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As Veronica entered Mac's apartment she wondered how she was going to explain this situation to her friend. You know that old saying - truth is stranger than fiction? Well it pretty much explains my day.

"V, can I get you a glass of wine?"

"God, yes. Thanks Mac. Bring the bottle."

Veronica took a seat on her couch and takes the proffered glass. Mac plunked the wine bottle on the table with meaning before she took a seat. Mac is such a good friend.

Veronica looked visibly shaken; Mac knew she needed to lighten the mood. Considering all that they'd been through together, for Veronica to look that way, it had to be really bad.

"Hey V. If you plan on braiding my hair at some point, don't get too liquored up. I like my braids very straight. I'm picky like that."

"I promise. I will do nothing to compromise my braiding technique." Veronica smiled, appreciating Mac's attempt to distract her. But she knew she just had to spit this out. "You know how I told you that I was not looking forward to this latest assignment?"


"Well, my instincts were spot on."

"What happened?" Mac was antsy, literally on the edge of her seat. Veronica didn't open up that often, and based on Veronica's unusual revelation earlier, Mac had a feeling this would be a biggie.

"Well, my interview subject…"

Mac jumped in, "Yeah, that old financial guy? What could have happened? Did he die during your interview? Oh my God, he had a heart attack because he's being investigated by the FBI, didn't he?!" Mac feels like she's figured it out.

"No, no, nothing like that."

"Oh," Mac said, a bit deflated.

"He wasn't old at all. Actually, he was quite handsome," Veronica admitted.

"You slept with him instead of interviewing him. That's it. You bad girl, you."

"No! Mac, let me finish my story. It's bad enough, without you making it worse."

"Okay." Mac was feeling properly chastised. Maybe I shouldn't have had those two Red Bulls earlier.

"Josef Kostan is the identical twin of Logan Echolls." Mac's eyes widened in shock. "And, before I realized that Josef was not actually Logan, I was yelling at him and berating him about stalking me."

Mac was stunned, but sputtered out, "What do you mean twins? Like 'twin' twins, or like sorta' twins?"

"Twin, twins. Mac, they were virtually indistinguishable, but there was an aura about Josef that was decidedly not Logan. I can't explain it. And that's where you come in."

"What do you mean?" Mac said, as she finally regained her composure after Veronica's surprising revelation.

"I need you to tell me all there is to know about Josef Kostan. There is more to him than my FBI dossier would suggest. And more than a few questionable items in his profile.

Look at this." She showed Mac the FBI report.

"Hey, isn't this confidential? Am I supposed to see this?", Mac questioned.

"Yes, it is. And no, you shouldn't. So, if you tell anyone I'm going to have to kill you," Veronica said, with a totally straight face.

Mac paled, until she realized that Veronica was joking. Sort of.

Mac looked more closely at the file and notices a number of inconsistencies. She was eager to get started, but first wanted to make sure that Veronica was going to be alright.

"So, are you okay? Beyond potentially needing to kill me, that is. It must have shaken you up pretty bad to see Logan's virtual twin."

"Logan's evil twin, actually, like in some bad soap opera. And it did. It reminded me just how 'not over' Logan I am. It affected me enough to be totally unprofessional in front of an important source in a Federal investigation. If he told anyone at the Bureau how I acted, this would definitely be my last case. Ever."

Mac nodded.

Veronica continued, "So I need you to help me keep this on the down low. I can't go to the Bureau and tell them I have a weird feeling about our source after the way I acted toward him."

"No problem, I'm going to get started right now. Unless you'd rather I braid your hair first. "

"No, I look silly in corn rows. But thanks…For being such a great friend."


Mick was still reeling from his conversation with Josef. Not only did he take all the information that Mick shared unbelievably well. He barely seemed surprised. But that was Josef. Unflappable Josef.

Mick had been shocked when he had learned the history of Veronica Mars. She had lived through more tragedy than he had. And he'd been living for over 80 years, while she was just in her mid twenties.

He ran through the litany of her life events in his head. Her mom was an alcoholic, her dad has been forced out as Sheriff of her small town over the investigation of her best friend Lily's murder, she became an outcast in her school, and eventually a private investigator in her own right. She'd apparently been raped, arrested and assaulted too many times to count. And she'd solved more cases than him. She was definitely not your typical FBI agent. After seeing her picture, he decided she was a cross between a pit bull and Tinkerbell. Damn.

Her former boyfriend, Logan Echolls, was not a much easier character study. He was abused by his father and abandoned by his mother. It was his former girlfriend, Lily, whose murder Veronica implicated his father for. And Logan had even faced a murder charge of his own and was later acquitted. These two had been through so much it staggered Mick. And when Mick had seen a picture of Logan, he couldn't help but stare. He was truly Josef's mirror image. How is that possible?


Josef hung up the phone and relaxed back into his office chair. Mick had just shared with him a great deal of information. Very useful information. There was no way he could underestimate the blond agent now, not with all he knew.

Agent Mars was more formidable than he had first imagined. Josef was impressed by her accomplishments and, surprisingly, affected by all of her tragedies.

Despite the remarkable history of his opponent, he was confident he would get the hedge fund situation rectified quickly. What was really drawing his attention was the information regarding Veronica's ex, Logan Echolls.

Josef walked over to a paneled wall in his office. He pressed a spot on the wall and the two panels swung open to reveal a huge white erase board that he used for board meetings. Josef flicked a hidden switch that lowered a long, wide roll of heavy paper. This paper contained some of Josef's most important and personal information. No other person, human or vamp, had ever seen it.

He hadn't looked at this in years, and he couldn't believe he was referring to it now. He looked at the paper to confirm what he thought he already knew. Yes, Logan was listed there, just as he remembered.

When you've lived 400 years, you don't often get excited, but right now, Josef was excited. This is about to get a lot more interesting.


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