So with the evil eye awakened the one with the blood of holy and unholy turns to slaughter those who have been gripped by sin of avarice. And bring peace and prosperity to a nation that needed it.

Naruto says "Hmm how should I kill this fat little midget bastard." Naruto summons a group of kage bushins but everyone from Konoha noticed something strange about these clones. They notice that all of them look slightly different and they all seem to have personality quirks. They all noticed the one which was sitting down and reading.

The reading bushins which acted like a certain shadow manpiulater says "trobulsome, I know how boss." Naruto says "Go head and tell us." While this is going on everyone on the bridge is sweat dropping. Then they hear yell "Ah that is brilliant suggestion." Naruto then says "great idea." Naruto thinks evilly 'whahaha I might pity that poor fat fool once I'm done with him.'

Zabuza yells "Hurry up and kill the fat, crippled midget already gaki." Naruto then says out loud"Alright, alright don't you know your not supposed to rush genius." Naruto then says to Gato "I hope you like this genjutsu of my Jagan eye."Everyone who's a competent ninja cough not sakura and sakura cough sense a sudden flare in naruto chakra.(Sorry what he does to gato will be shown to everyone in the next chapter.)

After he extracted where he stores his money his rare items and all that stuff. He then puts gato in a coma. The bandits say "You took out are employer now we are going to raid and kill the villagers except the women we will take them away

All of sudden naruto begins to pour out all his chakra and then he adds his and benihime demonic chakra to the mix. He then says "I think it time for a killing time." Kakashi thinks 'he better not be about to rip off vash the stampede' Naruto starts singing creepily "Total slaughter, total slaughter i wont leave a single man alivelade eda genocidelaa ddaa an ocean of blood let's begin the killing time. The bandits are hold their ears then they say "My god what horrible lyrics and the singing was just as bad."

This of courses piss off Naruto even more and he yells "Ok I was just going to let you guys go after killing a few but now I will only leave 10 or so." He also adds to himself 'though I will leave a couple alive to tell the world about me.' As he says this his clones start going around the area the bandits were in and they started to perform handsigns of course only zabuza, haku, and and the yaoi uchia loving(perhaps psychically) pervert noticed it.

The bushins yells out "hells barrier" their hands start to glow and the energy starts to spread out in a way circluar paterrens like the clones are arranged.(think a huge rasegan) Naruto then says "Ah now you can't escape." Everyone noticed his voice was back to normal. One of bandits then yells out "Ha, like this flimsy barrier can stop me iron pole susuke" and then he runs into barrier to break down but his upper body is instantly shredded. Naruto then says "hmm, its still defected." and then he contines "Oh, well I will work on it later."

He then lifts up Zabuza sword one handed which he had put down when he used the genjutsu on gato. He then asks "yo zabuza if I kill all the bandits but nine with one slash can I have this sword?" Zabuza says "hmm sorry but no though I will take you to the smith who made the swords for seven swordsmen of mist." Naruto says "That is good enough."

He then slashes the zanbatou in a horzontal way and a huge wave of chakra goes out of the blade. Everyone is surprised by it including zabuza. Naruto then says "Hmm, by the look of it you didn't know you sword could do that." Zabuza then asks "How did you do that" Naruto then replies "Well I figured all the swordsmen's swords have a different power and i figured probably told smith not to add any. So i figured he made it out a chakra metal which magnifies a small amount of chakra into a big amount. Since he probalby liked making special swords."

sasuke pov

How did the dobe gain this power it should be mine because i'm a uchia.' I kow i'll steal it from him or i'll get sensei to make him teach me his skills because I'm from the great uchia clan and every one should bow down too me for it.

back to the mostly sane people

Naruto yells out "ha, Zabuza I just counted there are only nine left alive so you have to take me."

the end of chapter 3 or is it

yes it is

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