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"This place even gives ME the creeps", Hellery grumbled at her trainer. "Really? It feels warm somehow." Kayla thought about it and then told Amy she was probably sensing Celebi, the guardian of Ilex Forest and a fellow psychic. Amy nodded, "Remember when she came to visit my mom? She scared poor old Joe and Sherry half to death!" "I miss them a lot. They were nice Pokémon." "Yeah, I wish they hadn't died last year. A psycho Gardevior and a peace-loving Gallade, what a couple that was." "Sherry wasn't that bad, just really jumpy. Besides, they were my parents Pokémon, I knew them better." "Kayla, how do you take down a maniac zillionaire? He's connected to all the MAJOR crimes, yet they've NEVER charged him for anything. On top of that, if we kill him, evil bastard he may be, but the cops will still pass capital on us." Kayla and the Pokémon stopped walking, pondering this. Finally, Niki spoke up. "I could convince the fire types to rebel and by then Shine will be an Espeon, she can knock the place over. Plus, if some Earthquake users rebel the cops will think they got tired of being used, abused and worse stuff Umi hopefully doesn't know." That got some interesting reactions. Kayla sat down hard while Damien whined. Mark, Jack, his sister Shine and the two bugs clustered together. They could easily guess the meaning of "worse stuff".

The birds came screeching in, chirping in a frightened manner. Their respective trainers picked them up in an attempt to calm them down. Dove's memories blasted into Amy's mind. A truck, screaming baby Pokémon, crying humans and worst of all, gunshots. Dove was withdrawn along the others, only Damien stayed out. Kayla told him to run ahead with Quick Attack and do what he could to stop the thieves. Amy and Kayla shifted, becoming Dumaris-sized beasts, a black wolf with Umbreon rings and a white fox with silver diamonds. Amy howled hauntingly, summoning an old friend to her side.

: Death penalty, also called capital punishment.

: Kayla is the wolf. Built for power and toughness, her marks also appear on the backs of her ears, hands and feet.
: Amy is my "fursona". Lightning quick, same marks, but silver diamonds. Inside the face

diamond is a royal blue crescent moon on its "back", points in the "air" with a silver star between them. It's a family marking.