Prey Of The Heart

Chapter 4

He couldn't help but laugh at what he was hearing; it was good to hear Alfred's poise around the two girls. It took him a matter of seconds to activate the video from the Clock Tower; if Barbara had been up he never would have gotten away with tapping into the tower's surveillance system. Feeling like a voyeur, he had turned off the video when Dinah had disrobed.

Her abilities impressed him; she had pulled the basic story of his and Barbara's story from just touching the places that he had touched –despite the fact that he had worn gloves. He was glad that her ability was being honed by Barbara; such ability could easily be abused and corrupted.

The explanation given to Alfred by Helena was plausible…

"…Seriously, all she's doing is maximizing her interaction with the area. You know that she needs to touch something that the intruder touched and clothes often mask her effectiveness."

"Really, Miss Helena…"

"Besides, aren't you supposed to be at the Manor today?"

"I wanted to check on Miss Barbara."

"So that gives you the right to intrude in a home with only women in it?"


"Relax, Alfred… I'm just kidding, you are always welcome here. Just don't act so… indignant when – well you are in their home."

"I understand, Miss…"

"And cut the 'Miss Helena' part out."

Her eyes narrowed when he answered, "Certainly, Miss Helena."

It was several hours later when he turned off his monitor for the night. Helena and Alfred had left for the night and Dinah had turned in an hour earlier. He donned his mask and leapt off his balcony to glide across the avenue to the building across from his. The trip to the Clock Tower took just under 20 minutes and allowed his senses to sharpen. It took him another 20 minutes to enter the tower, bypass security and reach his ex-paramour's bed.

He knelt by the bed, removed his mask and gloves then picked up her hand. "Barbara, I miss you… I should have been… We should have been together. I never stopped loving you, even when you pushed me away. I wanted to be with you, to share your pain, to give you comfort – the comfort we both needed…"

Dinah stood in the hall, across from Barbara's door; listening to the man pouring his heart out to the woman he once loved. She wondered if he still really loved her, and not for the first time wondered what had transpired between the two. At first she thought he had cheated then changed her mind thinking he had done something insensitive. Now she just wondered…

"…Damn it, Red! Wake up and scream at me. Call me all the names you used too and all the one's you've ever heard…"

It was near dawn when he arose and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He took a deep breath and put his mask and gloves back on. Quietly, he stepped into the hallway and the embrace of a crying blonde.