Elizabeth rolled over, and remembered where she was. Her face broke into a brilliant smile, and as though he sensed that she was awake, Will opened his eyes. He leaned over, and gently kissed her. It was only as he lay back down that he saw the sun pouring in around the edge of the curtain.

"Everyone will be up when we get back to the Pearl." Will spoke reluctantly, hesitant to break the comfortable silence between himself and his wife. Elizabeth sat up with a start, and peered at the window.

"I guess we overslept." Elizabeth's voice sounded slightly sheepish, for absolutely no reason. "I slept better last night than I ever have, and I guess I didn't want to wake up and find that it was all a dream."

"All what was a dream?"

"Everything since that day that the Commodore proposed, and I got kidnapped by pirates. Every night, I go to sleep afraid that I will wake up back in Port Royal, and be forced into one of those stupid dresses again."

"Well, I am pleased to tell you that no one is planning on 'forcing' you into one of those ridiculously tiny dresses today. You can go on wearing my clothes as long as you like, because I quite like them on you."

A full hour later, Will and Elizabeth tried to slip onto the Black Pearl unnoticed. Will's brilliantly thought out plan of slipping up a rope and onto the deck without using the gang plank was, to be kind, a complete failure. Marty was on look out duty, in place on the railing with the soul duty of looking out for them.

As soon as they walked onto the wharf, he gave the alarm. The moment they stepped off the gang plank and onto the ship, they where swarmed. Elizabeth, who would once have been a tomato in minutes, now only flushed a delicate pink. Will on the other hand, was scarlet. Jack teased him about being a eunuch, but to have the entire crew teasing him was too much. He was, in fact, too embarrassed to notice the absence of a certain Jack Sparrow.

While the crew was busy making Will and Elizabeth blush like school children caught with their hands in a cookie jar, Jack and Anamaria slipped out of Jack's cabin. Anamaria looked happier than usual, but if anyone had looked carefully, they would have realized that she was often looking happier now. The moment she saw the attention that Will and Elizabeth were getting, the happiness on her face mixed with sadness. She gave Jack a look, and he lost some of the foolhardy look he had been wearing a moment before.

In that one moment when their eyes met, something passed between them, and Jack began to think very hard about something. Something that put a small cloud over both of their heads.

After the crew had calmed down, they had to decide what they were going to do next. Jack, Gibbs, Will, Elizabeth, Bill, and Anamaria crammed into Jack's cabin to discuss what they were going to do. They sat, or stood wherever there was room, and after a short pause, Will spoke. "I love the sea. I want to be a sailor for a long time. I can't keep living on the Pearl though. I am an independent man, and I want to know that I am supporting my family on my own. What say you, potential future Commodore Sparrow?"

"Will, you never told me anything about this! If you are going to sail, than I want to sail with you." Elizabeth was the first to recover from the shock of Will speech.

"Commodore Sparrow, I like that. Your on. I help you get a hold of a ship, you answer to me. Say, twenty-five percent of your profits until you've paid of your ship, then ten percent?"

"Good. I need a first mate, any recommendations, anyone?"

"Elizabeth should be your first mate Son."

"Me?! It should be you Bill! You know a lot more about the sea, and about sailing and fighting in general."

"I'll come help you two get started, but in six months or so, I plan on mostly retiring. I'm getting a bit old for all the action involved in being a pirate. And those years on the bottom of the sea and on the Flying Dutchman were no trip to the spa."

"I've been thinking of leaving the sea myself. I'm older than you by ten years Bill, and I've lead a rough life." Everyone looked at Gibbs as though he was a madman. The only person who didn't look shocked was Bill. The truth was that no one had ever thought of Gibbs retiring. It always seemed as though he had always been a sailor, and always would be. When Jack realized that Gibbs was leaving the Pearl, his face turned from a look of shock, to a look of fright. "Well, don't look so shocked, I'm not as young as you lot!"

"It would now seem as though I too am in need of a first mate, Savvy?"

"I nominate Anamaria as my successor. She is the best sailor here, who isn't already occupying a position or retiring, and she will always tell you what she thinks."

"Could I be so precise as to point out that she is the only sailor here not occupying a position or retiring?" Jack spoke cautiously, fearing the look he was going to get from Anamaria.

Not to disappoint, Anamaria shot him a glare so terrifying that it made him cower in the chair he was sitting in. "Just stating the truth love! No need to kill me for it!"

"Well, since we have cleared that up, where are we going to go? The British Navy will want revenge, we just took down their best ship, not to mention their most valuable ally in the Caribbean. We have to have a plan. Personally, I think that we should make Shipwreck cove your base, and go on short raids from there." Elizabeth spoke calmly, and no trace if the old Elizabeth was present in her commanding voice.

"What she said! Her Kingliness is right! We should sail around the Caribbean and never stop for too long in one spot." When everyone looked at him strangely, Jack added, "Wasn't that what you said, your royalness?"

"You shall pay attention when her Royal Highness speaks, in the future, or face the consequences!" Elizabeth spoke jokingly, and they all laughed.

When they had regained their composure, and Elizabeth had stifled the last of her giggles, Gibbs spoke. "She's right, you know, Jack. They will come after us, and they will come after us hard and fast. We have an advantage, however. Since the Pearl is so fast, we got to Tortuga very soon after the fight. Because of this we where repaired before anyone else. I know this for sure, because Tortuga is the closest to the battle field, or area, and Tortuga has the best ship builder's within a weeks sailing. We need to decide what to do, fast. A week has passed since the battle, the Armada will be regrouping. We need to be ready when they come."

After the sobering speech from Gibbs, everyone remained silent for a moment. Then Bill broke the silence, "Well, it would seem as though you are in need of a good, fast ship, now, Will my boy."

A light sparkled in Jack's eye, and he smiled. It was time for some good old pirating. And anyone could tell you that changing good old pirate traditions was the thing that Jack was best at. "I saw an awfully good ship coming into harbor on my way back last night, savvy?"

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