It tore her throat to shreds as she sprinted down the quiet street. It even began to nip at her sore legs as she began to stagger and curse her weak legs when they came to a trembling stop. Through tear filled crystal blue eyes she glared at her surroundings.

Light and warmth escaped

A powering cloud darkened the area but she stayed rooted to the spot, shaking slightly and attempting to hold back sly stinging tears. She tightened her fists as the air turned on her and became poisoned and disgusting. Sucking in large amounts of it, it clawed at her vulnerable chest. She clamped her teeth on her trembling lip. She refused to blink and allow the tears to flow.

Coldness trapped her.

The rain began. Large droplets of bitter, wetness stumbled from the harsh heavens and crashed onto her blonde hair. The rain got heavier. But she remained where she was; sneaking in blinks and allowing useless tears to mingle with the rain. Her throat felt raw as she refused to let it unleash pathetic sobs. Her clothes grubbily clung to her pale skin. The street was silent. All that could be heard were fat drops of rain colliding with the concrete pavement. And then...

"Naminé!" A recognisable voice called down the street.

She did not turn to him. She listened to his feet hitting the ground and panting become clearer.

"Naminé." He repeated, obviously out of breath.

She squeezed her eyes shut.

Darkness was engulfing her.

And then she felt a equally wet yet warm body wrap its arms around her, place a forehead on hers and keep her close. She opened her blue eyes to meet darker ones with wet, blonde what-used-to-be-spikes hanging around them. He was still panting.

"It's alright." He whispered gently. "Cry if you want to."

She averted her gaze from his eyes and to the ground and mumbled, "I don't want to."

"Okay. Just stay like this for me." he spoke gently, his breathing slowing down.

Her heart raced as she nodded and then feeling her lip tremble, she placed her head on his chest. And cried. He put a hand on her head as her sobbing became uncontrollable. She felt him hold on tighter as the rain continued to pound down both of them and she began shaking. The pain in her throat eased.

A light shone deep within her.

She felt a small kiss place itself on her head as she cried into the warmth of his chest. She could feel his heart beat at a steady pace. She looked up to him, rubbed the tears from her eyes and smiled a little. He greeted it with a grin.

"Thanks for staying. I feel better now." He said quietly as he separated from her and took hold of her hand, "Let's go find a dry place."

She nodded and gripped onto his hand, "Thanks, Roxas."

Although the cold rain continued to pound on her head, drip from her nose and make her shiver. She felt a warmth in her chest and a kind heat radiate from his hand which she gripped tightly. A fresh hope shone inside her. He turned to her and gave a encouraging smile and she felt the new light inside her sparkle, energize her and make her smile again. She didn't understand this new feeling but she was sure it was because of him. And because of him she wouldn't be alone anymore.

Everything would be alright with him, by her side and smiling.

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