Giving Up Gio

By wired2damoon

Chapter 1: The Promise

A/N: Well here it is! My first Gio/Betty! This is a ship I've been dying to write so I hope you all enjoy! I just love the on-screen chemistry between these two and hope I do them justice! This first chap is just mainly a prologue (most of my chapters tend to be much longer so don't be put off by the shortness) I hope to update frequently but please understand I have exams starting and continuing until early-mid February so an update will be difficult until then! Okay I've done enough rambling now! So I'll leave you with two things, first enjoy and second a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: All Ugly Betty material belongs to ABC, Silvio Horta and the producers. None of it belongs to me! Because trust me if it did, Gio would so be my sandwich boy…sigh…I'm sad now… L

"I just won't see him anymore".

'Oh. My. God. Betty! What the hell are you doing? '

The words had escaped her mouth before she could even register what had happened.

Now Henry was speaking again but his words went straight over Betty's head. She caught pieces of his mumblings… something to do with chicken salad and love? She said the only intelligible thing that came to mind.

"Yeah. But I love you more". Henry's face broke into a smile as he leaned forward to kiss her lips gently. As they broke apart Betty's fuzzy mind acted up.

"You will learn how to make chicken salad though, won't you?" she asked, looking deeply into his hazel eyes, trying to convince herself that that was all she would miss about Giovanni Rossi.

Henry just grinned and silently nodded his head.

'Phew well at least I don't have to worry about that, Betty thought, now…about this not seeing Gio ever again?

Oh crap…'

It had been a whole three days since Henry and his band played.

A whole three days since Betty made her promise.

A whole three days since Betty saw Gio.

Giovanni Rossi was never a man to be anxious, it just wasn't his style. Even when he got a call from the police in the middle of the night informing him that some lunatic threw a trash can through his window, breaking the very expensive glass, did he break into a sweat, not once.

But now, oh now, was a whole different story!

It had been an agonising three (nearly four) days since Gio last set his sights on Betty Suarez. For some odd reason when Monday came around she didn't venture down to his Deli at lunch time and order her usual chicken salad with extra sun-dried tomatoes. Or on Tuesday. Today, was now Wednesday and nearing lunch-time.

Gio glanced up at his glass door every two minutes. Feeling stupider every time he was greeted by an unfamiliar face and not the round-rimmed glasses or metallic braces that graced that beautiful face.

"Mi ragazzo, you've been sweeping that same spot for ten minutes! Why you keep lookin' at that door eh?" asked his uncle Alonzo impatiently as he stood with his hands on his hips, his thick Italian accent floating to Gio and awakening him from his reverie.

"No ragione zio" Gio replied, assuring his uncle that he had nothing to hide, shaking his head vigorously and willing for Betty Suarez's face to stop floating around his brain, mocking him like a big, beautiful cloud.

'Big, beautiful cloud? Aye, since when I am poetic?' Gio wondered silently, rolling his eyes at his ridiculousness.

"Ummm humm", came Alonzo's suspicious reply.

"And would this 'no reason' be that Betty girl that comes in here all sunshine and lollypops every morning eh?" he pressed, seeing that his nephew's head snapped up to greet him at the mention of her name.

"Ah mio…you have it molto forte!" the loving Uncle continued, rounding his way out from behind the counter and towards Gio, clapping him on the shoulder affectionately.

Gio couldn't help but blush slightly at his Uncle's words. Yes, it was true. He did have it bad for the lovable Suarez sister, Betty that is.

'Damn! What is happening to me!?' Gio asked himself.

Just because he finally admitted (after some guidance from his love's sister) that he had a thing for her didn't mean he had to like it, not one bit!

She had a boyfriend after all.

Stupid Egg…Henry…

"Ah do I see you blushing Giovanni?" he uncle continued, thoroughly enjoying himself now as his pinched Gio's cheeks teasingly.

"Argh! Uncle! Fuori!" Gio spat, getting severely pissed by Alonzo's joking. He turned away and starting cleaning off the tables, muttering to himself.

Alonzo Rossi laughed heartily at his brother's son's behaviour. Oh yes, he had it bad for this "Betty" that was for sure!

Gio sighed and glanced up at the door one last time.

'Was hasn't she been in to see me?' He thought bitterly, and unfortunately that was the only thought that occupied his mind throughout the whole day, right up until closing time, and all through the night as he lay awake staring up at his ceiling in his lonely, petite apartment.

A/N: Well what do ya think? Just to let ya know, I don't speak Italian. Spanish yes, but Italian no. I got my words from the dictionary so hopefully I used the right tenses/situations etc. properly. If anyone speaks Italian please feel free to correct me if there are any mistakes. Hope you enjoyed the prologue!