This is what her room looks like.

It's on the ground floor and is 20 feet in width and length. A sky-light in the ceiling has a

blue fluid in it, creating an underwater effect. A mahogany four-poster bed with

midnight blue curtains and multitudes of squishy pillows and comforters sits

directly below it. Next to it, a bay window with an ocean view. Black ceiling with

phosphorescent stars and planets. Cushioned walls that start out black at the top

and fade to white at the bottom. A 24" TV with built-in DVD player, cable and an enormous

DVD library, mostly comedies and cartoons. Thick, black shag rug surrounds the oak wood

flooring under the bed. Near the door are a full-length mirror and a walk-in closet. A

pocket door inside it leads to a candle-lit bathroom with a jet tub. If you opened the bay

window you would find a balcony with a single, cushioned wicker chair and a matching table.

This room is almost on the beach.

A pale girl with blue eyes looked around her room one last time. Her braided knee-length

white hair swung behind her. She and her friends, Selene and Jason, and her cousin Kayla

had lived here for six years. They had promised to journey together and today that

promise would be fulfilled. Her three Pokémon had helped her pack last night, now they

waited at the door. Niki, a lv 25 Vulpix, Shine, a lv 24 Eevee and Hellery, a lv 10 Houndour,

a new addition to the team. Here on Ming Isle these types were plentiful and unafraid of

humans. Which Amy and company most certainly were not. Selene and Jason were Mewtwos

with Eevee DNA. Unlike the original Mewtwo, who was light and dark purple, they were tan

and brown. They used to be human. Amy herself and Kayla were demons. A fox/dog hybrid,

Amy took after her mom in everything but hair color. Kayla was also part dog, but her

father was a black wolf, from whom she inherited her silky, waist-length black hair. Her

mother and Amy's father had been faternal twins. Her father and Amy's mother, a black

fox, had been good friends. These four teens were not on an ordinary journey. Team

Rocket had ruined their lives. Now they were out for revenge and nothing would stop them.

On the ferry Amy leaned on the railing while Selene and Jason had gone to look for the

room they would be sharing that night. Kayla was in the pool. At eleven neither looked very

strong. However, because of their demonic heritages they could match a Machoke in

strength and a Dumaris in speed. These cheetah lookalikes were about the same height as

a Rapidash, but longer in body. Their "baby" form, Dumi, looked like a purple cheetah cub.

Duma, the "teen" form, looked like an adult, save for two things. All three had long ears,

similar to the 'Eons, and Duma had two tails, while Dumaris had three. (Their shiny form's

colors are reversed. Purple spots, black fur.) Co-discovered by their parents, these

poison/dark cats could only be found in the swamps of Ming Isle. Amy planned to catch one

after she got two badges. For now she would make due with her current three.

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