The darkened past
Chapter 1: Sorrow
Hope is all I have

Rain poured from the sky, lightening illuminating the surrounding area while thunder rumbled ominously through the darkened skies.

Lightening flashed again illuminating the forest in a bright light dispelling the shadows if only for short second.

Another flash this time illuminating something that clearly was not the grass, leaves or common animals seen in this area of the forest.

Another flash, a rumble of thunder and it twitched awakening.

Breath blown out in a huff, mud covered fingers curled sharp nails resting lightly in a palm that drew itself clearly towards its mud covered body as well as other unmentionables.

Drawing its other hand and arm in, it slowly began to push itself up, quick breath belaying how painful this movement was.

Opening its eyes which were a dulled Sapphire usually sparkling with emotion were laden down with the hurt that its tormenters had put it through.

Digging sharpened teeth into its lip he moved slowly until he was sitting upright on his backside ears lain back, movement slowly coming easier as the rain washed away the mud and other things stuck on his body.

Looking around he dug into the mud and drew one, two objects from their prison pain once again making its acquaintance with his physique.

Panting tears running down his face silently he began to clear of the mud and the blood that was stained on his fur.

Soon enough though he began to shiver, sniffling as his nose became blocked up more and more from the cold he had been subjected to from his tormenters.

Once he got the two objects as uncovered as he could and most of the heavy mud off, he used a tree to slowly pull himself up, the healing gashes through his fur and on his skin splitting open once more staining his fur anew with the red colour.

Grimacing at the scent of his own blood no matter how dulled it was from the rain, he still pulled himself up determined to leave this part of the forest before the rain stopped and they all came back to finish the job they had begun.

Tears still falling silently no matter how much he wanted to cry out loud, he slowly let go of his support finally on his feet and began a swaying walk towards the other side of the clearing, instantly knowing what part of the forest he was in.

Coming out into the open fully it came apparent what he was, the two objects that he had cleaned off were actually two tails that swayed with his movements keeping him balanced on his bare feet as he padded across the slippery ground that was getting more and more wet.

Sapphire eyes glanced side to side, tiredness apparent within his shivering body as his ears that had finally perked upright drooped with the rain and the tiredness that was overtaking his form and more than likely giving him hyperthermia.

Breathing shakily his small body moving slowly into the dense foliage on the other side of the clearing, he soon was undercover the trees keeping a majority of the wetness from the heavens off his downtrodden features his muzzle pulled downwards in a frown of sadness.

Sniffling again pain becoming more and more apparent, he trundled along determined to make it to his current residence, his sense of survival overriding his usual fears of the night.

Ears now fully back with pain filled features focused on his path; he soon came to the opening in the bush that lead to his hidden home.

Moving through the tangle of bush he soon came into a completely dry area, soft mossy plants were placed together along with heather for a bed at the furthest part of his home while the other areas were split into more formal areas.

Right beside the entrance was where he doctored his own wounds, wrapping them with anything he had been able to steal from the town.

Along one of the walls was stacked all his little gadgets and gizmos that he had invented from scrap metal and other parts, fixing up items thought dead he had an array of items from common appliances to somewhat sizable items like toys.

There was another area for bathing was secluded around the corner of the tunnel of plantation making it possible for him to have privacy from anyone though he had not ever had anyone he trusted enough in his home.

The last area was his stock area that a river ran partly through, tying anything needed to be kept cold to ropes he put them in the water in specialty made gadgets that he had created to be waterproof but keep all his cold storage stuff cold enough.

Each allowed a different temperature keeping everything fresh until he needed it, Swallowing painfully and shaking his head at the taste of his own blood he moved over to the medical part of the den and began to wrap his own wounds, making sure to stitch up the worst lacerations, knowing they would be healed by the next day.

Finally finished he moved with stiffness and fatigue around the corner to the bathing area to get the blood and muck off his fur his skin itching with the dirtiness.

Finally clean after a harsh several moments when he had to bite into his lip to keep himself from screaming in pain, he soon had himself clean and finally frees smelling to his sensitive nose.

Looking up at his reflection in his broken mirror he had salvaged he looked upon himself with saddened Sapphire orbs.

His fur around the bandages and stitches was finally back to its yellow-orange colour and shone in the light as his tails flickered slowly behind him in a despondent way showing his real feelings all to clearly.

His chest fur was finally a white colour along with the ends of his tails, muzzle and paws, all four of them.

Sniffling his suddenly sneezed and coughed his body shaking, stopping after a short time he looked back upon his reflection and felt his ears and tails droop in sadness.

Why could people not accept him the way he was? He could not see anything wrong other than an extra tail but that did not matter, after all his parents had told him that only the personality matters not the features and he took those words to heart.

Shaking his head at his reflection he turned away and moved back into the main area, going towards his sleeping area, he settled himself down his tails coming round to curl around his body to keep himself warm.

What I would not do to have someone except me for the way I am? That is all I ask and hope for, but each year goes by and takes a little more of my hope. Please I don't know how much longer I can survive, I'm only 8 years old an orphan at that, pleaseā€¦

Eyes drooping he slowly let himself drift off, the pain from his wounds becoming a fading memory as he slowly slipped off into sleep

Just keep on hoping Mile's that is all you can do, just keep on hoping.

And with that he was gone a plead drifting off into the air ready to become real though he did not know it.

End Chapter 1