wooden floor. "What in the name of Merlin convinced Gryffindor to set up the common room on the seventh floor when the bloody library's all the way down on the fourth?" he muttered to himself, nudging one of the books disdainfully with his toe.

"Ehm," Brand cleared his throat; Romulus looked up, obviously startled to find that there were other people in the vast, circular room. "Nice to see that you're finally with us, Lupin."

"Meh," Romulus waved his hand vaguely. "Whatever you're going to chastise me about this time, Brand, don't even bother with it. I've never really paid much attention anyways." He yawned widely. "Now if you will excuse me, I'm off to bed…"

"Uhh, Rom?" said Molly apprehensively. "It's seven-thirty in the morning."

Romulus shrugged as if this information held no importance.

"Lessons start in forty minutes…"

The Gryffindor grinned widely at her. "Maybe for you they do," he said, "but I've got an entirely different schedule being a year ahead and all." Molly sighed and rolled her eyes. She knew most of Hogwarts' seventh year students thanks to her brothers and cousin, and the Gryffindors in that year made sure to never let her forget that they were older, always in a jesting manner though.

"Right. I just forgot with you always being so immature and all."

"Hey now, you were in on that prank too and didn't even lift a finger to put a stop to it." He shook his head in mock disappointment. "For shame, Miss Prewett, for shame."

"Look," said Brand firmly, "you two stop trying to distract me from the matter at hand right now. And that just happens to be something in which the both of you are involved, as well as Bl – " He looked around, noticing Sirius' abrupt disappearance. After a moment of darting around the common room and annoying a great number of fellow Gryffindors, he squinted up at Romulus' smug face.

"Oh you're good…"


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What the French is supposed to mean:

Je t'aime trop, sweetie - I love you too, sweetie

Damn, que du mal - Damn, that hurt