Well, I'm going to be writing a new Fanfic. My last one sucked, yes I know, but give me another chance folks! I actually got a book published last fall! So yeah, now im writing fanfics. I go on this great site called Naruto the Abridged Forum. Its for MasakoX's and Vegeta3896's Naruto the Abridge Series. They're both really great voice actors. Anyway, we have an MR RPG on there, and so, with the creators permission, I'm sticking the RP guys in here! Read and Enjoy my friends! And thanks to my good friend Zoids GF for helping me write this! You're the best man! Half of the credit goes to him!

I do not own Max Ride. I do however, own everybody else that shows up in this Fanfic.


The Flock is Back

I spread my wings out, feeling the breeze blowing through my hair. Man was it great to fly. No worries, no problems, just absolute freedom...

Unless you count being chased by Itex and hundreds of Erasers. Then yeah, you might have a few problems. That might put a clinker on anybody's day. Or life for that matter.

Being an avian/human hybrid sucked, honestly. I had enough danger, enough excitement, enough EVERYTHING for one lifetime. Now, I just wanted curl up in a hammoc, with a good book in my hands. Someplace warm. But, things never go as planned. Especially with our lives.

As you've probably gathered, I'm Max, aged 16, my 2nd in command, Fang, is also 16. Then there's Iggy, also 16 (and blind), Nudge, 13, the Gasman (or Gazzy), 10, and Angel, 8. Hold on to your seats because here's something you won't have worked out; We have wings, yep, that's right WINGS. 98 human, 2 avian (or bird to those who don't know).

We were "brought up" (ahem, made) in a place called the School in California. But a white coat, Jeb, helped us escape and we lived free until 2 years ago when the school took my Angel. But we fought, kicked some eraser and white coat butt and got her back. They've been chasing us ever since and now 2 years later we're still on the run.

...what? Never heard of us? Well, you've had to. There's a book out on us. 'Maximum Ride' ? At least tell me you've heard of it. If not, stop what your doing, and get to the bookstore. NOW.

And if you have heard of us, kudos.

Anyway back to the story…

I looked back at Iggy and the Gasman, who were chatting quietly, and kept giving me and Fang side glances. Hopefully it was nothing.

I was PRAYING it was nothing.

"What do you think they're talking about?" I heard a voice above me say. I looked up, and saw Fang flying over me, his black wings casting a dark shadow on my own.

"I dunno. Probably another prank of theirs." I responded, suddenly feeling a headache. Not a chip induced, or Eraser induced. Just a normal, stress related headache.

What a nice change of pace.

"Max, when are we going to take a break. Total's getting fussy." I heard Angel complain, from behind us.

"I am not! I just need to use the hydrant!" Total retorted, squirming in her arms.

I sighed, rubbing my temples. This headache just had to keep getting bigger and bigger, didn't it?

"Alright, alright. Give it another thirty minutes, then we'll land. Keep your eyes peeled for a forest." I called to them, beginning to flap my wings faster. My Flock cut through a cloud, and I glanced up at Fang. He seemed... tense...

"You alright?" I asked, trying not to sound like I cared. He was my best friend, but I always had to act strong around everybody. Good ol' General Max. Keep those shoes spit and polished. A-TEN-SHUN!

Fang nodded, but kept his mouth strained a little. That was his problem. The only one who acted tougher than me around here was Fang. Always bottled up, never complaining, never anything.

We made quite a team, doncha think?

"Hey Max! Look, a forest! Look how big it is! And all the trees! Oh, look at the redwoods! And the-" I head Nudge say excitedly, pointing at the large blurb of green up ahead.

"Alright you guys, stack formation. We're going in for landing." I yelled to the rest of them. The nodded, and we flew obove one another, heading for the woods.

Still... I had a bad feeling about it...