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The Café

Sakura gently set his coffee down in front of him and said, "Would you like something else to go along with that coffee? Maybe a dessert, hmm?"

She smiled like she would usually when rookie nine had a get-together for ramen. A normal, nothing out of place smile. Did that mean others had seen her here? No, a someone would have mentioned it before. She was probably trying to make him think nothing of this situation. Or she could have something else in mind. Well, he would just have to play along to find out, wouldn't he.

"Why not. What would you recommend?"

Sakura bit her lip in a very cute way while she thought. Sakura's slightly redder lips turned upwards. Then she said in a professionally sweet voice, "Well, how about I make that a surprise? Just make sure you eat it, alright?". Then she walked away into the kitchen area.

Was she going to put some poison or powder in it? Neji was well aware of her training with the 5th hokage, Tsunade. And her skills with many medical remedies and poisons. Would the dessert render him helpless, or affect him in a disturbing way?

When she returned she came with the dessert, it looked very innocent and… chocolaty. (A/N: Yes it's an actual word!) She put it down next to his practically empty coffee cup, along with a spoon.

" It's a Chocolate Berry Parfait. On the house", she said in a polite manner.

I grabbed his empty coffee cup and leisurely headed back to the kitchen. When I got there, I took out my camera and peeked out the window in the door. There he was holding his spoon, twirling it in his fingers like a kunai. And the parfait was, untouched. WHY WASN'T HE EATING IT? He must have figured it out! No, I couldn't think like that. Was he allergic to chocolate? No, she remembered TenTen once saying she was getting her whole team chocolate once for Valentines day. Whatever the reason he was not eating it, must be an insult to her Aunties place! By now Sakuras' over protectiveness of people close to her was taking over her. She put her camera in her pocket, cracked her knuckles, and passed through the kitchen doors.

Sakura stomped over to Neji, and politely asked in a vemoness voice that made half the other customers around them stiffen, "Is there something wrong with your food sir?". He looked up with a smirk, and said his death wish, "Maybe, you tell me."

With that Sakura snapped, all the tension just poured out. She grabbed the parfait and dumped it all over him with chakra enhanced speed before he could react. Then she pulled her camera out took a picture. And then she ran, like crazy. She was out the café doors before half the other customers could count to 4. Neji was only two seconds behind her.

Sakura leaped onto a roof top, continued running and poofed into her regular ninja clothes. She jumped down into an alleyway, passing different houses and such until she reached a fork in the path. Swiftly turning right she ducked into a crowded market, and exited through another alley. Neji took a couple minutes searching for her until he saw her. The alleyway lead to the more regal side of town, near the Hyugga manor.

She was heading to the Hyugga manor! She reached the gates and the guards let her through without a second thought. She was, after all the Hyugga heiresses best friend. She quickly made it to the main branch household and was knocking Hinatas bedroom door. Just as it was opening Neji caught up and grabbed Sakura's elbow, pulling her away from the door.

"Neji-nii-san, let her go!", a stunned Hinata yelled.

As soon as Neji released Sakura, she ran behind Hinata. Then pulled her into her room, closing the door. Neji walked away quickly to his room. The stupid shirt was probably stained, and he was going to have to take a shower.

Inside Hinata's room Sakura gave a sigh of relief, and sat down on the bed. Sitting beside her Hinata raised her eyebrow and said, "You are going to explain this, right?"


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