A/N: This will be my third and probably final in my trilogy (so far) of sequels to Chrono Crusade. The other two are New Time, New Place (completed), and Letters From Hell (incomplete). All three are variations on what could've happened after the manga, based on different character deaths.

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Sometimes, he wondered what had made him think he was strong enough to do this.

"A strong will can control the legion." Was it that? Was it Aion who had determined his destiny, yet again?

"A will like Fi's…or yours." He hoped not. He truly did. He didn't want to pass the next… well, he didn't think about how long it would be, but he didn't want to pass it doing something his… brother…had suggested.

He hadn't known this is what would happen, when he left her that day. Hadn't known that the skies would open, that he'd have to choose between what his heart and tired body wanted to do… and the lives of a billion people. (Or more- he wasn't really sure of human demographics, but regardless.) He couldn't let them die, even as he knew their hearts would break. It was the price to pay if he was to protect their future. He'd spent too long destroying, now was the time to build. As for his heart, it would have to content itself walking through dreams and hope that the Astral ring was enough to let her know he was holding her in the only way he could.

Him, a guilty bearer of destruction.

A thief of time.

The second son of Lillith.

When the time came, he hoped that his control would be strong enough so he could be with her in one last moment, their last moment. He wanted, more than anything to be with her for longer, to go now and stay. But he couldn't.

He, Chrono the Sinner.

The last Prince of Pandemonium.


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