This is Yasmine's story. She ran with the toughest gang in Houston. She ran with them from the day she turned eight to the day her pops said they were moving. Now her new school has to deal with her. How's the Reverend gonna feel when she starts to shake things up?

The Blades:

I've been running with the Blades since I was eight-years-old. Nobody ever made fun of me. I was initiated the same as anybody else, but because I was a girl, they beat me bad. Nobody understood why we hung together.

I was a skinny Muslim girl. They were a full black gang. I started hanging out with the little brother of the leader. When he found out, all hell broke loose. But that's when they saw the scars. Even they didn't have as many scars as I did. He looked at me and said, 'where did you get those from?' And I told him my pops didn't have anyone to beat because he'd already killed my moms. He took another look at me and then they beat me. When it was over, Danny came up to me and said, 'now you're a Blade. You're one of us. We stick up for each other no matter what.'

I'm sixteen now and I've been in & out of Juvi more than twenty times. Danny and I are still goin' strong. He knows when somethin's not right and he'll always ask if it's my pops. This time I don't know what to tell him.

"Hey Yaz?" Deon calls. He's Danny's older brother.


"Your pops beatin' you again?"

"Nah its worse man."

"What you mean?"

"We're moving. He says he got a better job. I don't want to go. I want to stay here, but he says he'll kill me if I don't go. I can't go to the cops, they won't believe me. I'm in a rut man."

"Go, but don't tell your pops we be comin' for you. We gotta stick together. Go have fun with Danny. We'll talk later."

"Today's my last day. The house is all packed. I packed my stuff myself. It's in my car, locked up so he can't take anything out. I gotta go, he's waiting. We'll be in Glenoak, California. Come see me and I'll call everyday on my cell. Love ya guys. I'll call as soon as I can."

I left them, but I wasn't really getting out. I was still part of the Blades. They would come for me when the time came. We stuck together, no matter what!