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The Café

Inside Hinata's room Sakura gave a sigh of relief, and sat down on the bed. Sitting beside her Hinata raised her eyebrow and said, "You are going to explain this, right?"

"Well, while I was working earlier today, it seems Neji found himself in the district, and just happened to drop by my haven! And, well, I couldn't help but think he was going to blackmail me with his newly found knowledge of my second occupation.

"Sakura-chan, Neji-nii-san wouldn't do that-

"Do you remember, what he made Lee do once he found out that he accidentally used hair tonic on his eyebrows when he was two? And don't even make me mention what he got on Naruto."

Hinata paled, then nodded. "Ma-maybe your right, so… go on." Poor Naruto

"I was planning to find a way to get some dirt on him too, so he wouldn't blackmail me. But all I could get was this.", Sakura said, and then took out the picture.

"Don't worry, in a house full of p-people who can look through walls, people tend to always keep a straight face. It would have been almost impossible to get a good reaction out of him."

Hinata then gently took the picture from her hands, and looked down to it. Her eyes widened, her face got a bit red, and she suppressed a grin. She stared at the picture a bit longer, a giggle escaped her mouth, then she was laughing. Naruto must've rubbed off on her, she was laughing like crazy over a picture that probably wasn't even funny.

Sakura just realized she didn't even have the time too look at the photo herself. And she was so rushed she didn't even pay attention to Neji's appearance. What did the picture look like? She snatched the picture from Hinata's hands and looked at it.

And burst out laughing.

There in the picture sat a remarkably surprised Neji, strawberry coulis all over his hair and left shoulder, a heavy cream and chocolate cream stained his shirt, and chocolate flakes were all over his face. But the funniest part, was that he was still holding up the spoon, and it was completely clean, and a raspberry was sliding down his blushing cheek. The picture held so much more expression then Neji had shown in years. It was so funny seeing him so unlike himself, the Neji that always had either a poker-face or an angry or annoyed expression.

It took a good two minutes before they completely calmed down; it would have been shorter but right as they were stopping they would make eye contact and laugh again. Even as the laughter died down, they still murmured things along the lines of, "fruity hair", and "chocolate nii-san". Sakura abruptly stood up from her seat on the bed, suddenly stiff. "What am I going to do about Neji?"

"We'll have to talk about that at your place. The walls here block no eyes, and shield no thoughts."

A well showered Neji exited his bathroom in a towel and with a scowl. He had to shampoo twice because the strawberry smelling syrup had stuck to his hair. Since Neji never spent any time around Sakura, and she had reacted differently from which he suspected.

When he was around her, she seemed very proud and sure of herself; but still was modest. He could tell that at the cafe he had intimidated her, and thought she would either break down or run away from the look in her verdant eyes. At one time he even suspected she would try to bribe him. But she had gone completely out of his thought circle for her, and had taken that ridiculous picture of him.

Neji had made a thought circle for everyone that he believed might play a part in his life; it was his way of judging if a person was acting out of the ordinary or not. He would make a mental circle for them. Things in the center were suspected of the person, like Kiba disliking cats. Things near the edge of the circle were things he knew a person could do, but still mildly surprised him; like Hinata-sama standing up for herself in front of her father. Though that was becoming closer and closer to the center. Something outside the circle would be like Lee dressing and talking normally while being able to cast ninjutsu.

Sakura-san had nudged his interest when he first saw her in the maid outfit, but she had suddenly worked her way up to the peak of his interest with the way she acted earlier. He had never thought that the cute little medic and confident kunoichi that had healed some of his wounds and sometimes gone on a mission with could act so… frazzled, and randomly. Neji would have to research this little mouse until he was partially satisfied. And he had a feeling that his mental circle for her was about to widen a great deal.

Neji pulled on the last of his clothing, and turned on his byukugan and searched for his cousin and Sakura. They weren't in her room, or on the Hyugga grounds. No-matter, they had to be somewhere in Konoha; and he never did really mind to chase a prey he knew he would catch. Because he was going to get back, and it was going to be good.


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