Somthing Odd


There always was something odd about him. Maybe it was the horse like grace or the perfection of his speech. Possibly the smoothness of his features but I really think it was the beauty, the devastatingly powerful beauty. He was a man of wax. Even with all his beauty I knew I wouldn't have lived long enough to learn his secret now without his constant care

The day I felt my fever spike and saw my only son continue to loose all color in his face was the night I dreamed...

A girl of maybe 17 stood with an impatient look on her face against a white background. She was a relatively pretty girl with dark brown shoulder length hair but it was her eyes that stood out, her blood red eyes. Yet even with her eyes I felt she was important and a good person. I never could say how I knew this but I knew.

Suddenly as if hearing something she whipped around faster then the eye could see and bounded into the arms of a Bronze haired man. The man was stunning in looks but I saw something I knew in those eyes the almond shaped black topaz eyes. A... a sense that I knew him somehow.
The girl griped his hand a started walking in no time they were in the woods But there was now an odd predatory crouch to there step and grace in their step. A herd of deer seemed to not notice them as the trotted out in front of the couple but that was there mistake quick as lightning strikes the deer were dead or gone with the two 'people' sitting over a deer each. I soon realized they weren't just sitting they were sucking. Blood.


After I woke up it became fuzzy but as soon as He came in I knew that's what he was a vampire. Although I did wonder about the animals and not humans diet (or from what I have assumed to be an only animal diet). I also felt my time growing thin as my life force slowly left me. But before I went I must save my only child. So I did the reasonable thing, I begged and pleaded and to some to some degree blackmailed.

"You must save him!" I said as Carlisle the man I now knew to be a vampire.

"We are doing everything we can Mrs. Mason" He said reasonably. But I wouldn't take the chance.

"Yes you must do everything in your power to help him!" I said in a final tone. As I saw my vision cloud I noticed he looked startled and maybe somewhat scared.

"You must..." were my final words but as I fell into the blackness I saw him nod and that was all I needed to know.

My Edward... My Edward be happy with your girl I know you can be happy please don't be sad I will be there for you. Always ..always...

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