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Without a Trace

Odd woke up one day to the sound of Ulrich's alarm clock. He turned over to face the wall and waited for the routine to begin.

The routine was that Ulrich would turn off the alarm clock, and then throw his pillow at Odd to make him get up. Then they got dressed and went down to the cafeteria and had breakfast.

Something was wrong though. It had been a full minute, but the alarm was still going off. And where was the familiar pillow?

Odd Turned over again and saw that the brown haired boy's bed was empty, except for a lone envelope. He got up and walked over to the alarm clock and turned that off. He then grabbed the envelope and opened it. He took out a letter…

…And Ulrich's cell phone.

Dear gang,

I'm assuming that Odd is the first to read this, so I'm apologizing to you first. I had to knock Kiwi unconscious to get out without him waking you up.

Jeremy, Aeilita, I'm sorry to you guys to. I didn't do anything thing specific, but if there is anything I'm sorry.

Yumi, before I apologize for leaving you, I wanted to let you know that I've always liked you, in the boyfriend kind of way. I'm sorry I never got the nerve to ask you if you felt the same.

I had to leave Kadic academy. Don't try and call; my cell phone is in the envelope. I don't know if I'll ever be back. I'm sorry that I had to leave before we finally stopped X.A.N.A., but certain circumstances didn't give me any choice.

I'll try and contact you guys once in awhile; let you know that I'm okay. I hope you guys aren't too mad at me. Have a good life.

You're Friend,

Ulrich Stern.

Odd couldn't believe his eyes when he read this. He had noticed something fishy going on with his friend, but he never imagined that it would come to this.

Jeremy, Aeilita, and Odd were all sitting on the benches when Yumi came over later. Odd had already showed them the note.

"Where's Ulrich?" Yumi asked.

Instead of anyone answering her, they just handed her the note. She quickly read it, and then reread it.

"So, he's gone?" she confirmed. Tears were welling up in her eyes.

"Yeah; I don't know when or why, only that he put Kiwi unconscious so that he could slip out without an interrogation," Odd said.

"It says that'll he try and keep contact up with us though, doesn't that count for something?" Aeilita asked.

"It just means he wants us not to worry about him. And why would he tell me that he loves me in a goodbye letter?" Yumi asked.

"He never had the courage to do it before," Odd said.

Yumi just stared at the note, wanting to savor it forever. As far as she knew, the boy of her dreams had just left the building, possibly forever.

Ulrich was running through the streets. It was late; around 2 in the morning. He hadn't wanted to do it, but circumstances gave him no choice. He was being tracked, and the entire school would soon end up a target if he didn't leave.

He rounded a few corners until reaching his destination: an abandoned factory (not the one with Lyoko) at the edge of town. He did the secret knocking trick and said the password and the door slid open.

"Hey Merick," a girl said from within the shadows.

"Hi Sally," Merick answered.

"What took you so long?" another voice answered, this one was male.

"Hello to you to Mike," Merick said sarcastically. "I had some trouble getting out of the school grounds. My timing was off tonight," he answered.

Two people stepped out of the shadows; one boy, one girl. The girl had red hair, the boy had black.

"If your timing is off then you're going to get caught," Sally warned.

"I'm here now aren't I?" Merick asked.

"It doesn't matter. Look, are you two going to be arguing the entire 8 months we're in hiding?" Mike asked.

"Relax would you? It's not like I blew the secret," Merick said. The room the three teens were in had 3 beds, some cabinets with food, and a table with a computer on it.

"I'm still iffy on this whole idea. What happens when we run out of food?" Sally asked.

"That's the hard part. Every time we run out of food one of us has to go buy more," Merick said.

"No, the hard part is trying not to run out of money," Mike corrected.

"Seems to me like the hard part would be trying not to be recognized," Sally added.

"Would you two relax already? We are the top agents, plus we are protected by the government. Nothing could possibly go wrong," Merick assured them.

end of chapter one.

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