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Full summary: Echizen Ryoga moved to Japan and transfered to Ryoma's school, Sheishun Gakuen; High school department. He became popular among the girls and was known as a player as well. What he did not expect was to fall for a nerdy looking girl. He silently cursed himself for this unexpected turn of event.

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Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Kishin da omoi o hakidashitai nowa

Sonzai no shoumei ga hoka ni nai kara

Tsukan da hazu no boku no mirai wa

"Songen" to "jiyuu" de mujun shiteru yo

(Wanting to spew out the jarred thoughts is

Because there's no other proof of my existence

My future that I should've grabbed hold is

Conflicting between "dignity" and "freedom")

Yugan da zanzou o keshisaritai nowa

Jibun no genkai o soko ni miru kara

Jiishiki kajou na boku no mado niwa

Kyonen no karendaa hizuke ga nai yo

(Wanting to erase the distorted afterimage is

Because I'll see my limit there

In the window of the excessively self-conscious me

There are no dates in last year's calendar)

Keshite riraito shite

Kudaranai chou gensou

Wasurarenu sonzai kan o


Riraito shite

Imi no nai souzou mo

Kimi o nasu gendouryoku

Zenshin zenrei o kure yo

(Erase and rewrite

The depressed heart

And the dirty lie


And rewrite

The meaningless imagination and the driving force that creates you

Give it your whole body and soul)

Mebaeteta kanjou kitte naite

Shosen tada bonyou shitte naite

Kusatta kokoro o

Usugitanai uso o

Keshite riraito shite

Kudaranai chou gensou

Wasurarenu sonzai kan o


Riraito shite

Imi no nai souzou mo

Kimi o nasu gendouryoku

Zenshin zenrei o kure yo

(After cutting my feelings that grew, I regret

After realizing that after all, I'm just a mediocrity, I cry

Erase and rewrite

The depressed heart

And the dirty lie


And rewrite

The meaningless imagination and the driving force that creates you

Give it your whole body and soul)

Oh yes, Echizen Ryoga is supposed to be 18 but in here, he is only 17. Which means, he is in high school section, 2nd year.

Ryoma and gang (including Tachibana Ann) - 14 years old. 2nd year in middle school section.

Inui, Eiji, Kikumaru, Takashi, Tezuka, Fuji - 16 years old. Freshman in high school section.

Momoshiro, Kaidou - 15 years old. 3rd year in middle school section.

Narita Aiport: Terminal III

He dropped his bag on the cold floor. He looked around and a smile plastered on his handsome face. A smile of satisfaction. All the ladies that were around there looked at him with giggles and smiles but mostly with hearts in their eyes. His smirked grew wider. 'I'm already attracting ladies, I see. Well, not like they can help it..' he thought.

Somebody rested a hand on his right shoulder. The young lad ran his fingers through his hair and smiled some more. He glanced to his right and looked at the owner of the hand.

"What now, David?" a black-green haired male asked. A blonde male with dark blue eyes in his mid 40's approached behind him.

David smiled, "Find this person." He showed him a piece of paper.

The younger male smirked in amusement as he saw the name on the paper. "Well then, let's go!" He grabbed his bag which was on the floor and slung it over his shoulder. They walked outside the airport and got a cab. As David showed the cab driver the paper, the cab driver drove them to their designated destination.

Echizen's Residence

"Ryoma-san, lunch is ready!" Nanako said while knocking twice on the door.

Ryoma lazily got up from his chair, "Hai.." He looked at Karupin sleeping peacefully on his bed with her soft purr. Ryoma smiled. He left his room and went downstairs.

Najirou ran beside Ryoma and grinned, "Ah, my boy! You've been in your room all day! Young boys like you should go out more and enjoy the scenery," he elbowed playfully at Ryoma who only gave him a stoic look.

"-if you know what I mean..." he laughed while ruffling Ryoma's hair.

"No, I don't.." Ryoma removed his dad's hand and sat across the table. Ryoma smiled as he sees Japanese lunch. He took his chopstick and cupped his rice bowl.

"Ittedekimasu!" Ngap. He chewed on his food with his usual stoic expression. Najirou grunted while pouted. He sighed looking at his son in front of him.

"Mattaku, you're a very boring boy you know that. You should go out and date any girls you like rather than staying at home." Nanjirou said boringly.

Nanako giggled, "Ryoma-san isn't like you, uncle." Nanako said while sitting beside Ryoma and started to eat as well, "Uncle, you better eat quickly before the rice gets cold.."

"Hai hai, Nanako-chan!" He grinned and started eating as well.

Ding! Dong!

Nanako puts down her chopsticks and exchanged blank glances with Nanjirou. Ryoma was about to stand up when Nanako stood up before him with a smile.

"Daijobu, I'll go get it and see who it is. Ryoma-san can continue eating.." she rushed to the front door.

She took off her inside slippers and put on a pair of pink colored zōri. She opened the gate and looked who it was. It was to her surprise seeing someone that looked very familiar to Ryoma.

She blinked a couple of times, 'Ry-Ryoma-san..? Eh?' Yes, she was indeed very confused. She looked at the lad carefully. He has black-green hair like Ryoma, his eyes were gold in color. He was a kind of tall, about 5 feet 7. Nanako snapped out of her thoughts when that Ryoma look-alike person stepped forward to her.

She smiled, "Gomenasai. May I know who are you looking for?" she asked politely.

He smirked and leaned close to her face. She smiled nervously and backed away a bit. David sighed watching his actions.

"Ryo-" David was cut off when Ryoga pulled his tie and by the time he looked at the girl, all he saw was pitch black.

The young lad let go of the tie and David was left on the road. Nanako panicked and saw a yellow tennis ball. She looked at the person who did it, grumpily.

"Oh, warui. My hand kind of slipped." Nanjirou said sarcastically.

Nanako carried the passed out man, "Uncle, don't do that! Sheesh, his forehead is bleeding. Uncle, help me!"

Nanjirou twirled his racket around then stopped when he saw the young lad. He walked towards the lad and scanned him from head to toe.

"Recognize me, oyaji?" he asked.

Nanjirou smiled, "Oh... Ryoga.." Yes, it was Ryoma's adopted elder brother. Echizen Ryoga. He ran away from home awhile after Nanjirou took him in. Ryoga smiled and nodded.

Nanako looked at Nanjirou blankly, "Ry-Ryoga?" She almost slipped down but managed to keep herself balanced. "Mou, uncle, a little help here.."

Nanjirou sighed, "Hai hai. Come on in, Ryoga. Your brother's inside, still eating.." Nanjirou took the man and carried him with Nanako inside the house.

Ryoga nodded and followed them inside the house.

"Oi, boy! Someone's here to see you!" Nanjirou shouted lazily.

Ryoga sat down while his eyes roamed inside the house. He smirked, "I never knew you were interested living in a temple?"

Nanjirou returned it with another smirk, "Couldn't help it now, can I.." he teased his son.

Ryoma came in the living room with his right hand in his pocket. He looked at the person besides his father and was surprised to see who it was. Nanako said to him that someone who looked like him came. She described Ryoga as Ryoma's twin.

Ryoma sighed and plopped down, "So, what brings you here?!"

Ryoga pouted, "Little brother ain't happy to see your long lost elder brother?" Nanjirou cocked an eyebrow.

"You remember him, Ryoga, Ryoma?"

The two brothers just shrugged their shoulders, "Who knows..." they exclaimed together, by accident. They smirked. Of course they knew each other. They have met on an exclusive 'cruise' before. Back then, Ryoga worked for the so-called billionaire, Sakurafubuki Hikomaro. After Ryoga sent Ryoma back to his team mates using a jet ski, he took off claiming that he was off to chase a bigger dream.

Nanjirou looked at the both of them blankly and cocked an eyebrow, "Whatever. As long as you play nice to each other.."

"We will.. We will..." Ryoga smirked.

Nanjirou sighed and made a serious face, "What's with the sudden visit? It has been years since you left the house, Ryoga."

Ryoma looked at the elder brother. Ryoga gave a smile, "I missed you, oyaji.." he pouted.

"Stop playing around, Ryoga."

Ryoga chuckled, "Hai hai. That blondie male, David Nissley, is my manager. He wanted me to finish studying in Japan first, then continue overseas for tennis," Ryoga sighed and scratched the back of his head lazily.

"-I still don't see why I should come back here while I could just go to Germany to some tennis academy." he said.

Nanjirou sighed, "I think I hit that man a little too hard. It was meant for you actually." Najirou smirked.

Ryoga nodded, "Ah, sankyuu. But I can't hurt this handsome face, oyaji." He teased back.

Nanjirou just smirked.'You have more nerves that your little brother, Ryoga.. Well, at least you know your looks rather than..' he glanced at Ryoma. The youngest Echizen looked at his dad from the corner of his eyes with a questioning look. Nanjirou faced away.

Ryoma raised an eyebrow at Ryoga, "And where do you plan to live?"

Ryoga turned to his little brother and looked up the ceiling, pretending to think, "Hn, a famous five star hotel or a pent house?"

"Don't trouble yourself, Ryoga. You can stay here. That manager of yours as well.." A female voice interrupted. The three guys turned to the door and saw a woman.

She smiled. Nanjirou was surprised and took a glance at the clock on the wall, "Rinko-chan, what are you doing home so early?" he turned his glance back at his wife.

Rinko chuckled and ruffled Ryoga's hair, ignoring her husband. Nanjirou pouted and murmured, "Rinko-chan so evil.."

"Where have you been, Ryoga?" Rinko asked.

He gently grabbed his mother's wrist and held it, "No where special. If you really don't mind, then I'll stay here." Rinko chuckled and nodded.

Ryoma's eyes widen, "Are you sure, okaa-san?" Rinko nodded.

Ryoga smirked which made Ryoma grunted. Then suddenly something triggered him. He looked at Ryoga, blankly, "Ne, you said schooling here. Where exactly is that here?" Ryoma emphasized the last word.

Nanjirou nodded, "The boys is right. Which school are you going to?"

"This school called-" Ryoga paused.

Ryoma patiently wait for his answer until a person's footstep was heard and stopped at the door, "Seishun Gakuen."

Ryoma looked sort of pale. Rinko cheered for Ryoga. Nanjirou looked at the person who stood at the door. A blonde male that had a bandage on his forehead. Nanjirou laughed nervously.

"Sorry about that.." Nanjirou pointed to his own forehead.

David looked up and smiled, "Ah, it's okay. If it wasn't for Nanako-san, it would have been worst." Just then, Nanako came in bringing tea.

"Arigato, Nanako." Rinko said.

"Hai.." Nanako smiled and served them tea. Ryoga winked at Nanako as she poured tea into his cup. She gasped a little then blushed. Ryoma rolled his eyes and sighed.

Rinko looked at the boys and smiled, "Ryoma, Ryoga will be sleeping in your room tonight until we prepared for his room and also the manager,"

David puts down his tea cup and smiled, "David is fine, Rinko-san.."

Rinko nodded, "Hai, David-san."

Ryoma sighed in surrender, "Fine. Whatever.." He stood up and left the living room. Ryoga pouted and quickly stood up following his younger brother.

"Chibi-suke, wait a minute!"

Nanjirou smirked. Rinko chuckled while Nanako smiled and so did David. Nanjirou looked at David, "So, what do you have in mind for Ryoga?"

Rinko and Nanako looked at Nanjirou then looked at each other. Rinko gave a slight nod at Nanako. The young girl smiled, "I have to get ready for my class at 3. Excuse me.." she exited the room.

Rinko moved beside her husband and smiled at David. The blonde male rested his tea cup on the table, "Actually.." Both Nanjirou and Rinko paid attention to what David had to say. Only Rinko. Nanjirou was only half listening.

"Chibi-suke! Don't walk so fast.." Ryoga caught up with his younger brother. Ryoma kept his cool but smirked nonetheless. Ryoga took off Ryoma's white cap and ruffled his hair. He laughed teasingly at Ryoma and ran off.

"Oi, chibi-suke! You want this? Come and get it!" Ryoga continued laughing. Ryoma furrowed and ran after Ryoga. It was like they were playing tag, like little boys. Like they were little when Ryoga stole his peaches. Nanako saw them from afar before leaving. She smiled as she saw Ryoma's eyes sparkled in happiness.

They reached the tennis court in front of the temple bell. They rested on the ground. Ryoma took his cap back from a panting Ryoga.

"Ne, let's have a one set match." Ryoma said monotonously but smiled.

Ryoga smiled back and nodded, "Sure, chibi-suke.." They grabbed their tennis rackets and started playing a simple match. Nanjirou watched them while smirking.

Just for your info:

Zōri (草履, Zōri?) - are flat and thonged Japanese sandals made of rice straw or other plant fibers, cloth, lacquered wood, leather, rubber, or—increasingly—synthetic materials. Zōri are quite similar to flip-flops, which first appeared in the United States sometime around World War II as rubber imitations of the wooden thong sandals long worn in Japan.


Gomenasai - sorry

Warui - Sorry / my bad

Chibi-suke - little kid

Hai - yes

Arigato - Thanks

Okaa-san - mother

Oyaji - father

Ittedekimasu - something ritual they say before eating

Mattaku - Jeez