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The Café

Hinata and Sakura skidded to a stop inside the room. It was the safest place that they could get to without looking too suspicious; covered with almost as many genjutsu's as her house that blocked anyone from getting in if they got too close to any classified information. The training grounds and forest were too obvious, and Neji would find them much more quicker and arise the attention of people she knew. If the had gone to her office at the hospital the staff and patients might get carried in the crossfire and start rumors. Sakura's house was too obvious and close too the Hyugga manor, not enough time to plan.

They were in Sakura's private office inside the Hokage tower; practically no one knew about the room and it was right by the private archives. It was a large office with several rooms was literally her second home; bed, refrigerator, bathroom and all. She stayed here when she did digging for fun or missions. Hinata wandered into the kitchen nearby and opened the fridge; they were close enough to do that now, but Sakura never really got up the guts to do it at the main house. They both sat down on the couch and sighed.

"We have two minutes to talk before Neji gets here. Unless he took extra time to shower or choose which way to maim you, then we've got an extra minute. If he thought we might try the forest or training grounds first, which is unlikely, then we've got an extra thirty seconds. So we should plan. Now.", Hinata was serious she was only able to say that much without stuttering when she was dead serious. She didn't even do that on half her A ranked missions!

Sakura bit her lip and stayed silent for a moment; then brought her eyes up to meet Hinata's. "You get out of here, I can't use you're influence as a main branch forever, or he might get something on you too. He might be your cousin but he still threatened to tell your father about Hanabi dating that one Aburame kid when she tried to cut his hair. I can handle this. But I'll still need you to take the picture and keep it safe.", her voice was steady and final; no interruptions, no peeking.

Hinata nodded with a rueful look on her face took the picture from her, then poofed away. Sakura scanned the area; she needed to check if she was still there, too make sure she wouldn't hear or see. When the search came up clear, she let out a sigh, and lowered her guard. She was too stressed to deal with this!

"ARGH!", Sakura screeched as she pulled her hair, "What should I do!"

"Give up.", said an impossibly smooth voice.

Sakura stiffened and twirled until the body of that voice was in her view. He was casually leaned against the entrance of her office, staring at her with smug eyes and a smirk. How the heck did he get here so quick? She backed a bit away, and with every step back he took two forward. She realized this and stopped only a foot away from the front of her desk.

"Not likely, though I suggest a compromise", she answered his earlier question in a slightly shaky voice. Neji arched an eyebrow and took a few more steps forward, not even half a yard away. He leaned forward and said with half lidded eyes and a deep rumbling voice, "Oh, and what would that compromise entail?"

Sakura let out a shuddery gasp, almost inaudible, and stumbled back until she bumped into her desk. He advanced forward and put his hands on the desk trapping her. The look in his eyes changed into something that made her heart thump. He leaned forward and his warm breath brushed across her skin. She felt her face heat up and damned involuntary actions. What was he doing? Why was he like this!?

Then it hit her. He was attempting to seduce her, and succeeding. Probably trying to get the picture she didn't have from her. Well if he wanted to play like that, then he better get ready to lose.

Neji dropped his poker face and leaned forward. This was too easy, and very enjoyable; being so close seeing her like this. It made him feel so dominate, among other things. He studied the beautiful creature in front of him as she blushed and her hands gripped the desk behind her. Then something flashed through her eyes so quick he almost missed it, recognition. Then it turned into somewhat of a look of alluring confidence. Then she was closer our faces only inches apart her eyelashes fluttered.

" I had some ideas. But what do you suggest, Neji?"

My throat was suddenly dry, and I couldn't help but glance at her lips. She must've noticed because the edges tilted upwards into a smile. I forced my eyes back to hers, they were conceited; and the spell broke. She was copying me, and I fell for it. I glared with such ferocity she flinched before putting on a wide-eyed innocent façade.

"Personally, I would like to have that photo back and a little revenge for having a dessert poured all over me." I answered in a tone that would have caused Rookie 9 to all tense.

But she only smiled smugly and replied in a sickly sweet tone, " I'm sorry to say that's not possible, you'll never get your hands on that picture as long as you know about my little part-time job. And if you even think about telling a soul about it, copies of that picture will be spread from here to Suna."

"How do I even know that picture even came out? It could've been blurry or not even have had me in it; you were obviously in a rush when you took it."

A smirk came across her lips, "I would show it to you but at the moment it is safe with someone else. But I can assure you that the picture is more then incriminating enough and would even get Aburame Shino to chuckle."

My eyes narrowed, she had a good plan. I felt a twinge or respect for her, she certainly deserved it. She had made things so interesting. With such an intellect it surprised me again at how she could be attractive and annoying at the same time. Such an interesting personality, how had I not known it was within this tiny kunoichi? She was so different, and it pulled me in.

I let my guards down, "Well I might just be able to change your mind."

Was he going to try to get some other information to blackmail me with? I glared at him with as much anger and frustration that my face could handle showing. Or was he going to try and confuse me into accepting his ridiculous terms? Well that was not going to happen.

"Or you just might get a chakra enhanced punch in the face.", the amount of malice in those words surprised even me.

But his lips just tilted slightly upwards, and his eyes got a look in them that resembled… lust? Even a twinge of anticipation. I felt my brows furrow, what was he up to? I thought he must be planning to do something. In my thoughts I didn't pay attention to him until I realized that he had close the short distance between our faces.

My heart stopped and sped up to an impossible rate all at the same time. He was kissing me! And it felt… soft, and slow, and amazing. I couldn't help but lean into him, and close my eyes. I didn't realize my hands were in his slightly damp hair, and his arms were around my waist, until his tongue swept over my bottom lip asking for entrance.

I pulled my hands out of his hair and pushed the against his shoulders separating up. And gasped in air I didn't know I was without. My eyes fluttered open looking to his, which were questioning and a bit annoyed from being interrupted.

"What are you doing?" I asked both him and myself.

"Kissing you obviously, and I would like to continue.", he said like it had nothing to do with what we were discussing earlier, "and I would like to continue doing so."

"Well, it obviously is an attempt to get the picture, which is not with me, so stop.", I didn't want this to be about that. It felt to nice to be about something like that.

"Surprisingly, I have to tell you it's not about that, even though I will get that picture.", his tone, the way his eyes looked into mine; I hoped- no, I wished it was true.

"Well stop.", I tried to say in a firm tone.

"Is that really what you want?"

No. "Yes."

" Don't lie to yourself.", he said as his eyes burned into mine.

I couldn't help but blush. And I opened my mouth to tell him I wasn't lying and to get off of me, but his mouth covered mine before any sound could get out. And this time it was faster, rougher, this time his emotion scorched my lips. It was also shorter, his lips left mine red and swollen. He looked me in the eyes and caught his breath before speaking.

" I think I may have figured out a compromise."

- Four weeks later-

The compromise was that he would keep my secret, and I would keep the picture and couldn't show it to anyone. And apparently we were dating too, and I wasn't sure if it was my benefit or his, maybe both. But no one really knew we were together except Hinata; who I explained what had happened, save a few details about us making out.

I had just finished serving Yuki her green tea and honey cake; when I felt a familiar chakra signature and heard the welcoming bell chime. I turned to Neji and showed him to his regular table. I gave him a menu then scurried off to give another customer their order. When I came back his menu was on the table and he was sitting comfortably in his booth.

" Have you decided what you want?"

"Hmm, I would like to have a coffee, and I'd also like to see you when your shift is over.", he said in his perfectly smooth voice, whispering the last part.

"Coming right up.", I said as I suppressed a giggle.

Neji had been coming here every week since that day in the office. He had been requesting Saturdays off as well, which made Tsunade a bit suspicious. But that made all the other ninja busier so it was easier to see him after work. We had been getting pretty close and talking more then anything. I even introduced him to my Auntie; who thought he was perfect for me.

I put down his coffee, and asked if he wanted anything else. But I knew he would refuse because he still never went anywhere near any of the desserts. Especially the Chocolate Berry Parfait.

And Neji's mental circle for Sakura was gone, because he could never put limits on what to expect from her. He found that out when she punched him in the gut when he suggested that he should get introduced to her parents.


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