Ruthie Camden:

Supposedly, we are getting a new Substitute Teacher today. We have been learning about the Reservation school that blew up in Kansas in 2000. Nobody wants to learn about it. All it was was a bunch of teachers and Native American kids who lived and died in the explosion. Why do they need to bring someone special in to teach us about this particular explosion? My dad said it's a great subject to learn about, because of what should have never happened. He said that those kids never should have been in that one school together, that they should've been in two separate schools. What does he know about the explosion? Nobody even paid attention to the news when we heard what had happened. It wasn't as big as September 11, 2001, even though it was just a year after it happened.

Maybe this new teacher won't make us learn about the explosion. Maybe she'll let us learn about something else. Maybe she'll let us learn about something more interesting then a bunch of kids and teachers who didn't make it out of the school alive.