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Time to Begin

Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Chapter 10

Michael's hand shook even more as he removed the envelope from the velvet interior. It hadn't been sealed, so he easily slid out the single piece of paper. He took a deep breath trying to steady himself and unfolded his message.

Hello, Old Friend,

I don't know if you ever forgave me for not saying my goodbye in person. I knew the risk I was taking and didn't want your life cut short.

"Took me a long while," Garibaldi said, as if his old friend Jeff Sinclair was in the room with him.

You see, I sent a letter to myself from the past. I explained to myself what I was to do and who I was to become. Somehow, it wasn't really a surprise. A part of me had always known.

The Shadow war is over and I'm in exile with my wife Carine. No, she isn't a Minbari. It's Catherine. She got sent into the past and we found each other. I helped her through the transformation.

"So that's what happened to her." Michael had seen the reports about her unexplained disappearance. It was supposed she was dead. Now, he knew different.

I have favor to ask you. Our daughter Katie is the only one of our children who is human. The rest can one day safely return to Minbar, but she can't. I'm going to use the Great Machine and the Tacheon field to send her to you.

"You what?" Michael jumped to his feet. His heart was beating like PPG rapid fire.

I know it's an imposition. I have no one else I can trust with her future. All I do ask is that you raise her to know who her father was and why we had to send her away.

"Oh, God, Jeff." He closed his eyes. "She never got here."

Thank you. And please, tell no one. Make up any you want story about how she came into your care.

Valen (Jeff Sinclair)

Garibaldi stared at the note for several long minutes before he sat back down, placing the note on top of his desk. He called his office. "Cindy, round up a couple private detectives."

"The usual ones, sir?"

"Yes. Have them meet me in an hour."

He cut the signal and tapped his fingers on the oak top. Out there somewhere was Jeff Sinclair's daughter. Michael had been called on to take care of Katie. But first, he had to find her.


Sheba glanced up as her husband entered their quarters. His face reflected his excitement and she wondered what had caused it. "Apollo?" She got up from the desk where she'd been working on her report.

He pulled her into his arms and gave her a warm kiss. "I heard a communication between a ship called the Deadalus and Atlantis."

"Your father know?"

"Not yet." Apollo sat down on the couch. Sheba sat beside him her fingers intertwined with his. "It was on the old gamma frequency."

"You were in the observation dome again." She knew her husband often retreated there to think and be alone, since private space was a rare thing on the Galactica.

"I was," he confirmed. He leaned toward her. "I don't often disagree with my father, but we need to find Atlantis."

"I'm guessing you're going to go talk to Starbuck and go off chasing daggits again."

He squeezed her hand. "Not yet. I'm going to talk to Boomer first to see if he can somehow put a tracer on the signal."

"And if he can't?" Sheba almost feared the answer.

"Maybe the next time we stop for supplies, we need to start asking the right questions."

"Or the wrong ones." She released his hand and glared at him.

"Sheba, you didn't agree with my father either."

She sighed. "I know."

He put his arm around her and pulled her close to his side. She could feel his physical warmth and she relaxed next to her husband. Her hand rested on the coarse fabric of his uniform. "I want a baby, Apollo."

Lightly his lips touched her forehead. "If we can find Atlantis, maybe we can."


Wind caused the sand to dance over the endless desert. Valen watched the performance from the cave entrance, raising his hand to shield his eyes from the glaring sun. The Rangers had come and gone, leaving no trace of their visit.

"Dinner's ready," Carine called.

He turned and walked down the smooth rock to their home. The interior of the cave kept the worst of the heat away and afforded them shelter from the frequent storms. He glanced around noting the neatly stacked boxes along one wall. Rounding the abrupt corner, he entered the living area, his nose detecting the spicy aroma of their food.

"Smells good."

"I hope so. I spent a whole hour preparing it." Carine sent him an impish smile.

He took the offered plate and sat down upon a box that served as a chair. His wife sat next to him and they ate in silence.

"I miss our children," she said.

"As do I, but we knew they couldn't stay with us forever."

"I know." She fell silent as she ate a few more bits. "Do you ever wonder what's going to happen to our bodies when we die?"

"I hadn't really thought about it." He knew history never revealed his final resting place.

"Maybe we don't. Isn't there some Minbari prophecy about Valen returning?"

"I suspect that has something to do with me being both."

"What if it doesn't?" Carine put her now empty plate aside. Her still slightly Oriental face turned toward him. She'd stayed an odd mix of human and Minbari with a bone crest running along her head with her dark hair resting on her shoulders. "What if that prophecy means something else?"

"No one lives forever."

"Maybe we time travel back to the future."

"You mean me. You're not mentioned."

"Where you go, I go." She flashed him a grin. "Remember?"

"I remember." When they'd married, she'd made him make that promise as part of their vows.

"You might want to think about it."

"I have. You know my thoughts."

"And if you're wrong?"

"I'm not."

"We'll see."


"It's been along time, Mr. Garibaldi." G'Kar sat smugly back in his chair and grinned openly at the face on the screen before him.

"Too long," Michael agreed.

"I suppose you need something."

"Well, you did offer to help if I ever asked."

"Yes, yes." The Narn made a dismissive motion with his hand. "What can I do for you?"

"I need a favor."

"You have only to ask."

"It concerns Lyta."

He narrowed his red eyes. "The Rangers took her somewhere."

"Damn." Garibaldi didn't look happy about that. "Any idea where?"

"None whatsoever."

"Can you find out?"

"Well, I suppose I could always ask."

"Yeah. And they might not answer."

"They can be rather difficult, particularly if they're obeying orders."

"I know all about that." The human was silent as if he was thinking about something. "I'll ask some questions from here, too. But I'd like to find her."

"She might not want to be found."

"Can't say I blame her. I know there are a few left from the PSI Corp who'd like to," he stopped. "You don't need to know about that."

"Already heard." G'Kar had. He hoped Lyta was somewhere far away and safe.

"Just help me find her."

"I'll do what I can."

"Thanks." The signal stopped.

G'Kar rubbed his reptilian chin with his hand. He suspected Draal had something to do with Lyta's disappearance, but he couldn't prove it. Not when his agents had reported the Rangers had escorted off the station. He had a vested interest in the telepath's well being, she'd been his traveling companion for several years after all, and he had no intention of allowing any harm to come to her.

He got to his feet and left his guest quarters. A visit with Colonial Lochley was in order. And if she didn't give him permission to go down to the planet, well, he'd just find a way to go on his own.