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The last time Lili ever saw Raz was at his boarding gate.

Years later when Lili tried to go back to that memory, a little bit more was forgotten. The gate number and the time was the first to go. Then the little things Lili wished she should have remembered were blurry in her mind. Did Raz wear his goggles or did Sasha tell him to take them off? Did he wear his green sweater or his traditional clothing? Was he nervous? Was she?

He had to leave because there was nothing more Sasha or Milla could teach him. As a budding young psychic, Raz needed teachers who were masters in their own art. And since most of them were not willing to fly to the States for one student, Raz had to go to them.

In her memory, sometimes his flight left early in the morning. Other times it was late in the afternoon, depending on the mood she was in. The adults were talking among themselves on the side. Raz's father, her father, Sasha and Milla. Saying their good-byes and good luck speeches. Milla broke out into tears.

"Oh, darling! It feels like I'll never see you again!"

As part of the female species, Lili felt a little more than embarrassed when Milla suddenly wrapped herself around Sasha and bawled into his shoulder.

"For pity sakes Agent Vodello, I'm only going to be gone for a few months!" Sasha yelled at her.

This only made Milla to cry harder.

Not wanting to make such a scene, Lili played it cool. "Here," She shoved a piece of paper into Raz's hand. "Here's my address, my home phone number, my cell phone number, my email-"

"Whoa, whoa, Lili," Raz stopped her midway. "My family are gypsies, remember? I don't own a computer or phone or anything like that."

Lili felt herself blush. "Well that's just stupid! Fine then! You better promise to write to me every week!"

"Seesh, how did I get such a abusive girlfriend?" Lili smacked him on the arm. "Ow! Okay! I promise!"

"Every week?"

"Every week."

Above them, an electronic voice rang out. "Now boarding flight 267, all seats available. Repeat, now boarding flight 267, all seats available. Thank you."

"Come Razputin!" Sasha motioned him over. "It's time to get on the plane."

"Well, I gotta go," Raz picked up his carry on luggage. "I'll write to you as soon as I can." He turned to leave.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Lili pointed out.

"Uh?" Raz began touching himself, trying to see what he left behind. "Money, jacket, bag…"

Lili groaned. "Me, you idiot. Kiss me good-bye."

Raz went red in the face. "Here? Now? But your dad is watching."

Lili cocked an eyebrow and strutted a hip out. Her body language spoke: Do this now or else.

Usually when her day went bad, Lili took a moment and find herself a quite little corner. She tried not to do this often because she was afraid she'll over think that memory and the feelings would not come back to her.

Raz came up to her. Grasped her hands, and leaned in. Lili remembered with her eyes close, hearing the reactions around her. Sasha moaned because they were taking too long. Milla whooped and cheered. Raz's dad muttered something along the lines- she could not remember every word- "Only ten and my son gets more action than I do."

Her dad, thankfully, stayed quiet. Though when she finally did look at him, he was purple in the face.

After all, she was only eleven. He was her first kiss. No girl forgets the first guy she's kissed. And that kiss? In reality, nothing special. They were young, inexperienced. All they did was connect lips and nothing more.

And yet, no matter how many times she went back to that day and replayed that scene over and over in her head, she still produced butterflies in her stomach.

She could not recall what Raz said to her afterward. All she remembered was him passing through that gate and never seeing him again.

And like promised, he wrote to her every week. She could not write back as often because he was constantly moving around. She would get letters addressed from England, then Spain, then back to England, various places of Europe and sometimes from Japan. He would tell Lili-in great detail- about his training, his teachers and even secretly write in a few passages from Milla's letters to Sasha. He would always end the letters with "Love, Raz" or "Yours truly, Raz."

And sometimes, "Lord and Master of this world and the next, Razputin!"

Then about three months in, the letters started to dwindle down. They would come once every two weeks. Then every three weeks. Then once a month.

Lili tried not to feel rejected. After all, Raz was probably really busy and could not find the time. But when she received one letter from him after four months of silence, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Psychics are taught, even though they have the power to read minds, does not mean they should read minds. It's just about the principal of ethics and privacy. People, even psychics, have to respect each other's boundaries.

Psychometry isn't a very wide used power. A person can touch an inanimate object and "see" where it has been and who has touched it. Such a power is usually used by detectives with murder weapons and whatnot.

Touching the one page letter to her head, Lili closed her eyes and read this paper's adventure.

The scene came to her in flashes. Her mailbox, the post office, the thousands of other letters it sat next to, the plane, more letters, an exotic mail box and then-

Lili found out that Raz did not send the letter out personally. Sasha was the one who sent her letter out, along with four others. This pissed her off.

Finally the source. Needless to say, this scene made Lili very, very angry.

In one hand, the pen Raz wrote with. In the other, his head. Looking bored and not at all interested, Raz wrote her letter without much care or affection. He even picked his nose while writing it. It took him a matter of three days to write four paragraphs before giving up and sending it out.

The letter burst into flames.

How dare he? How dare he? Treating this, as if it was some kind of chore?

The letter in her hands burned until there was nothing but ash. It didn't stop there. The others, both pictures and letters, flew out from her desk and those too, burned. Her friendship bracelet burned. She even went so far to wash her lips.

Years later, she would look back and regret this decision. Angry as she was, she could not deny those were fond memories.

Two more letters would come before stopping completely. Lili burned those without opening them.

Life carried on. A year later, her father stepped down as head honcho of the Psychonauts. Keeping the company as a democracy he explains. He went on to open various schools around the world specifically for psychics.

Lili may have never heard from Raz again, but she heard of him. Once in a while as she walked around Psychonaut HQ, she would overhear someone talking about a kid with "big goggles."

"Hey, did you know Agent Nein is training that kid from the circus?"

"I heard that Aquato saved fourteen people from a burning building."

"This is the sixth time this year Agent Aquato was in a issue of True Psychic Tales."

Years would pass. Seasons changed. Lili grew up. She placed the face of her first love to the back of her mind, focusing on her future. She went on to graduate from one of these schools her father had set up and eventually transferred to a major university. At the age of nineteen, Lili did not think about Razputin Aquato in over five years.

At the age of nineteen, is when she would meet him again.


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