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Chapter Five


"Alright..." Fang asked. "What do we do with him?"

I looked down at the experiment laying against a tree. The Flock and I had dragged his sorry butt off the road and back into the woods.

"I have no idea..." I admitted, folding my wings. Gazzy was feeling the boy's ears between his fingers.

"They're really soft." he told Iggy. "Here, feel them."

Iggy rubbed the boy's ears, a smile breaking out across his face.

"Heh, they actually are real..."

"Oh oh! Let me feel!" Nudge said excitedly, going over to him. Fang sighed, rubbing his forehead.

"This guy stinks like an Eraser." he told me.

"Maybe that's cause he is part wolf?" I said, partially unsure. I mean, yeah, he did reek of Erasers. But maybe that was because of the wolf DNA in both of them. This guy seemed more modified, more streamlined though. He was like us; a Frankenstein of human and animal DNA. Besides, when did Erasers have tails?

Although, I couldn't help but keep second guessing myself. The way he fought was so similar to an Eraser. Albeitly, better, but the basics were still there.

And when in the hell did the School's start manufacturing experiments with mammalian DNA? There were too many questions that needed answering.

"So again. What are we going to do with him?" Fang asked, crossing his arms. He glared at the boy.

"Until we find his friends, I guess we'll have to bring him with us." I said, surrendering to what I couldn't control. Well I couldn't just LEAVE him here, could I? I'm not that cold hearted. Fang, however, was.

"No way." he said firmly. I just stared at him. Did he really just say that?

"Why not?" Nudge asked. She was scratching the boy between his wolf ears, and in his uncoscious state, the boy was growling happily from it.

"I already let you keep one pet..." Fang said, shaking his head and jerking his thumb at Total, "Like hell am I going to let you keep a bigger one."

There was absolute silence. Like totally, dead silence. Not even the trees were moving. It was so silent, I could almost hear my own heartbeat. If it wasn't for Total giving a stream of complaints at Fang.

"Excuse me?" I asked, incredulously. "You let us keep Total?" Was I really just hearing this? Before I could come back, or give him a good smack across the kisser ( cause you know he deserved it. I mean, how many times have I saved his rear?), Gazzy spoke up.

"You guys, I think he's awake..."

Let me tell you. Dying: Not so much fun. When I saw angels, I was like 'YES! There is a Heaven!'. And then darkness. Well, frick. I guess all dogs don't go to heaven.

And then, to top it off, I wake up with someone pulling on my ears. Its official. I'm in hell. What's next, a bone? A bowl of dog food? Fetch? Oh god, somebody please kill me.

Oh wait, I'm dead already.

"I am ready to meet my maker, but whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter." I muttered to myself. One of my favorite quotes by Winston Churchill.

"You guys, I think he's awake..."

I opened my eyes, and saw the kid who was yanking on my only good set of ears.

"Please... please get off..." I whispered, painfully. My arm hurt so badly. The kid came into focus. He was young. Just about the same age as my Willow.

"Hey there, you're okay now." another said. A tall, thing, pale looking kid, with dull eyes. "Max! Max get over there!" the boy shouted. The one I presumed to be Max, a tall, fit boy with dark hair pulled himself away from a girl and came over to me. He grabbed me by the shirt, and pressed me against the tree.

"Who are you?" he asked. I couldn't breathe.

"F-F-Fang..." I managed to rasp out. A look of surprise crossed his face.

"How do you know my name?"

My head swam. Must've broken a rob too, and this idiot was pressing on it.

"M-my name..." I rasped. "F-Fang... A-Aron Fang..."

"Fang, that's enough!" the girl said, getting him off of me. I collapsed, panting.

"Woah, they have the same names?" the one lean kid asked.

"It is my surname..." I managed to say. I cleared my throat. "Fang. Aron Fang. My name is more important than myself." I said to the girl.

A quote by Pierre Cardin.

Alright, the cat is out of the bag. THIS is my power. I, the amazing stupendous and amazing Aron Fang... am a walking talking library. I know, I know, it stupid! I didn't ask for this power, you know! I would've been happy with something like... laser beams, or flying... but NOOOOO lets just make it so I can recite 'The Raven' by Edgar Allen Poe... backwards...

The thing that I hate so much about it is that I really don't have all that much control. I mean, I can 'research' stuff when I want, but sometimes stuff will just come out of my mouth for now reasons. But seriously, how was I suppose to know Fang was this guy's first name? I chose it as a surname. Seriously, what the heck was I suppose to call myself? Aron Smith? Jones? I'm a wolf, dammit! The 'Ancient Mariner' would not have taken so well if it had been called 'The Old Sailor'. That is is a quote from Samuel Butler- ARGH! See what I mean!

"I'm Max... Maximum Ride..." the girl said, helping me up.

"Nice to meet you..." I said automatically before something clicked into my head. Maximum... Ride?

My jaw drop.

"Not THE Maximum Ride? Prototype number #12 of the Itex Genetic Program?" I asked, bringing up her file in my minds eye. I knew almost everything the school did on her. Almost is the keyword. "You were the first to escape..." I said, with a grin.

"Uh... yeah, I guess that's me..." she said, kinda awkwardly.

She was like... a firebrand leader in my eyes. A Robin Hood figure. The type of outlaw in which the whole world is gunning after, but nobody can catch. I used to tell Storm and Willow about her in their bed time stories. To me, she was just a story. Prototype #12. Uncatchable, unmerciful, and unbeatable. And here she was in person.

But a thought crossed my mind that wiped the grin off the face.

"Let me see your wings..." I said calmly.

"Max, we shouldn't-" Fang began, but Max shot a look at him. I felt a probe of something touch my mind. It was... innocent... and childish... but just creepy. My heart stopped beating for a second, as I concentrated an image of Ceara in my mind. I had a fair amount of telepathy training from Kata. I've had run in with psychic experiments before.

None of these guys could read minds. That's what their files said. All but one. I looked for her, and saw her hiding out of sight behind Max. A cute little girl with blond hair and innocent looking eyes. The Angel experiment...

I reluctantly let down my defenses.

"Its all right. I'm one of the good wolves." I thought to her. "Take what you need, but jsut be careful where you tred. Some of this is off limits..."

I felt the mental probe somewhat enter.

"Wings... please.." I asked. Max unfolded her brown wings from her back, and I sighed as the others did too. "So you're the real deal... Maximum Ride and the Flock..." I said, with a weak smile. I was... disappointed. To say the least. She didn't seem how I imagined her. I could tell she as strong, fought well, and had her fair share of fights just by looking at her. But... she was too human... She didn't look all but invincible. She looked just a nervous, mortal, unsure, and uncertain of the future as I was. Hell, it was like looking into a mirror. Alright, well... a mirror that portrayed an incredibly good looking, female, avian experiment.

"In heaven, an angel is nobody in particular, I guess..." I told myself. George Shaw.

"Max, he thinks your an incredibly good looking, female, avian experiment." Angel said. Max's face grew red, almost the same time as mine. WHAT THE HELL!?

WHAT THE HELL?! I thought to myself. Aron's face grew red at the same time as mine.

"Somebody likes Max..." Gazzy teased. Aron put his hands up defensively.

"Woah woah, its not like that." he said, giving a toothy grin. "I have kids for crying outloud..."

"Your daughter is cute." Angel said.

"Wait, you have kids?" I asked, my eyes almost bugging out. Aron seemed just about my age, if not a bit younger. Was he THAT irresponsible?

"Yeah, three." he said, reaching into back pocket. He pulled out a folded up photograph, and showed it to me. A young boy with black feline ears was sitting next to a very human looking girl with wet hair. The girl was cradling a young baby with brown wolf ears and a tail.

"Isn't Ceara just the cutest? She's the baby. She'll be six months this Friday." he said, grinning. Suddenly, I snickered. The snickered turned out into a full blown laugh, that soon spread to the rest of the Flock. He stared at us, strangely.

"What? Am I missing something?" he asked, confused.

"Y-your tail!" Nudge said giggling. Aron blinked.


"Its wagging." Fang said with a smirk. I watched as Aron took on a new shade of red as he clapped his behind, taking hold of his tail, which was, indeed, wagging back and forth.

"Why, why must I humiliate myself so often?" he asked himself. He looked at the Flock almost pleadingly.

"I'm a canine. Its what we do..." he said, blushing. I couldn't help but shake my head, smiling. Okay, unless this was an incredibly elaborate hoax by the School (still a 10% chance in my mind, folks), then the chances of this guy being anything but harmless was incredibly slim.

"This is Angel..." I said, placing my hands on her shoulder. "Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and-"

"Fang, right?" Aron said, glancing warily at him. Fang blew a strand of hair out of his eyes. "My friends and I tune into your blog now and then. Your spelling is atrocious by the way. Ever hear of Spell Check?" Aron teased. I chuckled, rolling my eyes as Fang grew slightly annoyed.

"Least I didn't get my girlfriend pregnant..."

I tensed up as I sensed a very Eraser like vibe coming from Aron that split second. No, it was worse than Eraser. Stronger. He shot a look at Fang, but never raised his voice.

"Little birdie chose to open his beak. How about you sing for us?" Aron said icily.

"Watch it, mutt-"

"Alright! Enough!" I shouted, getting between them. Crime, now I had TWO egos to contend with.

"Alright..." Aron said, relaxing. I was surprised he backed down so easily. He sniffed the air, as if he was trying to find something. "They're scent is gone..." he said. He gave me a sad look. "This entire place reeks of Eraser. I can't find their scent... normally I could track them... but now..."

"The kid is right..." Total said, trotting up beside him. He was doing the same. "I'm no blood-hound, but the scent is all mixed up."

"Couldn't you just follow the road?" Nudge asked. "Or phone them? Or maybe just come with us-" she said, before I shot a look at her way. I wasn't 100% sure of this Aron guy yet. And what did she mean 'come with us'? Like he was gonna sprout a pair of wings? Did she expect me and Fang to try and carry him? Oh that would work REAL well.

"Not even I can move that fast. You might, but you travel as the hawk does..." Aron said. He got on all fours, sniffing the asphalt ground. I waited patiently.

"Is this guy for real?" Fang muttered to Iggy.

"Hey, I get around by hearing." Iggy whispered, shrugging his shoulders, "He must get around by scent."

"Don't count me out on hearing either..." Aron called.

I turned to Angel, who was hugging her bear tightly.

"So what did you find about him?" I asked her. She looked at me for a moment, then back at Aron and Total, who were somehow now discussing something together.

"I'm telling you, the original story was far more exciting then the movie..." Aron muttered, still on all fours.

"I agree with you. But come-on, how many stories are there with talking dogs?" Total asked.

"Point taken. Though I hated the sequel to Balto. They should've just left it at that..." Aron said.


"He seems alright..." Angel said. "A few things he wouldn't let me see... but he's alright. He really likes you, Max. But he's scared." Angel said quietly. She hugged Cecile, her bear, tighter for comfort.

"Whats he so scared of?" I asked. Heck, there was always the ever present fear of the School's finding us.

"He's always scared of this thing, and I shouldn't have looked that deep. I shouldn't have. He's afraid it'll catch up. The endless darkness... and the cold..." she said. Angel was scared now. She was terrified. I had never seen her like this before.

"What is it?" I urged her. She shook her head, frightened and wide-eyed. I took her by the shoulders, and made her look me in the eye.

"Tell me Angel. I need to know." I urged her. Her lips barely moved, barely uttered a sound, but I heard it.

Moon Dance

"How can that-" I began to ask, but Aron spoke up.

"I've found a scent."

Things were very solemn at the campfire that night. Nobody wanted to saying anything about the loss of Aron. Heck, nobody even truly believed that he was lost. They had all pulled themselves out of worse situations before, right?

"This is complete bullshit..." Storm muttered, staring into the flames. Willow gaped at hm.

"How can you say that!" she gasped. They had always been taught not to curse.

"Cause he's dead, that's why." Storm said, glaring at her. Hawkeye, who was leaning against a tree, closed his eyes.

"We all knew it was going to happen someday." the avian said. He rubbed the back of his neck. What Aron did was stupid. That dumb wolf was always rushing headlong into situations without thinking, even for one second. He had no plan, no method. Always based off of emotions, and never common sense. Hawkeye was going to miss him terribly.

"Yeah, but-" Willow began to say, but Sonata cut her off.

"We've lost comrades before," the she said simply. It wasn't the first time they had lost a close friend. Sonata had no love of Aron. They had butt heads many times before, and Sonata had come countless times to killing to stupid wolf. He provided very little to the group as a whole as far as combat went, and the amount of times she had saved his ass were many.

Storm was silent, staring into the flames. He didn't care. This was Aron for crying outloud. The goofy, caring and honest Aron. Aron had kept his promise. Aron had come back for him. And now he was gone.

"Lets just get to the safe-house. We can mourn for him later..." Kata said quietly, holding Ceara. "Whose going to take first watch?"

"I wouldn't mind." said a voice. Hawkeye rose to his feet, as someone stepped out of the shadows out the forest. Six more figures fell from the sky, like fallen angels shrouded in the blackness and landed next to him.

"Whats up guys?" Aron asked, smiling.

"Guess what? I made some new friends..." the wolf experiment said. He made a bow and gestured towards the figures behind him.

"May I introduced, the winged angel herself, Maximum Ride"