Poke. "Nn" Poke, poke. "WHAT!? What do you want!?" "We're here."

Amy looked up into green-gold eyes. "What have I said about getting me up before sunrise?" Kayla sighed. Her cousin had always been nocturnal. Slipping out the window to run under the full moon with the dark-types and fly with the ghosts. Both were part phoenix, not much but enough to give them wings. However, they also had type affinities. Amy was psychic, on par with Alakazams and Gardevoirs while Kayla was on the same level but as a darkling. Due to being demons they could understand Pokémon, but kept this secret by having them wear communicators disguised as translators. Both lost their parents to Giovanni, Kayla's to a planned car crash and Amy's to a house fire. They died of smoke poisoning. This journey was meant to prepare them for revenge. Selene and Jason were going to Kanto and Amy and Kayla to Johto. But first, breakfast and coffee.

After getting off the boat they went straight to the Pokemart and bought pokeballs, potions and antidotes, 20 each, then left town. They planned to unmercifully PWN anyone who was foolish enough to challenge them. To the gym!

(i'm not describing. i can't make good battles)

After pwning the idiots who thought they were good trainers and the leader they headed out. Hellery gained two levels while Kayla's Houndour gained three. Her younger brother was born knowing Quick Attack. Coupled with his extraordinarily high speed stat of 40 it made him very dangerous. "Damien! Do NOT eat the bugs; you don't know where they've been!" He wasn't always very smart though. She smiled and Tackled another Weedle.

When they beat Falkner they had each gotten a Mud-slap TM and needed a Pokémon to learn it. So Kayla got a Spearow, who said his name was Carlton. Amy found a Pidgey who didn't look well. She said that her family kicked her out for being kind to a Caterpie. She was taken to a center and then was taught Mud-slap. Dove would have grinned if she didn't have a beak. The same Caterpie she was nice to asked come along with her Weedle friend. He told them his name was Walter and joined Kayla. Caterpie's name was Soara, because one day she would soar through the skies. While they walked the Pokémon explored. Walter and Soara sat on their trainers backpacks while the two birds did crazy flying tricks. Shine and her own brother Jack walked in front of the girls while Niki and Kayla's Poochyena Mark trotted behind them. The Houndour slunk through the trees, watching for danger. At Union Cave they got out mini shake-up flashlights and returned Carlton and Dove. The three darklings took lead while the others remained near their trainers. A few rock- and ground-types showed up but they were quickly defeated. The exit appeared and everyone ran for it.

"Man! That was awful!" "Yeah! It took almost an ho-" A moan of pain floated out of the exit. "What in Arceus name was THAT?" asked Soara. A muffled ding rang from both girls PokeDexs. They pulled them out. "Lapras the Transport Pokemon. It can ferry people across the water. People have driven Lapras almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain." Then came a human voice. "Stupid and worthless is all you are!" A dull thud sounded. Amy ran in, Hellery and Niki at her heels. What she saw was a baby Lapras, no more than a hatchling, with a Rocket grunt punting her around like a soccer ball.