Giving Up Gio

By wired2damoon

Chapter 3: Forming Plans, Growing Up and Moving On

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"Ay Betty, you didn't!" yelled an aggravated Hilda Suarez at her younger sister as they sat on her bed talking.

"Yeah I did. I just don't understand why it was so hard. I mean one minute I was fine, just being abrupt and final and the next minute I'm crying like a baby…" Betty Suarez trailed off, picking absentmindedly at her Ariel bedspread as her sister folded her arms and frowned at her.

"Betty! Of course you know why you were upset. Ay mi hermana you are so oblivious sometimes…" she finished rolling her eyes towards the ceiling.

At Betty's obvious look of confusion Hilda began to elaborate.

"Betty, you were upset because you care about Gio…he means something to you, he's your friend", she mumbled, not wanting to fully tell her the truth, that was something she had to find out for herself.

Betty nodded, but was trying not to process this information. She did not want to think of Gio as a friend, or think that she cared about him. It would just make this situation a whole lot harder. He was just the sandwich guy, yeah that's it, Gio the sandwich guy.

"I don't know Hilda, I mean I think it's for the best. He's not that great of a friend and it's not like I'll be missing out…yeah I mean I do feel pretty bad for how I said it to him, it was rude and insensitive and I do apologize for that but it's still for the best", Betty replied, her voice raising slightly as she tried to put a trace of finality into her tone.

Hilda merely nodded, knowing fully well that her sister was more trying to convince herself that what she was saying was true and not her.

Neither of them mentioned Henry at all throughout the conversation. Hilda thought it was absolutely horrendous of Henry to practically order Betty to stop seeing Gio, but that was a conversation for another time, she was just glad her sister told her.

"Just get some sleep alright Betty? Try not to think about it too much, I know you feel bad and all but just let it go for now", Hilda cooed as much as it killed her to say it.

Betty smiled gratefully at her older sister. She really was a blessing sometimes.

"Thanks Hilda…you're the best", she grinned as her sister tightly hugged her.

"Ay I know, what would you do without me eh?" the older Suarez sister laughed as she began to exit her room.

Betty reached over and turned off her bedside light, closing her eyes immediately.

Hilda paused at the door and glanced back at her little sister's form.

Betty was making a big mistake that much Hilda knew. And as God and all of Queens as her witness, Hilda Suarez was going to do everything in her power to make Betty realise who really was the one for her…Giovanni Rossi…

"Stupid…mother-of…ah HELL", yelled Giovanni Rossi as he stumbled around his sitting room, trying desperately in vain to pull his t-shirt over his head (and it getting very stuck below his chin).

The loud music that cascaded out of his stereo speakers drowned out his yells of anguish however by which he was eternally grateful, all he needed was Mrs Baker from across the hall to come over and question his odd, frantic noises in the middle of the night.

He knew it probably wasn't the best idea for him to have his music so loud, but right now he didn't care.

With one last merciful tug, a loud groan and a stumble backwards Gio had successfully removed his t-shirt, revealing a toned, tanned torso and skin that glistened complementarily in the soft lighting. (A/N: Lol that's for you Beatrice!)

With no female present however Gio did not see the point of showing off, after all here he was, all alone in his tiny apartment, drunk as a skunk, feeling sorry for himself.

Sighing deeply he plopped down onto his couch and let the banging music drill into his skull and form the beginnings of the mother-of-all-headaches so that he could forget, forget where he was, who he was, and forget who had stolen his heart, Betty Suarez…

Even in his drunken state, his eyes rolling towards the ceiling and closing gently, his mouth hanging slightly open, he managed to form thoughts of her.

Betty. Betty Suarez. Betty eating his sandwiches. Betty's 900 watt smile gleaming against the rays of the sun. Betty's cute little frown line she gets between her eyes when she's confused. Betty's hands on her hips, her nostrils flaring when she was mad, mainly at him. Betty's arms enveloping him tightly into her embrace when she was drugged up and her soft, tender hug after Claire Meade had been released. Betty's beautiful cocoa eyes glistening with tears as she explained that she could not see him anymore. Betty walking away from him in the arms of Mr Egg Salad, grinning madly to herself…

Gio's eyes suddenly snapped open irritably as he jumped up from the couch, (immediately regretting it as his head began to spin) steadying himself and raced towards his bedroom.

There was no way he was going to allow himself to get crushed by Betty Freaking Suarez. He wasn't going to be that guy, that guy that mulled over wanting what he can't have, no, he was going to be who he always was, before he ever heard of…her…

Making a snap decision he stumbled over to his bedside table, wrenched open the drawer and pulled out various pieces of paper, beer mats and the back of a coupon.

His dark, hazel eyes squinted down at the paper, letting the names and numbers wash over him.

Yeah, he was through with being that guy. Done. Terminado. Finito.

Taking a deep breath, he carefully leafed through the paper until a name jumped out at him. Cindy.

Yeah, Cindy sounded like the type of person he could move on with.

He remembered her from the bar, he had worked the Phil Roth method perfectly and she was putty in his hands. A hot, little blonde, with an infectious laugh and a good sense of humour (after all how could she not when Gio accused her DD boobs of being fake?)

Taking one last deep breath Gio steadied himself, psyching himself up for what he was about to do.

Clasping his phone tightly with his fingers and pressing the buttons with his thumb he began to dial her number.

All he had to was keep his cool. Just keep his cool and everything would be fine.

'Thank God I'm drunk, or I'd never had the balls to go through with this' he thought to himself as he heard the dial tone.

Gripping the edge of the bed with his free hand, he waited for the girl that was about to make him forget all about Betty Suarez anxiously.

"Hello", a sweet, sleek voice answered.

Gio's heart rate quickened slightly before he smacked himself on the forehead, truly irritated with himself.

"Hey Cindy…it's Gio…" he replied suavely, grinning like a maniac as she began to express her delight of hearing from him.

He began to talk adamantly with the hot blonde and as he finalised their date he thought to himself, 'Oh yeah it's time to move on Gio my man. Time to grow up and move on. And this is the perfect person to help you do that, not Betty Suarez…no matter how much you want her to be…"

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