Chapter 2

With that said people started filing in, "Alright people take your seat and well begin shortly. "Wedge shouted over the noise. The last people to come in were the Wraiths and Jason, who made sure he was close to the door if he needed to make a quick exit.

"Now the reason I called you all her on such short notice," He stopped while the 'Yeah what's with that yells can be heard.' When they quieted down he started again, "I got some orders that are going to be in effect while I'm gone and they are that I have to leave Major Jason in charge." He finished, the room went deathly quiet, then the chaos erupted. Shouts and Protest filled the room, while some people just sat there and laughed.

"QUIET!" He yelled. "Now that's all I had to say, now you can leave. But I need Colonel Fel and Lt. Colonel Solo to stay."

People started Filing out, Wes in the lead. Once no one remained Wedge made them Promise for the millionth time then left, presumonly to the cantina for a drink.

"You know your insane for agreeing to this Jaina." Jag said

"No I'm Not, I'm sane. "Jaina replied

"Yeah right." He replied sarcastically

"If I was insane, I wouldn't do this."


"This." While saying that she walks closer and gives him a kiss and he kiss back, this time longer, unaware that they're being recorded.

"Your right, your sane. Very sane."
At 0600 the next morning Wedge left with a good luck. 10 seconds after 0600 Wes takes charge. At 0630 the Wraiths crowd into Wes's new office (aka Wedge's office.)

"You know Wes we have to consider redecorating, this place just isn't ..." Sharr started.

"You. " Piggy finished as he entered with the holo tape. "Ok, let's see what's on the tape." He says as he puts it in the holo vcr.

Holo Tape: Jag springing the trap, which gets many laughs. The conversation between the three of them, 'I'm hurt, we better watch out for them' Wes says. The briefing, which gets 'Borings'. Conversation between Jaina and Jag. Finally the kiss.

"Finally! Proof!" They all yell together, more or less.

"Well that was an entertaing show."

'Uh oh' basically everyone thinks at once as they slowly turn around. And you can only guess who's behind them.

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