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Guillemots-Last Kiss.

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"WHERE IS JACK!" Gwen screamed.

"Did I ever tell you how lovely you sound when you're angry?" I asked.

"Shut it, I will kill you!" She snapped.

She needs a counsellor.

"Tell us now!" Someone yelled from behind me, poking their gun at my head.

"He is... Somewhere" I said.


"OUCH!" I yelled, wriggling on the spot "NO NEED TO SLAP ME!"


"I DON'T KNOW!" I shouted "I'M NOT A HUMAN MAP!"

I'm not even human.


"What's the point?!" I said "I just said something, and you totally ignored me!"

"Because what you told us was crap!" Tosh said.

Wow... She swore.

This has to be serious then.

In a serious situation, a boy has to become a man.

"WHAT'S THAT?!" I said, looking up into the sky.

"What?!" They all looked up.

"ME RUNNING!" I laughed, sprinting forward (which is rather tricky when your hands are tied behind your back) "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"What was he looking at?" I turned around.

The idiots are all still there! Staring up at the sky, with their guns still pointing at where I was.

"FOOLS!" I yelled, running off.

"SHOOT HIM!" Gwen yelled.


"Okay, okay!" I said, stopping, "There's really no need for that!"

I walked back to them...

I would have gotten away, if it wasn't for the meddling twats.

Gwen muttered something about gun not really being loaded, and grabbed onto my arm.

"We have a deal for you" She said, suddenly calm (it's scaring me) "Jack's gone, and we have a great big shitty mess to deal with..."

Oh God, I can see where this is going...

"So, I want you to..." Gwen paused.

"No need to explain, I understand" I said, smiling at her.

Gwen looked shocked, "You do?"

"It's okay" I said.

There are times when a man must be understanding.

"Because it's just been so hard, and I don't know what to do" Gwen sniffed "All we want, just once is for you to..."

"You want me to sleep with you" I said, nodding.


I knew she fancied me.

"I get the condoms, you find the lingerie" I said.



"What?" I said, staring at her "So... You didn't want to sleep with me?"


I choked...

A girl... Knocked me back...

I might as well commit suicide now.


"I have a husband!" Gwen snapped.

"Well he can join in if he wants!" I reasoned "It's all the same to me, I mean-"


"OUCH!" I yelled again "STOP HITTING ME!"

"All we want" Gwen was suddenly calm again (split personalities?) "Is for you to work for us, just for a week, until we find Jack"


This feels good.

Must savour the moment, the feeling that I can do good, save the world, be the hero... is overwhelming...

"No fucking way" I said "Now release me from these oh-so-kinky bonds"

"Sorry, it's either a date with the weevil, or you work for us"

The weevil isn't that bad looking.

"Weevil! Weevil!" I said, jumping up and down.

Gwen looked at the others "This isn't what was meant to happen" She muttered.

Owen stomped forwards (sometimes he reminds me of a troll) "You're working for us, because the weevil will eat you"

"Yes Sir" I muttered.


"Right, you start monday..." He said, taking the cuffs off of my hands.


"So... You expect me to feed the weevils?" I asked Ianto.


"Whilst you guys go out and do your James Bond thing?"


I hate this man.

"And then you expect me to clean out their cages?"


Curse his good looks.


There is no such thing as a fun job.

Trust me when I say that.

"Now all you need to do, is put all the bits of the body, into the bag" Owen said, stifling laughter.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled "What the fuck is that?!"

"I believe that is a part of his brain" Owen smiled.

Arrogant fool.


"So there I was, with an alien in front of me, and JUST as the lady was going to die, I killed it with a mere swoop of my sword" I said proudly.

"You were the lady going to die" Gwen said "And it was a bee that was going to 'kill' you"

"So?" I said.

"Go play with the Pterodactyl" She snapped.


"When do I get to leave?" I asked Tosh.

"Never" She said.


"Because you spilt coffee on my computer!" She yelled, throwing a mug at me.

I KNEW she'd bring that up!


"Whistle as we work!" I smiled, Gwen muttered something under her breath "What?" I said "I can't help it if the weevils have a cold!"

"Yes you can"Owen said "You didn't have to sneeze on them"

"I HAVE HAY FEVER!" I yelled.

"WHEN?" Gwen cried into the air "When will Jack be back?!"

"Hey that rhymes!" I laughed "We could make a song!"

"I will shoot you"

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Jack is Back.

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Jack is back

Jack is back

Jack is back

Harkness is markless (couldn't find anything that rhymes)

Jack is back (back, back)

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