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Josef quickly ushered the somewhat bewildered blonde agent out of his office with a promise to be in touch, and immediately called Mick St. John. God, I love having a PI for a best friend.

He quickly brought Mick up to date on the details of his meeting. The realization of the impact of the federal investigation was really starting to sink in. "Imagine if the Feds got a hold of this crooked vamp. He would certainly give us all away," he ranted. "Vamps can't handle jail time. Why our very existence would be threatened! And that is the only possible outcome worse than losing my investments." Losing my immortality.

"Why are you so worried about this?" Mick questioned. "We are going to find the vamp, and this agent doesn't stand a chance of beating us to the info. Most of the Feds I know are middle-aged and lazy. You said it yourself; they need you to find this guy."

"They put this … girl on the case. A newbie, I can tell. I swear to you she looks like she is still in high school. I am at least 80 times her age. But despite making a very bad first impression, I think she might actually be smart. And she's definitely motivated. That worries me." Josef tried to stay seated in his office chair, but he was just too keyed up to sit. He stood up and began to pace in his office.

"What do you mean, 'bad first impression?' How does one make a bad first impression to a vamp? Was she wearing silver? Did she try to stake you?" Mick was smiling into the phone. It was rare when Josef took situations more seriously than him, and he was enjoying it.

"Don't try to be witty; I'm the witty one. But, right now, I am not amused." Josef emphasized. "The agent, she thought I looked like some ex-boyfriend of hers. She kind of lost it for the first few minutes, yelling at him via me."

"So, not only do we have to find this corrupt vamp, we have to make sure this agent doesn't find him first. We also have to look like we are cooperating with her, although we are trying to undermine her. Oh and just to add a little extra drama to the situation, you look like her ex-boyfriend." As Mick ran through the litany of issues facing them in this case, the magnitude of the situation sank in. He couldn't believe the predicaments that Josef got himself into this time. After 50 years of friendship with Josef, he was hard to surprise.

"Yup. Sounds about right." Josef fiddled with his suspenders, not feeling at all guilty.

"This is a perfect mess, Josef. Thanks so much for getting me involved. Really, this is a doozie." Mick leaned back in his chair, exasperated.

Joseph accidentally snapped his suspenders. Ouch. "A doozie. This is a doozie. I'm going to lose an entire hedge fund investment, go to jail, or maybe even die. And all you can say is, 'it's a doozie'? God, you are so from the '50's. Damn it Mick, this is serious. Lives are at stake, livelihoods are at stake. And more importantly, I might get staked in all of this mess." Josef's voice had risen for the first time.

"Calm down, Josef, we can get this figured out. We've faced worse and lived to tell about it. Remember Lola?"

"I am calm, considering the enormity of this situation. Do you know how much money you need as a minimum to invest in a hedge fund?"

"No." Mick replied honestly.

"A lot. And a lot to me, is really a lot. Like millions. So, when you have the Feds breathing down your neck looking at taking away millions of dollars of your money, then let's talk calm. Until then, I'll pay you to be the calm one. And don't bring up Lola like she was some success. I never did get my money back from her before you made her take a silver bath."

"Okay, I get it. Lots of money and our lives at stake. Since when do I not take my cases seriously enough for you?"

"I'm just saying… this time it's the Feds involved. And we don't need any missteps. Find out all you can about this agent, Veronica Mars. I'll look get the names of the vamps investing in that particular fund. Oh, and see if you can find out about some guy this agent dated named Logan. It seems this chap might be lucky enough to be my double. I'm interested in knowing more about that."

"Why do you want me to dig up all this information about this agent and her ex-boyfriend?"

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I think I'm going to invite Agent Mars on a date. "

"You have got to be kidding me."

"Nope. What with the mistaken identity and all, it seems I may be her type. And it will allow me access to her without arousing suspicion. It wouldn't be good for me to be seen with a federal agent unless it's social. Today, I cleared out the office, but I can't do that often. So, we'll see each other socially as a ruse. In fact, we should we make it a double date. You can bring your human along, make it seem more realistic."

With a touch of irritation in his voice, Mick replied, "My human? Come on, you know Beth's name."

"Yup. I just like to get a rise out of you. I'm stressed. I need a little fun, perhaps at your expense." Josef sounded much better now, a touch of whimsy back in his voice.

"I'm glad you are feeling better. Let's both do our jobs and touch base in a few hours," Mick said.

"Sounds like plan. Later."


Veronica got in her car, more than a little overwhelmed, and a bit embarrassed, by her meeting with Josef Konstan. What the hell was I thinking? Well, I'll tell you what I was thinking. I thought he was Logan. Since when have I acted rationally when it comes to Logan? God, he looked just like him. How is that possible? I need to do some deeper digging on this guy.

Veronica knew that the FBI had already done a full background check on Josef, or they wouldn't be using him as a primary source for this investigation. The Agency was sure that Josef was clean. But then, why did I get the sense that he had something to hide.

Veronica was not the type to just wait around to get information from her sources. While Josef was working on the list the names of the investors, she would do a bit of digging herself – about him. She had already perused his bio prior to the meeting and nothing seemed out of place, except the fact that he hadn't gone to college. Now, given his apparent youth, it didn't seem so odd.

Perhaps he was like the Doogie Howser of the financial world? She laughed to herself at that one. But even Doogie had gone to college.

Veronica knew she couldn't rely on the researchers at the Bureau to go any dig any further into Josef's background based solely on her weird hunch, especially if Josef spoke to anyone about her unprofessional outburst. They'd accuse her of having a schoolgirl crush and wanting dirt on the object of her affection. So, she had to go outside the Bureau to get this information.

She picked up her cell. "Mac, I do need your help after all."

God, I love having a hacker for a best friend.


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