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"Out!" Oishi shouted from the chair.

Inui stared at Momoshiro, "you've been slacking off there," he said Momoshiro. Momoshiro smirked while bouncing the tennis ball to the ground.

"The game has just started, Inui-senpai," Momoshiro said while winking. "Here I go!" he served. They rallied for five shots and Momoshiro scored a point.

"30-30" Oishi shouted.

Natsume closed up to the fence, "Inui-nii is really amazing. He is like a robot playing tennis," he said bluntly.

Mayama and Ryoga chuckled and Ryoma smirked, "yeap, he is," Ryoma said.

Ryoga gave a glance to Fuyumi who was sitting a bit farther than everyone else. Ryoga was surprised to see her expression. Her eyes showed much interest in the game evern though her whole expression was still motionless but her eyes were as if they were analysing the game in every aspect.

"Momoshiro, don't get ahead of yourself. If you do, then for sure, you'll lose to Inui's eyes," Fuyumi said to herself as she was watching the game.

Ryoga watched her reaction towards the game. As he turned to look at her, she was gone. He searched for her but she was nowhere in sight. Momoshiro shook hands with Inui, "good game, Inui-senpai,"

Inui nodded, "ah, you could have won but you got too excited," he pushed up his glasses.

Oishi tapped Momoshiro, "I have to agree with Inui. Control yourself,"

Momoshiro sweat dropped and nodded, "OK,"

Oishi searched for the another pair, "next, Eiji vs. Fuji,"

Three matches had been done and finally, it came to Oishi versus Ryoga. His eyes were looking for a certain crimson haired lass that had been gone since awhile ago. He sighed, 'she probably went home already,'

The match between Oishi and Ryoga had already begun. Mayama watched attentively to the game. Evaluating how Ryoga dealt with his game. Natsume too, attentively watched the game. He was pretty amazed how Ryoga could have such expression while controlling the game. Ryoga was leading the game. Mayama smirked to himself when he realised Natsume tugged on his sleeve. He looked at the little boy, "hn?"

"Taku-nii, the Ryoga-nii plays his tennis, is actually the same as how Yumi-nee would play her tennis when she plays with Setsu-nee, right? That expression, those eyes that shows only happiness," Natsume said.

Mayama patted the boy's head, "for a little boy, you are very sharp. Your sister probably had gone home,"

Natsume smiled, "I don't think so,"

Mayama stared at the boy, "ehh?" he smiled.

Natsume knew his sister. He believed that Fuyumi still loves tennis and he believed that at that moment, even though she was nowhere in sight, she was watching the game in the shadows. She was probably analysing the game.

'In the end, she just left, that girl,' Ryoga sighed until somebody patted his shoulder. It was Fuji.

"What is it?" Ryoga asked while grabbing his tennis case.

Fuji smiled, "don't worry, Honey-chan was watching the game throughout," he walked away.

Ryoga blinked but smiled, "am I that easily to be read now?" he said to himself while ruffling his hair.

Fuyumi opened her closet and grabbed a bag. It was her tennis racket and she stared at it for quite some time. She gave a soft smile, "it has been a long time, hasn't it?"

..Open up your heart, Yu-chan.

She felt her eyes dwelling up in tears as she remembered the words of her sister. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head, "stop this, I promised myself not to cry, didn't I?"

Her gripped on her tennis racket tightened. She stared at the floor and then exited the room. She went out of the house without a word. Mayama saw her leaving and he was surprised to see what was in her hand. He smiled to himself, 'Fuyumi, you...will you finally overcome a slump?'

She took a cab and went to the nearest tennis park. She gripped her tennis racket and held out a tennis ball. She started to bounce it on the ground and hit it towards the practice wall. She missed the first hit and stared at her racket. She twisted her wrist around and her feet started to bounce. She held out another ball and hit it towards the wall and she smirked. She kept hitting the ball on the wall for about an hour and she stopped. She held the tennis ball in her hand and smiled to herself.

...I really couldn't stop loving tennis, Set-chan

Before she knew it, her tears started rolling down her cheeks, endlessly. She fell on her knees, dropping her tennis racket and covering her face with her hands, trying to wipe away the tears that would not stop. She was sobbing badly and started to have hiccups. Suddenly, she felt someone grabbing her wrist and she felt an embrace. She was shocked with her tears still falling. She recognised the cologne of the person embracing her.

Fuyumi buried her face in his chest, "you idiot, why are you here so suddenly, out of all places?"

He smirked, "I had a date somewhere nearby,"

She sobbed in tears, "As I thought, I do hate you," she clenched on his shirt.

He tighten the embrace, "you were hiding this scar all along, weren't you?"

"Mind-hic-your-hic-own business-hic-, Ryoga, you idiot,"

Ryoga chuckled, "don't talk while crying,"

"Tch, shut up," she gave a slight punch. He let her be in his embrace for a little while until she dried her tears. He felt her quiet in his embrace and he realised that she fell asleep. He smiled seeing her sleeping face. He took her tennis racket and put it into the bag. He grabbed the bag while gently lifting her up in his arms like a princess. He heard someone was nearby and turned to look who it was and it was Mayama smiling while walking towards him.

Mayama chuckled, "You knew from the beginning?"

Ryoga shook her head, "No. It took me awhile to figure out but I managed. She's lucky that I was nearby too,"

Mayama laughed, "Yeah, I guess she is," he smiled at Ryoga, "come on, let's go back," he led Ryoga to their house.

As they reached the Haninozuka household, he placed her in her bed and tucked her in. He smiled looking at her and gave a kiss on her forehead. Mayama gave a slight knock and invited Ryoga for a cup of tea down in the living room. They sat across each other on the sofa and the situation was quiet until Mayama started to talk.

"Echizen-kun, what made you realise that it was her?" he asked.

Ryoga smirked, "it wasn't that hard but I came across the name when my manager David told me about her elder twin sister, Setsuna-san. I thought so from the first time I met her, she looked familiar but I couldn't tell because the twin sisters don't really get involve with any other tennis player especially Fuyumi. She had been said that she hates any social gatherings or events," he chuckled, "that weird girl,"

Mayama chuckled, "yet, you still like her,"

Ryoga smirked and sipped his tea when he realised something, "can I ask a question?"

"Hn?" Mayama smiled.

Ryoga put down his tea cup, "what was the reason that she quits tennis?"

Mayama gave a soft smile, "it's because Yumi-chan thinks it her fault that they lost their last match and got Setsuna injured,"

"Why would she think," Ryoga puzzled.

Mayama smiled, "I guess I should tell you,"


"Yu-chan, Yu-chan!" the blonde called out for her younger sister with excitement written all over her face.

Fuyumi gave a glance at her sister from her book, "what is it?"

Setsuna grinned, "we made it to the finals and we'll be going against those people too and,"

"I got it already," Fuyumi sighed while closing her book after she marked the page.

Setsuna smiled and hugged Fuyumi. The red headed was startled by the sudden hug and she returned the hug and released her elder sister. Fuyumi was surprised by the look of her sister's face. Setsuna showed a concern expression, "Yu-chan, are you sure you're not pushing yourself too much?"

Fuyumi smiled, "what are you talking about so suddenly, Set-chan?"

Setsuna frowned, "Yu-chan, when it's painful, you're not supposed to smile,"

"I'm the idiot who would smile when I'm hurt. Who is it that always gives a stupid smile no matter what condition she's in? Falling from the tree, tripping on her own feet, sprained her ankle from slipping down the stairs, have a bleeding knee from falling down the ground because she got hit by a dodge ball?" Fuyumi patted Setsuna's head.

Setsuna pouted with a sigh, "Yu-chan, I don't,"

Fuyumi smiled, "I'm alright,"

Setsuna resisted but she had to shrug the feeling off, seeing her younger sister smiling. The blond gave a smile and gave a quick hug and rushed off outside as she heard Mayama's voice.

Fuyumi clenched her shirt by the stomach with a painful expression showed clearly through her eyes, "stop seeing through me, Set-chan, or I won't be able to do my best,"

The Haninozuka twins walked down the hallway while talking happily when Fuyumi abruptly stopped on her tracks and gave a cold look at the persons in front. Setsuna looked at the people and gave a smile, "good day,"

A girl with short purple hair smirked, "Haninozuka Setsuna and Fuyumi or so they called the Honey twins,"

"Alana Smith and Betty White. You people are very troublesome," Fuyumi walked passed them.

Alana had layered long brown hair and brown eyes. She twitched as Fuyumi had ignored them. She turned to Fuyumi, "you really are full of yourself, aren't you, Fuyumi?"

Fuyumi continued walking, "aaa~h, whatever makes you happy, White," she turned to the corridor.

Setsuna sighed and turned to the two girls and smiled, "see you,"

Betty held Setsuna's arm to stop her, "why is it that sister of your is so cold?"

Setsuna gave a nervous laugh, "I don't even know myself. She's cold towards everyone,"

Alana blinked, "including you?"

She smiled, "sort of,"

Betty released Setsuna's arm, "tch, you have such an uncute sister,"

Setsuna gave a nervous laugh, "well..."

"Hmph! It doesn't matter though. I'll make sure we'll be the champions this time! Let's go Mio!" Betty started to walk away while Alana tagged behind her.

Setsuna just smiled and walked when turning to the corridor, she saw Fuyumi leaning on the wall with her arms folded, "foolish Set-chan," she walked away. The blonde sister shrugged her shoulders and held Fuyumi's hand side by side walking towards their room.

It was four o'clock in the morning when Fuyumi suddenly woke up from her sleep. She was sweating badly and panting while holding her stomach. She twitched in pain and slowly got up to pour herself a drink. Her eyes were blurry and she felt as if her throat were pricked by needles. As she was pouring the drink into the glass, the water spilled all over and she carelessly drank it. She took a bottle of pills from the nearby drawer and put a couple of white pills on her palm and swallowed it. She shook her head and went back to bed. She held her stomach and turned over as it was painful for her.

...Just a little bit more. Just until tomorrow evening, please, God, help me,

The next morning, Setsuna came barging into her room. Fuyumi sweat dropped while zipping her skirt, "Set-chan, please knock before you come in,"

Setsuna looked serious, "are you sure you're OK?"

Fuyumi smiled, "what kind of question is that on the final day itself? Shouldn't you be saying, 'don't give up and let's do our best'?"

Setsuna gave a weak smile and hugged Fuyumi, "Yu-chan, you stomach ulcer, wouldn't it be painful for you to move around too much? And besides your surgery is tomorrow, you're supposedly to be resting today,"

Fuyumi slightly knocked Setsuna's forehead, "you idiot, don't go saying reckless things. I'm OK and the surgery is tomorrow, so I won't be able to move for about a month or so. For now, let's play tennis, ne, Set-chan?" she winked at her sister.

Setsuna sighed in defeat, "hai, hai,"

It was the final match of US Women's Doubles Championship and the crowds were noisy filling up the stadium. The twins were sitting quietly in their waiting room. Setsuna had her eyes close while Fuyumi was listening to her iPod and reading a book. Fuyumi hesitated from twitching of pain and automatically held Setsuna's hand. The blonde female gave a kind smile and kissed Fuyumi's forehead, "give it our best!" Fuyumi could only smile and watched Setsuna exited the room. She held her stomach and closed her eyes.

...Just a little bit more,

She put her book and her iPod away and grabbed her tennis racket and went out to the court with Setsuna beside her. The crowd cheered for them and they gave their smiles. Their opponent came into the court, Alana Smith and Betty White.

The Haninozuka pair got the first serve and Setsuna gave the serve. They rallied for quite some time and finally the American pair missed.

"30-0," the chair shouted.

After quite awhile, they have come to the end of the first half and the score was 1-1. The twins were at their bench and Fuyumi was holding the pain in her stomach. Setsuna noticed that Fuyumi was hiding the pain but before Setsuna could say anything, Fuyumi looked at Setsuna with a gentle smile, "let's get serious and end this as soon as possible, ne, Set-chan?"

Setsuna was surprised but nodded with a smile, "let's do the best!"

The second half has begun and again, it was a very close and intense match between the Honey pairs and the American princesses. They were rallying when suddenly Fuyumi twitched and she lost control of her grip and missed to hit the ball from the corner. She fell down and quivered. Setsuna rushed towards her and worried, "Yu-chan!"

Fuyumi gulped and tried to calm down. She turned to Setsuna and smiled, "sorry, I tripped on my feet," she gave a fake laugh.

Setsuna sighed and gave her a hand. They were back in the game and they were in a tie. Betty gave a strong serve and Fuyumi was to catch it when the pain struck her and she stopped and the ball was coming fast onto her but she couldn't lift her arm and she fell on her knees and her racket fell on the floor. Setsuna ran to catch the ball and she did but she crashed to the floor.

The chair was confused but looked at the tennis ball, "out!"

The crowd was surprised even for the American princesses. Fuyumi saw Setsuna crashed in front of her but she couldn't move a muscle and her vision was starting blur very badly and everything blacked out.

Fuyumi slowly opened her eyes and saw the white ceiling. She knew exactly where she was. She twitched, "my head hurts," she mumbled to herself.

She heard footsteps heading towards her and she turned to the door and saw a doctor walking with her mother and her younger brother who came running towards her as soon as he saw her eyes opened.

"Yumi-nee!" the little crimson hair boy cried at her side.

She gave a weak smile and looked up at her mother, "okaa-sama,"

Her mother gave her a hug and kissed her, "I'm glad you made it through, Yu-chan!"

The doctor smiled, "you're pretty strong, Fuyumi-sama. Well, the surgery went well but you wouldn't be able to get out of bed for about two months or so because even so due to your stomach ulcer, you moved around too much that your muscles became numb. That's why you fell,"

Fuyumi closed her eyes and turned away, "I see," she said softly.

"Doctor, could you please give us a minute?" her mother asked politely and the doctor understood.

Her mother caressed her head, "Yu-chan, about Set-chan, she's doing fine but, she's leaving to Germany in a couple of days to get better care,"

"Hn," she said softly.

Natsume held her hand, "it's alright, Yumi-nee! You'll be able to move again! And play tennis again!"

"I'm not playing tennis anymore, I quit. Please leave," she said with a strict tone.

Natsume clenched on her hand when their mother took him in her arms, "alright then, I'll come later, I love you, Yu-chan," she left the room. Silently, her tears rolled down and she couldn't stop.

I'm so sorry, Set-chan,

End of flashback

Ryoga clenched his fist and he felt angry and unsatisfied. Mayama could only smile while looking out of the window, "and that is how the story goes,"

Mayama turned to the handsome lad on the sofa, "what will you do now?"

He abruptly stood up, "it's getting late. I'm going home and oh, thanks for the tea, later," he left the house.

Mayama smiled while gazing up the moon, "you two sisters are similar. Get out already, even I, couldn't do anything for Setsuna,"

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