Jonathan's Student Adventures

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Captain Frank Jeffery had just landed the small Air force plane down on the Washington runway in a perfect textbook landing. Smiling he pulled on his cap and checked his uniform. Major General O'Neill wasn't known for being a fussy general but he was well liked and the young Captain wasn't immune to the famous O'Neill charm and genuine praise from the General was always well received by the ranks. So moving swiftly to attend to his two passengers needs he swept through the door and snapped a sharp salute at the General.

"General..." He began and was blinded by a bright flash of white light. When he could see again he noted that the two O'Neills were no longer on the plane. "Oh Fuck!"

Jack rapidly blinked to clear his sight and looked around. Jon stood at his side, the ever-present laptop, safely encased in an over shoulder holdall, clasped in his hands. It took only a few seconds for his battle-trained mind to conclude that he was on a rather familiar Asgard ship. Looking at the control consol he spotted a familiar small thin grey alien.

"Thor, buddy." It didn't happen often now but both he and his clone spoke in unison the typical greeting to the Asgard Supreme Commander. The O'Neills saw what they would believe to be amusement flicker across Thor's impassive face as he bowed his head slightly.

"Greetings, O'Neill and O'Neill Junior." Jon rolled his eyes; he could swear that Thor was laughing at them.

"You know Thor, you're going to have to learn to put a bell on that thing. A five second warning or something, 'cause one of these days we're going to be in the middle of something and it'll be a little inconvenient."

"I shall take it under advisement O'Neill." Damn it if the Asgard didn't just look all the more amused.

"So not that we're not happy to see you or anything but what brings you to our neck of the woods?" Jon asked as he turned to gaze out the observation window and noticed that the earth was fast becoming a small dot and the stars started to streak past. "Ahhh kidnapping."

"Thor, you wanna tell me something?" The elder O'Neill drawled.

"O'Neill you have been invited to Orella the Asgard Homeworld."

"When you say invited…" Jack indicated the view screen as the ship moved through hyperspace.

"Our time grows short it has not escaped our knowledge that it can take some time for your leaders to contemplate such decisions."

"And they may have said, no. So you chose not to ask." Jon smirked at the grey alien as Thor inclined his head in the clone's direction but chose not to answer that comment.

"Well not that I'm not flattered Thor but I'm getting a little bit old for the old world saving. I leave that to the kids these days. And when I say kids, I don't mean Junior,because he's doing the whole school thing now. Why not SG-1?" Jack walked closer to Thor and the control panel.

"Because O'Neill you were the first representative of the your race to communicate with us as equals. It seems fitting that you are there when the Asgard people bestow a gift from our people to yours."

"A gift you say?"

"Yes, O'Neill a gift."

"A long way to go for socks, wouldn't you say?" He quipped. It felt good to be among the stars again whatever the reason. Being away from the SGC had been a shock to his system after spending nearly a decade of his life meeting different peoples, aliens and cultures, life restricted to just one planet had left him feeling strangely restricted and bereft.

"We had no idea that your world were in need of socks O'Neill. Perhaps if there is a next time we will fulfil this need as well." Now Jack knew that he'd been able to corrupt the Asgard with his wacky humour. Jon shook his head at the two of them and moved to look at the streaks of light as they sped though space.

"So no Replicator style emergency, just a quick visit to the Asgard Homeworld?"

"We are in no danger where your help is required O'Neill."

"Sounds like fun."

"My people have seen the impact your people have had in this universe. You have defeated opponents that wereviewed assuperior and have helped save the Asgard and this universe from our great enemy the Replicators. It has been decided that the potential that we have seen in your race has reached fruition and the Asgard would like to recognise your status. O'Neill although the Asgard time is short, we would like to offer you a great gift." Thor paused in his narrative to stare at the two O'Neills. "We wish to recognise you as the Fifth race."

"The Fifth Race, as in Furling, Nox, Ancients, Asgard and now us." Jon smiled down at the alien.

"Yes, O'Neill Junior." If an Asgard could smile, then Thor was grinning at his favourite humans.

"As recognition we would like to give you and your people the knowledge of the Asgard people."

"What everything, the whole shebang?" Jack was now grinning from ear to ear.

"Yes, O'Neills, all of the Asgard knowledge will be at the disposal of the people of Earth. While there is still time." There was a long pause as the two men let the impact of their good fortune sink in. It was staggering the benefits to the Earth immeasurable.

"Well Thor, I don't know what to say buddy. I'm touched." Jack clapped the alien on the shoulder. "This is the best kind of kidnapping. A surprise promotion, and pressies, is there gonna be cake too?"

Jon's face was still a little puzzled. "Thor, that's twice that you've mentioned that time is short. Short for what?"

"You know that we are a dying race O'Neill Junior, our people could not go through the cloning process for much longer, we were looking at a few more cycles at most."

"But you still have a few cycles left."

"O'Neill our time is at an end the last cycle was flawed. It produced a mutation that has proved to be fatal. We, our people, the Asgard are dying from a genetic disease that has no cure. The gift we wish to bestow will be our last act of friendship between our peoples. We have 6 months to one of your years at the most. This is goodbye."

"Your whole race is dying?" Thor nodded.

"And you don't need our help because…"

"There is no cure for this. There is nothing you can do to help us." Both O'Neills were stunned at The Asgard's calm acceptance.

"So, you're just giving up? Thor you have gotta keep fighting. The battles not over 'til the fat lady sings and in my book 6 months means that we'll find a way." Jack spoke to the alien he considered a friend.

"We'll swing back to earth pick up Carter and the team. We'll beat this thing."

"O'Neills there is no way that we can clone ourselves again."

"What about when that guy from earth got a hold of the Asgard DNA he produced a clone. Which means that…"

"No. O'Neill there is no way. I'm sorry O'Neill but this is one case where our methods far outreach yours." Thor looked at the two adamant humans; truly they were the Fifth race. "The Asgard race is doomed."

An hour later and Jon sat cross-legged on the floor in a small corner of Thor's ship. He'd left Jack to talk to Thor. They'd spent the last hour questioning the Asgard.

"What about the Nox? Thor surely they can help you find a cure. They bring people back from the dead." Jack had raged.

Thor had looked kind of tiredly at the two of them. "They could perhaps save a few of our number however they could not cure us of the disease and the breakdown of our genetic code will be inevitable."

"The Ancients then, I've seen them ascend a whole planet of people. They're your allies; they should be willing to help. Can they not ascend your people?"

"Unfortunately O'Neill, The Ancients and the Asgard diverged from each other eons ago. We can no longer ascend as we could have, when our forms were more comparable to your own."

That was the crux of the matter, if the three of the most advanced races couldn't find a way to save the Asgard, then what could they do.

"We've still got 6 months Thor. Carter will get right onto this. We'll come up with another smart dumb idea. You like those, well we got plenty. The earth is choc full of dumb ideas"

"O'Neill we can not allow the Asgard technology and knowledge to fall into the wrong hands. After we have given you our gift, we will deploy a self-destruct mechanism, which will destroy Orella. The Council will not be swayed."

"Mass suicide. Thor buddy, that is not the way." Jack continued to get though to the skinny assed thickheaded alien. This is where Jon had left to think He had a couple of hours to come up with a Wonder Twin plan, without the Wonder Twins.

On his laptop he had sketched out a few plans, which he was sure the Asgard had already thought of.

Plan A. Using a time-dilation devise to put them into status, stretch 6 months into several hundred years waiting for their allies to save them. "But we all know plan A never works." Jon said to himself.

Plan B. Download their consciousnesses in to ship/ data storage devices like Thor had been able to do with Anubis. " That might work." Suddenly Jon jumped up and made his way back to the control centre at a run. Plan C he knew a plan C.

Busting in he, stopped for a second to see the unusual sight of a very pissed off Asgard blinking rapidly at Jack senior, who had obviously not relented in the attempt to sway the Supreme Commander. They both turned to him at his entrance.

"I've got a dumb idea." He said as he approached the two verbal combats, "Have the Asgard tried non-organic bodies."

"Young O'Neill, the Asgard, have looked into this possibility however a way to maintain the consciousness of an individual and transfer that across to an inorganic structure will take many years of development we do not have the time."

"What if we have already come across one that can clone and transfer, humans consciousness? Would you be able to convince the High Council to at least look at it?" Thor blinked as he looked at the teenager. "Thor the technology is already available on one of the first planetsSG1 travelled to."

"That's what I'm talking about." Jack joined in his clone's enthusiasm. "The fat lady is not singing on the Asgard yet."


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