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The Café

Neji's Profile

Sakura had led him to a round table with a couple of comfy chairs, and handed him a menu. She smiled the turned to pick up an order for another customer. The kunoichi seemed normal except the way her shoulders were tensed. She was stressed and nervous, was it because of him?

He looked the menu over and picked his entire meal. Neji was a bit shocked to see his regular medic working in a café, and in a very attractive waitress outfit. The Hyuuga cleared his mind of all things thoughts that would affect his emotions and actions alike. But he had been here once before on a Tuesday, but had not seen or sensed her here. What was she doing here? Was she on a mission, was he interrupting? But he did notice that he never did pass Sakuras on Saturdays.

Neji heard the small ring of the bell hanging over the door. A customer had come in, and Sakura rushed to the door.

"Yuna-san, good afternoon! Your usual table, right?" Sakura said with a bright smile.

The girl she called 'Yuna', nodded and followed Sakura to a table. Sakura left to the kitchen, and then came back with a couple of menus. Walking towards his table she placed one down and said she would be back to get his order.

Neji had never been one to go without irritation when not properly informed. His way of presenting himself, had made people infer he had an arrogant personality; few people knew that he was as curious as a cat. One that would always catch the mouse.


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