Hee, hee. I had to write something crazy about the Pokemon Cherubi sooner or later. XD

I'll never look at cherry pie the same way.


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The little boy employed its sneaker clad foot to crush a Spinarak which had scuttled by unwittingly to its death.

He carried a basket in one hand, a pair of long handled pruners in the other. As he walked he scanned the fields of berry plants and berry tres for one in particular, the Cheri tree.

As soon as his gaze fell upon the only Cheri tree in their garden, one that currently had its branches so heavely weighted with berries that its brances hung down to where they were only five feet to the ground, he smiled. His mother had told him that he'd have to pick them a great big bushel of Cheri berries or he wouldn't get any Cheri berry jam or Cheri pies. So he hd told her he would go get her a big basket full of Cheri berries.

He saw many Pokemon, Spearow, Pidgey and the evolved Pidgeotto, Swellow, Rattata, and so many others he couldn't name like the weird spotted sparrow birds that stared at him as if he were not even there.

He stopped within reach of a low hanging Cheri berry tree branch, reaching out he grabbed several of said red fruits, pouring them into his basket.

It wasn't long before his stomach began to growl. "Surely one wouldn't hurt." he said, reaching into his basket to grab one of many Cheris he popped it into his mouth, loving the spicy tang. "Another wouldn't make a differance," he said again, only grabbing a whole handful this time and cramming them into his mouth.

he kept eating handful after handful until the basket was empty and he seemed puzzled. "I didn't eat that many..." he said to himself, he scratched his head and shrugged. He repicked another basketful. He turned around and picked up his basket with both hands, for it was really heavy when full. He took a couple of steps and bumped into something. Something big, black and white, something that looked a lot like a big miscoloured panda bear.

"Uh, oh." He squeaked.

The Snorlax yawned and snatched the boy's basket of Cheris, gulping them down and tossing the newly emptied basket aside, it lifted a foot which would have smooshed the boy flat had he not ran after his basket. It scratched its tummy and waddled on.

As soon as he caught up with his basket the boy looked back, and his eyes widened, all the Cheri berries were being devoured by the big, greedy Snorlax.

He sighed, that was their only Cheri tree...

But then there was that other tree, the weird one that only he knew about, the one down at the end of the babbling brook, where the water ran all the way into a small, shallow pond.

He would get punished if he came back empty handed, so what did he have to lose?

As soon as he came to the tree he looked up, those weird Cheri's were still intact, he pulled out the pruners and began to cut the berries down.

When Jack came home his mother was so proud, those were the biggest Cheri berries she'd ever seen. She went straight to work on baking pies and making jam and jelly and even marmalade.

But there was something weird about the Cheri berries, they screamed.

And when Jack took and ate a forkful of Cheri pie he could of swore he heard the screams of a banshee, but for some odd reason that made the pie taste even better.