This is the very end. You will get to see how everyone ended up and meet some people you don't know.


Pam sat out on the balcony with her sketchpad on her lap. She couldn't let this perfect opportunity pass. The hotel was in perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and with the sunrise in the horizon, she had to draw. As she was drawing, Pam occasionally took a look over her shoulder to take a look back at her husband who lay sleeping in bed.

Reaching down to a small table, she grabbed herself a cup of tea. She loved being able to spend a week alone with her husband of 20 years but she missed her kids.

Annabelle who was now 23 lived with her boyfriend in Connecticut. Pam was happy that she turned out to be so wonderful. They did go through a rough time when Anna was 15 and they told her the truth about Ryan not being her real father. She stopped talking to them for week but then soon came around. She hasn't decided yet if she wanted to meet Roy or not. She and Ryan talked to her every day on the phone, she is still daddy's little girl.

Hannah who is 20 is unquestionably her father's daughter. She had the same dark hair and blue eyes as Ryan and got some of his cockiness. She is definitely full of surprise especially when she came home from Collage one day with her boyfriend Joseph Shrute. That's right, Dwight's and Angela's son. Thankfully, Joe, as he likes to be called, was a normal young man.

Dillon and Derrick their twins who are 10 came as a surprise. Ryan worked and fought hard at corporate in New York. He was actually able to save the Scranton branch from closing. After eight years, he worked his way to the top earning him the V.P title of the company. After their personal celebration, they were surprised by the two terrors. They couldn't sit still for a minute and always found some sort of trouble to get into.

She was blessed with her family and she wouldn't trade them for the world. Pam let her mind wonder to the other people in her life.

Dwight married Angela and had Joseph. Pam and Ryan both thought the timing of the wedding and Joe's birth was a little suspicious. They may be in-laws soon enough. Dwight now worked on his farm for a living…it was surprising to see how many people actually liked beets.

Michael and Jan married after six years of dating. He was ready after the first month but she was unsure if she ever wanted to be married again. Jan got a job at an advertising company in New York and was quite successful. Michael well he was the stay at home dad and he was a great one.

Roy only ever came around once more. He made a visit to them in New York when Anna was seven. After he realized that, she and Ryan were a real family he never bothered them again.

Jim, he was able to find love after he let her go. He met Carrie on a blind date and they hit off. They were married after two years of dating and both she and Ryan attended the wedding. They lived in Scranton where Jim took over Michael position but then moved out to New York when Ryan offered him a job a corporate. Although she and Jim would never be as close as they were years ago, they now can say they are friends again.

Pam jumped as she felt two arms hug her from behind. She stood up from her chair and hugged Ryan close to her.

"I told you I'd get you here didn't I?" he asked and kissed her neck.

"It's so amazing," she responding looking back out at the scenery. "I want to be able to come back some day with the kids."

"I miss them too. But for now…it's just about you and me," he said directing her back into the room.

"Ryan Howard!" Pam said scandalized.

"Pam Howard," he mimicked and pulled her to him. Pam fell into him and together they lay on the bed. She hoped that this would never end.

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