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Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo by Takashi Yoko

Yoake umare kuru mono yo,Kesshite miushinawanaide,YOU ARE YOU shoujo yo ima koso,Furihodoki tachiagare...

(Ones who are born at dawnDon't ever lose sightYou are you, young lady; indeed nowUntangle yourself and stand up!)

Mune no kizu wo kakushita mama kaze wo kirisusumu kimi wo,Tada mimamoru sube nado nani mo nai.

(I don't have any way to simply watch over youWho cut and advance through the wind, while still hiding the wounds in your chest)

"Good morning, Fuyumi-chan!" a girl greeted her. Fuyumi looked up at the girl from her book and nodded with a smile.

The girl sat in front of Fuyumi and sighed. Fuyumi kept her eyes on her book, "What is it now?"

The girl pouted while glancing away, "I wish I can get serious with him,"

Fuyumi gave a short glance at the girl in front of her, "who are you talking about?"

The girl smiled, "Echizen Ryoga-kun, of course!" she perked up. Fuyumi twitched but kept her cool and read the book in her hand.

"He is not worth it, Sayaka," Fuyumi monotonously said it.

Sayaka, a girl with short brown hair with black eyes, pouted at Fuyumi. "Why are you so mean towards Ryoga-kun? I mean, he is handsome, clever, and great at tennis. Plus, he is so charming even though he-"

"-flirts around with girls and couldn't be bothered by who you are exactly. Treats you like just another girl," Fuyumi concluded.

Sayaka held back and sighed, "Fuyumi, I was just kidding when I said I would want to be serious with Ryoga-kun. Besides, I have somebody in mind already," she smiled.

Fuyumi looked at Sayaka, "Hmm?"

Sayaka grinned, "YOU will find out sooner or later but what I want to emphasize now is about YOU,"

"What about me?"

"Get yourself a boyfriend,"

"Definitely not,"

"Again with that answer. What's with you and not having a boyfriend?"

Fuyumi glanced at Sayaka, "Troublesome and what is with you with me NOT having one?"

"Well, it's because, most of the girls in this class or let's just say in this school already has a boyfriend or at least they go for dates. Even ones that are much nerdier looking that you go for dates!" Sayaka said almost shouting.

Everybody in the class was looking at them. Sayaka just gave a laugh and rolled her eyes. She stared at Fuyumi, "Fuyumi-chan,"

Fuyumi closed her book and pushed up her glasses, "If you said so, then I wish happiness for those girls,"

Sayaka bit her lips, she was about to burst but calmed down, "Fuyumi-chan, I only have one question to ask,"


"Have you ever been in love?"

There were no answers from Fuyumi. She kept silence while looking out the window. There were noise coming from the door and both Sayaka and Fuyumi glanced at the crowd of noise. It was Ryoga, who just came to class and the girls were crowding him.

Fuyumi stood up with her fringe covering her eyes, Sayaka stared at her, trying to read her expression, "Where are you going, Fuyumi-chan?"


Fuyumi was about to leave her seat when Ryoga was about to approach her. Fuyumi turned to Sayaka for a short glance and she smiled at Sayaka, "No, I have never in love," Fuyumi left the class.

Ryoga heard what she had said. Sayaka sighed, "That girl, will she ever open her heart to anyone?"

Ryoga sat at Fuyumi's seat earlier and stared at Sayaka, "Good morning, Sayaka-chan," he smiled.

Sayaka blushed, "good morning, Ryoga-kun,"

"What was that you were saying about Fuyumi-chan?"

Sayaka gave a soft smile and looked out the window, "nothing. It is just everything about that friend of mine who is just very stubborn,"

She glanced at Ryoga, "Ryoga-kun, do you want to know about her?"

"You mean, Fuyumi-chan?"

Sayaka nodded, "Do you?"

Ryoga smiled, "My ears are all yours, Sayaka-chan,"

"Fuyumi-chan transferred here a year ago and, up till now, not many can accept her because she never opens up to anybody,"

Ryoga saw the expression on Sayaka's face. Sayaka kept smiling and looked at Ryoga, "on her first day, she was alone; nobody came to talk to her. At first I was scared too but something in me said that she is OK, and my first conversation with her was about the sunset," Sayaka blushed.

"I remember, the first eye contact I had with her, when we were having our first conversation, I was amazed by her eyes. I laughed at every conversation we had that day, and even walked back together. I found out that she is a very warm girl and I personally think that she has a beautiful smile that welcomes me with warmth,"

Ryoga smiled, "Sayaka-chan, who is Fuyumi-chan to you?"

Sayaka smiled with a tint of blush on her face, "my precious friend and I want the best for her. I want happiness for her. Ryoga-kun," Sayaka's voice suddenly went serious.

Ryoga stared at her, "yes?"

"You, like Fuyumi-chan, don't you? I don't mean like as in something for all of us, I mean, you like her as in, love her, don't you?" Sayaka asked.

Ryoga just smiled, "go figure," he stood up and headed to the door when a few girls stopped him.

"Echizen-kun, where are you going?"

He gave his charming and playful smile, "to the toilet. You girls want to come along with me?" he teased.

The girls shrieked and pouted, "Echizen-kun is so dirty. Just go, we'll wait for you in class, OK?"

Ryoga smiled and left. Sayaka just smiled and looked out the window, "Fuyumi-chan, it will be soon till you fall in love. Open your heart and you will see the truth. It is the truth; the more you hate a person, the more you will love," Sayaka said to herself.

Sono hitomi wa zutto saki no, jibun wo sagashiteiru no?Demo kikoeru yo fukai kanashimi no kodou ga sakenderu

(Are your eyes forever searching for the you ahead?But I can hear it; the heartbeats of deep sorrow are shouting)

I'M JUST yoake mae no kurayami gaIssho wo unmeizukeruDaijoubu shoujo yo ima kosoKuyami hajiru koto wa nai FAR AWAY...!Juuji wo seoi shinuki de honoo wo kakero...(I'm just the darkness before dawnDestines its entire lifeIt's all right, young lady; indeed nowThere's no regret or embarrassment, Far away...Carry the cross and dash through the flames, willing to die!)

Fuyumi was arranging the books on the shelf. It was still quite early for anyone to go the library and so no one was there except her. The library was quiet. For others, it may be creepy but for her, she liked it. She finished arranging the books and sat down on a chair with her book. She took off her glasses and stared at it.

She closed her eyes and somehow, memories of those days, those day where she enjoyed tennis so much with her beloved sister. The memories came by her and without realising it; a tear fell off her cheek. She opened her eyes and wiped away the tear.

"Idiot," she said to herself.

She held her glasses in her hand and smiled. She put away the glasses in her pocket. She got the book and read the book without her glasses. Ryoga saw it, Ryoga knew from the beginning that Fuyumi never needed glasses to read. It was just a mask for her. Ryoga needed to know why, what was Fuyumi hiding. He had a feeling that he needed to save her from falling deeper inside the darkness of the secret she was hiding. Ryoga quietly left the library and went back to class.

It was recess time and Ryoma left the class. Sakuno noticed and followed him. "Ryoma-kun,"

Ryoma knew she would be following and smirked to himself. He signalled towards Sakuno to follow him and Sakuno did. Ryoma led them to the rooftop and it was very windy. He sat on the floor and lay there. Sakura sat beside him while she opened up the bentou she made for them both.

"Ryoma-kun, I, made bentou for you," Sakuno tried not to stutter.

Ryoma smirked and got up. Sakuno gave him his bentou and it had a pink heart shape on the rice. Ryoma almost chuckled, Sakuno blushed deep red.

"Ryoma-kun!" she pouted.

He knew her cooking was good. She had never failed him in her taste of cooking. He, in fact, loved her cooking the most. To him, even though he had never told anyone except Karin, his cat, Sakuno's cooking was only meant for him.

Yes, he admitted to himself that he loved her. He finally realised that he would get jealous when other guys approached Sakuno and confessed to her, and when she rejected them, he was happiest. He loved it when Sakuno stutter around him and blushed. He loved her hair and when she would cheer for him when he was having his matches. To him, Sakuno was only for him.

"So, how does it taste like?" Sakuno asked as she would every time Ryoma had her cooking.

Ryoma just kept on eating, and finally looked up at her. She was anticipating his answer but Ryoma just smirked, "not bad,"

Sakuno pouted, "Ryoma-kun,"

He smirked. 'Cute,'

Ryoma looked at her, "Your hair is getting longer now,"

Sakuno blushed and nodded, "I plan to go trim it tomorrow. Ryoma-kun, do you want to follow me?"

Ryoma smiled and nodded, "sure,"

"Ne, Ryoma-kun,"


"Nobody knew about Fuyumi-senpai, right?" Sakuno asked.

Ryoma looked at her, "No, not yet, I guess,"

"What if Echizen-senpai knows? What if the rest of the tennis club realised, what if the whole school knows?" Sakuno was worried.

Ryoma shrugged, "I don't know. However, for now, nobody realised yet. I can be sure of that. Unless,"

"Unless what?"

"Inui-senpai is keeping an eye on Fuyumi-senpai. I can tell that he is,"

"So, what do we do?"

Ryoma just looked up the sky, "We don't do anything. If it gets out of hand, then, I'm sure Fuyumi-senpai would know what to do,"

"I hope so,"

Soba ni iru kara kodoku datta,Aisarezu sugita kotoba,Keseru no nara mada mashi fukaku naru?

(Because you are by my side, I was lonelyWords that passed by without being lovedIf I can erase them then they become deeper)

Sono kokoro wa zutto mukashi uruotteita no darou ka...Demo kikoeru yo tsuyoi tenmei kara ishi ga yondeiru

(Was your heart moistened since the past...?But I can hear it, the strong determination from fate is shouting!)




40 to LOVE!

Love - 30

Oishi was panting, "Oi, Inui, you're pumped up today,"

Inui pushed up his glasses, "Of course,"

Oishi somehow got annoyed and he was pumped up. It must be because of his juices again that he is like this.

The games were Momoshiro and Kaidoh, Fuji and Ryoma, Oishi and Inui, and finally, Ryoga and Eiji. Sakuno, Tomoka, Horio, Katchiro and Katsuo were there cheering for the tennis club and there were a lot of people too, mostly girls.

Horio just looked at the crowd, "I wonder why there are a lot of people today?"


"Ouch! You didn't have to smack me!" Horio shouted to Tomoka, which she ignored.

"Because the girls' tennis club decided to watch the boys' team's matches today," Tomoka explained.

Katchiro and Katsuo looked at each other, "Why the sudden decision?"

Tomoka grinned, "It's because they wanted to see Echizen Ryoga-sama's match today! It was said by me that he performed so great and amazing,"

Everybody sweat dropped. "So does that means you're not Echizen Ryoma's number one fan girl anymore?" Kachiro asked.

"Of course I still am! I will never drop my position as Ryoma-sama's number one fan girl. It's just that I am also Ryoga-senpai's number one fan girl!" Tomoka proudly said.

Everybody sweat dropped but ignored her in the end. Finally, the awaited match had come. It was the match between Ryoga and Eiji. Kamamura was there to watch the team's matches and support them. He was with Sakuno and the rest.

"This is going to be interesting," Kamamura said.

"Why is that?" Horio asked.

"Power against flexibility," Kamamura answered with a smile.

"Oh…" they said in unison.

Eiji was warming up and so was Ryoga. The girls were shouting his name and some girls were shouting Eiji's name. Ryuuzaki sweat dropped, "again, these girls…"

Eiji grinned as he walked up the net. They shook hands and did their turn who would serve first and it was Eiji's first serve. They both took their places. Ryoga was sub-consciously looking for a certain person and Eiji served. Ryoga followed the ball and played his game half heartedly.

The match started. From above, Fuyumi watched. She was in the class, watching every step of the game. Sayaka came into the class and found Fuyumi without her glasses and her hair was let down. Sayaka did not say anything, she was speechless. It was her first time seeing Fuyumi with her hair down and without her glasses. Fuyumi's silhouette falls nicely with the sunset.

As Sayaka stared at Fuyumi's face, Sayaka felt a pang on her chest. She felt as in, that girl was not Fuyumi at all. She felt a cold aura, not as usual, as if, darkness was all over her. Sayaka felt scared but did not want to back down either. Fuyumi's expression was cold and her eyes spoke only emptiness.

Fuyumi watched everything carefully and judged the game. 'It will be Eiji's lost,'

"Eiji can't win against Echizen. Flexibility can't win against power. Moreover, a person who had been playing doubles can't play singles, where else against power. Eiji. Can't. Win," Fuyumi spoke to herself.

Sayaka heard every word and quietly left the classroom, running away. She stopped at the corridor and fell on her knees. She was trembling of being scared, seeing her precious friend like that. 'Fuyumi-chan, who are you exactly? You know tennis despite you said that you hate tennis. You don't hate tennis, do you? You actually,' Sayaka thought.

"I see you saw,"

Sayaka trembled when a voice sounded. Sayaka looked up and it was Mayama. She was shocked. Mayama smiled and sat beside her, "you don't mind me sitting beside you, right?"

Sayaka just shook her head, "go ahead,"

"I guess, Yumi-chan's mask will fall off anytime now," Mayama said.

Sayaka kind of knew what Mayama meant, "Mayama-senpai,"

"Yes, Sayaka-chan?"

"Fuyumi doesn't hate tennis, does she?" she looked at him.

Mayama gave a smile, "What do you think?"

Sayaka chuckled, "No, she doesn't. She loves tennis. I remember,"


"Fuyumi-chan, have you decided to join any club yet?" Sayaka approached Fuyumi who was reading a book by the bench under the tree.

Fuyumi shook her head, "No, I have not,"

"Eh!? Why not, the last day is today you know,"

"I know,"

Sayaka just stared at her, "Then, why postpone?"

Fuyumi glanced at her and shrugged her shoulders. Sayaka sweat dropped and pulled Fuyumi up.

"Oi," Fuyumi said monotonously.

Sayaka dragged Fuyumi all over the school and introduced her to every club. Fuyumi stayed emotionless and lastly, Sayaka sighed, "this is my most favourite club,"

"What club?" Fuyumi asked.

Sayaka grinned, "The tennis club,"

Fuyumi did not say anything. She just let Sayaka dragged her in and at that time, Oishi and Eiji were having doubles practice against Ryoma and Momoshiro. Sayaka was cheering for them while Fuyumi just stared at their game. She was not watching them; she was watching herself in that game.

Yes, she was having her flashback of her games with her sister, Setsuna. Fuyumi's eyes softened and Sayaka caught that expression. Fuyumi's eyes showed sadness and deep sorrow. Sayaka saw that Fuyumi was about to cry but held it in.

Fuyumi got back to her senses and stood up, "I'll pass about tennis. I hate tennis the most," Fuyumi just left Sayaka dumbfounded.

End of Flashback

Sayaka smiled, "She said something she didn't mean and her eyes said the exact opposite. She loves tennis more than anything else. Every time I see her staring at the tennis game, I know she would want to play. I don't know what happened until she could say that she hates tennis or not to play tennis now, but I'm sure, she can be cured if,"

Mayama looked at Sayaka with a smile, "If what, Sayaka-chan?"

Sayaka stood up and looked at Mayama, "If she learns to see things from her heart instead of using her eyes,"

Mayama blinked, "What does that mean, Sayaka-chan?"

Sayaka smiled with confidence, "I'm sure, someday, he will be able to save her from herself. I'm definitely sure, don't you agree, Mayama-senpai?"

Mayama smirked and stood up, "Yeah. Shall we go down to watch the match?"

Sayaka nodded, "Let's go,"

'See, Yumi-chan, even your friend says so. Stop running away and start facing the world like before. Setsuna would love to see you back on your own feet again. You were her support, so, please, Yumi-chan, come back alive, come back to our arms. We'll wait for you, Yumi-chan,' Mayama thought.

(Yuuki aru nara naite iin da yo,Hontou no kimi ni aitai…)

(If you have courage, then it's okay to cryI want to see the real you…)YOU'RE JUST yoake umare kuru mono yo,Mayoi michi wo terashidase,Daijoubu shoujo yo ima koso,Kawari no nai sono ude de tsuyoku,Juuji wo seoi kouya no hate ni kizame!Fumidase...(You're just someone who is born at dawnIlluminate your strayed pathIt's all right, young lady; indeed nowWith your uninterchangeable armsPowerfully carry the cross and carve into the edge of the wilderness!Step out!)

Game and match won by Echizen 6-2

The girls cheered for Ryoga. Eiji smiled and shook hands with Ryoga but saw Ryoga had something else in his mind.

"What's on your mind, Ryoga?"

The elder Echizen just shook his head saying that it was nothing. Eiji shrugged it off and went off to Oishi who was with Ryuuzaki.

"Good game, Eiji," Oishi said while passing him a towel.

Eiji grinned, "Thanks, Echizen is really strong but,"

Oishi and Ryuuzaki looked at him, "What is it?" Ryuuzaki asked. Eiji glanced at Ryoga who was talking to his fan club.

"I noticed that even though his body moved towards every step in the game, I felt like Echizen's mind isn't with the game," Eiji said.

"Aa, I noticed that too," Oishi said.

"Don't bother him, he probably has a lot of things to think about," a familiar voice had said.

"Ah, Mayama-senpai, I haven't seen you around lately. Where have you been?" Oishi asked.

"No where, still inside the school. I guess you guys are busy preparing for the upcoming tournament that you don't even notice I passed you by," Mayama chuckled.

"Sorry," Oishi and Eiji said in unison.

"Why are you guys getting upset about? Mayama-senpai said that he is going to buy everyone a drink after the game!" Sayaka winked.

Eiji perked up and went off to tell everyone in the club including the cheerleaders, which were Sakuno, Tomoka, Horio, Katchiro, and Katsuo.

Mayama fell to the ground, "When did I say that?!"

Sayaka stuck her tongue out and greeted Sakuno and the others. Mayama sweat dropped and sighed. He saw Ryoga approaching him and he smiled, "Yo,"

"Yo, Mayama,"

"It was a good game,"

"Thanks," he smiled.

Mayama knew he was looking for somebody and he knew who to be exact. "She went off to work already. I'm bringing all of you there for a treat," Mayama patted Ryoga's back. Ryoga just blinked but smiled in thanks to Mayama.

"Irraishaimasen!" two cheerful voices greeted.

The whole tennis club was there. A bunny dressed girl served them. "This way please," she smiled.

A person with silver hair came to give the menu. "Ah, yo, Shinobu," Mayama greeted.

Shinobu smiled, "Yo. You brought the whole team?"

"Yeah," Mayama laughed.

"I welcome all of you to our Le' Café," Shinobu said. Tomoka was blushing. Shinobu was a very good looking young man; silver hair with grey eyes. Tall and charming and very graceful.

Tomoka was already melting away. Horio got annoyed, "pull yourself together will you?"

Tomoka grunted, "Whatever, I mean, he is so gorgeous!"

"Annoying," Horio, whispered to himself. Sakuno, Katchiro, Katsuo sweat dropped.

"You guys ready to order?" Mayama asked.

Everybody nodded. Suddenly, a familiar figure came to their table. Most of them jaw dropped. It was Fuyumi in a maid's costume. Her hair was up but different thing was that, she was without her glasses.

Tomoka abruptly stood up, "Ah, Honey-senpai! Y-you look so different!"

Horio can't shut his mouth, "Woah, Honey-senpai looks so beautiful,"

Everybody nodded. Momoshiro grinned, "This is the first time we see you without glasses, and not bad,"

Eiji grinned, "I bet if Honey-chan goes to school like this, everyone would melt away,"

"You guys, stop teasing her, please," Oishi said. Kamamura chuckled, "This isn't my first time, this is actually my third time seeing Honey-senpai like this,"

"EH?" Eiji, Momoshiro, Horio exclaimed.

Kamamura nodded, with Fuji along the way. "Fuji-senpai too?" Katchiro asked.

Fuji nodded, "Yeah, it was when Tezuka came back the other day, we brought him here. It was summer so, mostly everyone wasn't here. There was only me, Takashi, and Echizen-kun,"

Inui pushed up his glasses, "So that was why I felt like I should have just stayed at home during summer,"

Oishi sweat dropped. "Echizen, you've seen Honey-senpai like this?" Katsuo asked.

Ryoma nodded. Fuyumi sweat dropped. She had a tint of blush on her cheeks. But somehow, she felt somebody wasn't talking. It was Ryoga. He was quiet since the beginning.

Everybody stared at him. He looked up and raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"What do you think of Honey-senpai's look like this?" Tomoka asked.

Ryoga looked at her, directly into her eyes, he knew she was blushing, "I've seen her without her glasses before,"

"You too, Echizen-senpai? When was that?" Horio asked.

Ryoga smirked, "When we were making out in the library the other day, right, Fuyumi-chan?"

"EHHH?" Everybody exclaimed.


"Urusai. He's lying. What makes you think I'm going to be making out with this moron here?" Fuyumi was definitely making a statement.

Everybody sweat dropped. Horio sighed, "I thought it was true,"

"So what if it was true, I mean, Honey-senpai and Ryoga-senpai look good together. When they fight, they look like lovers," Tomoka said.

Fuyumi blushed, so did Ryoga. Mayama, Fuji, Ryoma and Sakuno saw that the both of them were blushing. "Oh, somehow seems familiar with the two of you, no?" Fuji said, changing the topic.

Katchiro and Katsuo nodded and grinned, "Yeah, when Osakada-san always fight with Horio-kun, you two look like lovers too," everybody laughed.

"OK, OK, we should place our order now," Mayama said.

Fuyumi took their order and went to the locker room. Ryoga excused himself to the toilet but Mayama knew exactly where he was going. Shinobu saw that Ryoga went to the locker room. It was too bad that Shinobu had to entertain his customers and saw Mayama didn't care.

Fuyumi was looking at the mirror on her locker door, staring back at herself without glasses. "I don't see any difference between wearing glasses and not," she sweat dropped.

She closed the locker door and saw Ryoga standing in front of her. She was shocked and almost fell off to the floor when Ryoga caught her and kept her in his embraced.

"Let go of me," she said.

"No," he whispered.

She felt her heart skipped a beat. "Ryoga, let go, I need to go back to work,"

"Not yet,"


"Why were you blushing when Osakada-chan made that statement?"

Fuyumi was surprised, "I, I wasn't blushing,"

"Don't lie, Fuyumi,"

"I am not,"

"Yes, you are. You were blushing,"

Silence engulfed them. She was still in his embraced. She didn't fight back, somehow she didn't know why she didn't. They just stayed in that embrace until she spoke up, "then, why were you blushing at that statement?"

He held her tighter, "you idiot, you already know the answer,"

"You're the idiot, it's because I don't, that's why I asked,"

He slowly let go of the embrace but his hair was covering his eyes. He kissed her neck, which caused her to gasp, and smelled her hair. The scent that he loved the most, "it's because, I like you," he whispered to her ear and he left the locker room.

She was left dumbfounded. She was speechless, she fell to her knee, still lost at words. Her right hand touched where he had kiss on her neck and she was blushing very deep red.

"Idiot," she whispered to herself.

From the corner, Shinobu saw the whole thing.

I'M JUST yoake mae no kurayami ga,Isshou wo unmeizukeru,Daijoubu shoujo yo ima koso,Kuyami hajiru koto wa nai FAR AWAY...Juuji wo seoi shinuki de honoo wo kakero!Fumidase...!

(I'm just the darkness before dawnDestines its entire lifeIt's all right, young lady; indeed nowThere's no regret or embarrassment, Far away...Carry the cross and dash through the flames, willing to die!Step out!)

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