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Author's note; I am a dark writer and as much as I love Ed, that only means that he will suffer the most. So as a warning, this is a dark fic and it will require a strong stomach.

Even when our eyes are clouded there's a whole other world out there that exists outside ourselves and our dreams . . . Edward Elric

Price of Happiness


Edward Elric sat in the small kitchen of the upstairs apartment next Gracia's flower shop. He took in a deep breath and downed what was left of his coffee then stood up and stretched the remaining morning haze from his body and mind. He smiled as he remebered meeting her, the girl that was the Winry of this world, the fact that his brother Alphonse was in this world with him.

He took his cup to the sink and rinsed it out then set it down in the small sink. He heard the laugh of his brother as he and Noah walked down the stairs with their small daughter in tow. He smiled once more thinking inwardly; "We really should get a bigger place," then he heard her laughter as well as she carried his son in her arms down the stairs.

He walked to the doorway of the kitchen and watched as Alphonse, now nineteen and about five foot eleven inches, his hair slightly longer and his eyes a lighter shade of golden brown due to his laughter. Beside his Noa's eyes were lit up as well, the small bundle in her arms cooing softly while she looked up at her mother.

Behind them was a lightly tanned, spitting image of Winry Rockbell, though her hair was a mousy shade of brown and her eyes were crimson red, which captivated Ed the first time he saw her. Her voice was the same tone as the Winry he had grown up with and her name was Winry, even though she preferred to go by her childhood nickname of Ry.

She carried a child of three in her arms, his hair the same mousy brown as her own, and he even had the natural tan that she had to tone her skin. But he looked like the younger Edward and possessed his unique golden, yellow, lion's eyes that Ed recalled Winry saying were like looking into the sun itself.

Alphonse and Noa smiled at Ed and he stepped aside to allow them into the kitchen leaning back against the nearby wall as Ry walked into the room. Ed smiled broadly at her and he heard the sound of his son's voice graced his ears, 'Daddy' he cried out reaching for Ed when Ry paused in the doorway.

Ed smiled and faced her and swept his three year-old son in his arms stepping into the kitchen to spin him around. Ed then hugged his son tightly to him and set him down on the ground as he knelt down in front of him. Ed ruffled his son's hair, "Are you going to be a good boy today for your mommy Jason?"

The little boys face lit up in a smile and he nodded, "Of course Daddy!"

Ed smiled and stood up his eyes meeting with Ry's who gave him a smile,"Don't work too hard Edward, and try to come home before it gets too dark outside. It's dangerous out there right now with the approaching war."

Ed laughed, "Yeah, I know, but I am just a humble student at the Univerisity."

Al smiled from his seat at the table recognizing his brother's jest to shake her worry. He turned his attention back to his daughter, her brown eyes boring into him as he held a spoonful of her food in front of her. Her small hands reached out to him and Noa was standing over the stove making a hot breakfast for everyone. Al obliged to his daughter and said softly, "There you go Trinity."

The little girl cooed and managed to get some of her applesauce of the side of her mouth. Al reached forward and wiped it off with his thumb licking it off when he brought it to his own mouth making a hmm sound and making her giggle.

Ed looked at his brother as he fed his niece and then at Noa, "I should get going, I have to take a final in physics today."

Ry took hold of Jason's hand and led him to the breakfast table. He sat him down next to Alphonse then sat down on his other side as Ed walked over to the table and knelt down in front of his neice in her high chair. He smiled and she reached her small fist out to him then opened her hand.

He reached his flesh hand to her and she gripped his pinky finger and cooed, still unable to speak just yet. She was only thirteen months old. She giggled and then cooed again saying, "Ed-wood."

Noa and Al stopped and looked at their daughter as Ed laughed at how she had tried to say his name. He kissed her small fist and stood, but her grip tightened and he froze feeling a chill run up his spine. He looked at her and her eyes met his, suddenly they were no longer the eyes of a baby girl, but of someone much older. He watched, entranced as her eyes flashed to a deep blue, an ocean deep blue to be exact. But then her eyes changed back, but she didn't smile, she started to cry and Ed felt a sharp pain pass through his head and throughout his body as the pain intensified.

Ed closed his eyes unconciously breaking his nieces hold and backing away from her and into the counter. His hands moved up to his head as images swam through his minds' eye. He saw a battle field, blood, chaos, death, soldiers draped acoss an open field. Then he heard the gunshots, the cannons, the screams of pain and dying men. Then he saw Ry standing next to what looked like a mirror image of himself, only he had red tatoos on his arms, and the oraborus tatooed on his left hand, a humonculi . . . he then noticed a evil smile on Ry's face as she walked over to what he noticed was his bound and beaten form tied and gagged to a chair. Ed felt a sharp pain cross his left side and his eyes snapped open to see a concerned Noa standing in front of him and Ry right next to her.

Ed took in a deep breath and winced very slightly, the sharp pain he had felt still present and growing more painful by the second. He looked up at Ry, his eyes clouded with fear as he peared into her crimson eyes. He stepped to the side and made his way past her and ignoring both girls pleas he knelt down in front of his son and with a forced smile behind the pain he said calmly, "Take care Jason, I will see you this afternoon."

He reached up and kissed Jason on the forehead and then walked back over to his niece whom Al had calmed down and was now holding her in his arms. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, "Goodbye Trinity, I will see you later."

He met his brothers eyes as he straightened and then he shifted his eyes to Ry and turned around walking out of the kitchen. Noa walked out behind him and brushed Al's shoulder as she left. Ed was just in front of the door leading out of the apartment putting his coat on. Ed tried to not wince as he slipped his left arm through the sleeve of his coat and then grabbed his set of books on the small inn tabel by the closet door.

Noa walked up behind him as he opened the door and stepped out into the hallway. She held the door open and he looked at her over his shoulder. She stepped out into the hallway him moving to the side and shut the door behind her.

She stepped in front of him, "Edward, what in the world just happened?"

Edward looked at her, "What . . . "

Noa sighed, "My daughter's eyes changed and then she started crying for no reason. Your face went ghostly pale and you obtained a deep cut on your left side. Did she somehow transfer a vision to you?"

Ed's eyes met her in shock for a moment, but it was enough to answer her question. She took in her breath, "What did you see?"

Ed looked away turning his face away as well, 'A war, it was a battlefield, I felt the atmosphere, could smell it, hear it, taste the death in my throat. Then it changed and Ry . . . she was standing next to a humonculi of me, but I think it was the me from this world . . . she's not to be trusted . . . not after that . . . it looked like it was foretelling the future instead of the past like your visions do . . . "

Noa let out her breath, "That is likely, Trinity is my daughter, the visions are hereditary. But the future, maybe you saw it because she is so young, because it envolves you, or maybe it is warning you. The visions can mean many things."

Ed nodded not quite sure if he should trust the vision. He sighed and the motion cause the pain in his side to increase once more. He put his hand to it and found that he was indeed bleeding. He looked at Noa, "Why would it cause physical harm if it was only a vision, then?"

Noa sighed, "I don't know, I normally have never had that happen, but my visions are of the past. I can't explain it really. But you should go see a doctor on your way to school, to patch up that wound."

Ed nodded, "Yeah," he made to leave stopping at the top of the stairs that led down to the street. He looked at her as she stood in the doorway and said, "Keep an eye on Ry none the less. After that vision, I feel uncertain about her."

Noa nodded, "I understand that, but she is your wife Edward, maybe the vision was meant for someone else."

Ed walked down the stairs as she walked inside and closed the door. He said under his breath, his voice laced with pain, "It was meant for her, she didn't seem too suprised to see me when we first met. It was almost like she knew who I was, even though I am from another world."

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