I remember when my heart broke.
I remember when I gave up loving you.
My heart couldn't't take no more of you.
I was sad and lonely.

The lyrics caressed the pink hedgehog's mind as she stumbled in the raining streets of Square Station. Searing tears coming from her green orbs, but it was hard to tell the rain fused with saltiness which dropped to the floor as she walked. No umbrella, just a ragged brown coat, and flashing lights here and there of cars.

Her hand gently made it's way to her tender cheek, sensitively touching but that also gave her much pain. Maybe it was out of exhaustion, or just the slippery concrete but the girl dropped down. Her back against the wall covered by just a large elm tree to keep her dry.

"H..how.. he..d..do that?" Amy sauntered through her lips her hands coming into view in front of her face, her eyes fixed upon the finger that touch her cheek. She coughed harshly a bit of blood coming up 'no, get it together rose, sonic may be a bumbling idiot…no, far much worse than that…but you! You are so much better, show him that you are strong, show him that roses have thorns!'

I remember when I walked out.
I remember when I screamed I hated you.
But somehow deep inside still loving you.
I'm sad and lonely.

Amy half heartedly steadied herself, one hand on the wall while her legs shakily thrust up to match her weight. She winced slightly and began walking again, still using the wall for support. "It's no use…" Amy was just tired, the ordeal was just to big for her to bear…like her heart wasn't the only thing broken…

Usually the lights while appear and then dim from her eyes, but this set of lights stopped near, Amy tryed to rub her eyes, just to see if she wasn't hallucinating…the figure held a hedgehog form.

"What do you want Sonic!" Anger rushing through her veins, though she no weapons, her piko piko hammer was left back at Tail's Workshop, like she would make it all the way back here.

"Sonic? What is wrong with you?" A dark voice came from the figure as he stepped into the light, the red yes of Shadow, looking at the tattered beaten girl. " I'm nothing like him" He snorted.

"I'm sorry Shadow...I just can't help myself sometimes" She looked down and as if almost on cue her knees buckled from underneath her and she fell with a thud. "Oww….." she groaned.

"What the hell happened to you?" It wasn't really much of a question, but a demand, Amy was this close to not answering since that mean she was intimidated b y him when she wasn't one bit, actually she was quite calm now…for some reason Shadow always had the kind of affect on her, yet they were never close, she didn't even know if Shadow considered her a friend. No, he was just the Ultimate Life form, nothing more or less.

Shadow was getting a bit unnerved as she stared at him with caring eyes, he gulped in his throat but he straightened out. Where was he going to take her? He had no home, he nearly crashed at Tail's Workshop once in a while like Sonic, but something told him that an abrupt storm had taken place and Amy wouldn't want to go back. Shadow couldn't't help but wonder what exactly did the blue faker do? Other times she'd just be cheerful to him if he ever did get a bit annoyed by her, but this time...the hedgehog was battered and beaten, coughing up blood and could hardly walk. He had this strange feeling to go and find the blue blur and kick his ass. For his own gain, not for her...or at least he thought so.

A ring came from her pocket, Amy quizzically searched about, before smiling weakly to the dark hedgehog before her. "Hello?"

"Ames! Are you ok, Tail's called me. OMG when I find that son of a bitch I will kick where the sun don't shine, he'll wish he never messed with my best friend, he such an ass..." Kimmi kept going and going before a deep voice came in, apparently Knuckles. " Calm down Kimmi, how come you were never this aggressive with Duncan?" A silence drifted through the phone before the cheery voice of Cream was heard

"Amy, are you alone, can you come over to Kimmi's Beach House? Please, or are you too weak?" Amy looked up to Shadow, who really wasn't paying much mind to her, nearly looking out in the freezing pouring rain. He turned quickly around, but Amy's eyes had dropped by then.

"I'm with Shadow...he'll take me over, ok? I've got to go, my batteries going down.." The minute she actually needed her Phone she didn't charge it..figures. "Shadow, we have to go to Kimmi's Beach House...you know where that is right?" A grunt came from his back. Amy putting away her phone trying to stand with little help.

"Of course...now get moving" He pointed to the black motorcycle, completely forgetting her disabilities at the moment. Damnit He quickly picked the Hedgegirl up placing her gently in the seat. Amy looked gingerly, smiling a Thank You but Shadow shifted his eyes.

" You'll have to hold on to me, or you'll fly away like paper in the wind got it?" His deep dulcet tones caused her ears to twitch as he sat himself in front of her. Amy hesitantly leading her arms around his sides. Clasping together her fingers, her face grew warm...

We're closer than we've ever been...I mean in touching...we never were emotional...

Just an enterlude that's why it's soo short I do about 900 words so it'll be alot longer than this, I jujst wanted to see what kind of feedback this would get. yes this is an Shadow x Amy and Knuckles x OOc mix ok? Don't tell me about my char Kimmi ok, I do what I want my person..

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