A/N: Governor Swan is still the Governor, but he is controlled completly by Cutler Becket, so it's only a title and he is a prisoner in his own city.

There they where, poised above the heart, no one willing to bring down their knife or fire their gun. Four pirates, all of them good people, even if they didn't show it at first

Elizabeth Turner, Pirate King and newly wedded wife of William Turner the Second. You might assume that she was a pirate lass from Tortuga, based on the fact that she wore men's clothes and was pointing a pistol at the heart of Davy Jones. She wasn't a pirate lass from Tortuga though, she was the daughter of the Governor of Port Royal.

Her husband, Will Turner, had started off as an apprenticed blacksmith. Will had, for the first eighteen years of his life, vemenently hated pirates. When Elizabeth was in peril, however, he became a pirate to save his one true love.

His father, Bootstrap Bill Turner, had come to the Caribbean to make a fortune through pirating, although he told his wife and son that he was a merchat sailor. He had joined Davy Jones's crew, after being trapped at the bottom of the ocean, unable to die yet unable to live. He was now turning into a creature of the sea, like all the rest of the crew.

The last pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, was a good friend of all three Turners. He had been through a lot with them over the past two years, and he had shown on several occasions that he was a good man, even if it had taken a while for them to see it.

A few feet away, Davy Jones looked on with amusement. He felt that he was in no immediate danger. The fools all had so much to loose, that he thought none of them would be able to kill him and he was safe for the moment. Inside, he laughed. For the younger male Turner, this was his only chance to live. A sword through the heart like that would kill him, if not immediately, slowly for sure.

So Davy Jones stared at the four of them, along with the better part of five or six pirate and navy crews, it went unnoticed by all as a lone pirate in the rigging quietly pulled his dagger and threw it swiftly. It plunged into its target beutifully and cleanly. The heart spurted blood and Davy Jones fell to the ground dead. All who saw the body later claimed that the last thing on Davy Jones's face was a look of complet and utter shock.

All heads turned towards the lone pirate, who had now jumped down from the rigging and was striding across the deck of the ship towards the chest. If the crowd could have possibly become more silent, they just had. The wounded no longer cried out in pain. Even the sea and the ships and the wind seemed to fall silent.

The pirate had now reached the chest. He removed the now unbeating heart of Davy Jones with a certain look of disgust and, after a moment of hesitation, plunged a knife into his chest. A gasp broke the silence. A moment later, he pulled out his still beating heart and placed it carefully into the chest. After this he securely locked the chest and handed it to his son, Captain Jack Sparrow. All he said was "Keep it safe."

He turned and continued to walk to the front of the ship. It was only then that the sailors who had been a part of the crew noticed that they where no longer sea creatures.

Just then, Will moaned. Elizabeth looked at Jack, and when he nodded, she pulled the sword straight out of Will. He gasped at the sudden pain. Jack looked at the wound; his brow wrinkled. There was something wrong with the wound. There should be more blood he thought. Any normal person would say that there was quite enough blood to kill a man, but Jack had, regretably, seen many swords through many hearts, and there should have been more blood. A sword through the heart would have causd him to die of blood loss by now.

When Jack inspected the wound more closely, he realised the reason Will was still alive was because the sword had missed his heart by an inch, and it seemed it had managed to miss all major blood vesels and organs as well. It was truly a miracle.

"Right, Elizabeth, Bill you two get Will onto the Pearl. The rest of you, if you need to get to Tortuga get aboard the Pearl! You will have to pay, or else..." Jack and the people around him sprang into action.

Elizabeth took hold of Will's feet and Bill took his shoulder's. They carefully passed him over the rail to Anamaria and Mr. Cotton who where waiting on the other side. As fast as they could without seriously hurting Will, they carried him across the deck and into Jack's cabin.

Clutching the chest containing his father's heart to his chest, Jack left for the Black Pearl, with one last glance back at his father and the Flying Dutchman. When he boarded the Pearl, he instructed the pirates to get them to Tortuga as fast as the Pearl could get them there. He then went down to his cabin where Will was layed out on Jack's bed. His followed Elizabeth as she moved around the room, washing and bandaging his wound as best as they could. She felt his eyes watching her even when her back was turned.

When she had done all she could for him, she sat by his side, holding his hand and staring into his eyes. It was as if she thought that if she held onto his eyes with hers, he would survive. "Jack, who is at the helm?" It was Will who broke the silence.

" Anamaria. When she needs a break, Mr. Cotton wil take over for her." Jack's voice was anxious as he continued, "You are going to get to Tortuga alive. And you will leave Tortuga alive, as well. They don't call the Pearl the fastest ship in the Caribbean for nothing. We can make the trip to Tortuga in a day, maybe less."

"You should rest, Will. You may not want to admit it, but you're weak and you are going to need all your strength if you are going to live. You are going to live. Everyone on this ship is doing everything they can to help you come out of this alive. You are going to have to try your hardest to live as well."

It had been Bill who spoke, and when he finished, Will closed his eyes and slept. The three others kept watch over Will's bed for the rest of the day, and all through the night. Elizabeth didn't look away from him for a moment. She just sat and held his hand. The sun set and rose again. Others came and went. Will slept fretfully, and whenever he woke, she was there leaning over him, holding his hand.

Bill and Jack took turns sleeping and watching. Mr. Cotton and Anamaria took turns at turns at the helm. The rest of the crew took turns operating the sails. All through the night, the Black Pearl sailed on. She cut through the waves with ease, and there was a good wind. One might say even the sea was on their side helping the crew of the Black Pearl save the life of Willliam Turner the second.

The sun had risen, and skies where clear and the sea calm. As the sun rose higher, the crew of the Black Pearl continued to squeeze every last bit of speed out of the Black Pearl's sails. The sea, the crew, even the Black Pearl seemed to be trying to get Will to Tortuga alive.

Jack, Bill, and Elizabeth kept watch over Will. He was sleeping calmly now, oblivious to everything around him. He was just barely concsious, and Elizabeth had tears starting to creep out of the corners of her eyes and down her cheeks.

Deep down, they all knew that if Will didn't get help, more help then they could give him, soon, he could die. Even Jack's eyes had tears crawling out of the corners and washing away some of his Kohl.

Just as they started to truly give up hope, as the sun rose to the middle of the sky, Marty cried "Tortuga in sight!"