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Chapter One- Beautiful Disaster

"Averie Kendall!" Brooke yelled from across the playground, "Don't scare your mommy like that, you are gonna give me a heart attack!"

Brooke ran across the playground to grab her little girl. Averie had climbed up the stairs and up to the tower, then preceded to climb over that wall so she was dangling off of the side of the playground. Brooke didn't know how she was ever gonna live through raising this child. She reached her arms up, grabbing the little girl from where she was dangling.

"Averie, you can't do that baby. You are gonna get hurt" Brooke said, holding the 4-year old and walking over to the bench next to the playground.

"Sorry mommy" Averie pouted, wrapping her little arms around her mother's neck.

"It's okay, just don't do that again" Brooke told the little girl as she set her back on the ground. And off she ran. Brooke sat on the bench watching her climb up the stairs and go down the slide.

"Hi mommy!" Averie yelled, waving as she got to the top of the slide before she slid down. Brooke waved at the little girl, smiling.

She had always hated bringing Averie to the park ever since she was little. She only did it cause she knew it was good for her. But that little girl of hers was a climber and always getting into trouble. You would never believe it looking at her though. She was wearing a hot pink princess dress that poofed out at the bottom. She had been wearing it for a week straight, refusing to take it off. She had dark brown hair like her moms, cut to her shoulders and curled under with a large pink flower clip on one side holding her bangs out of her eyes. Then there were her eyes. She had the prettiest blue eyes you'd ever seen. Those eyes mixed with her dimples got her out of a lot of trouble a lot of the time.

"Five more minutes Ave" Brooke said, standing up and walking over to the swing set where Averie was climbing on to a swing.

"Will you push me mommy?" Averie asked, poking her bottom lip out into a pout and making her big, blue puppy dog eyes.

Brooke shook her head, smiling at her daughter, and she definitely was just that, her daughter. She was a mini-Brooke and she knew how to get what she wanted, when she wanted.

Brooke walked behind her little girl and grabbing the chains on each side of the swing, pulling the swing back and letting it go.

"Remember when I showed you how to pump your legs to make you go higher?" Brooke asked, reminding her little girl.

"I think so" Averie said, scrunching up her little face in confusion. Brooke could tell that she was trying to think hard about when to pull her feet under her and when to kick them out in front of her.

"Remember, in…out…in…out" Brooke smiled as the little girl started to follow her instruction. "Yeah just like that!" Brooke grinned as Averie began pumping her legs.

"I'm doing it momma!" Averie exclaimed, a huge smile on her face that matched her moms, dimples and all.

"Good job honey" Brooke said, clapping her hands for the four year old. "I'm gonna go gather up our stuff then we're gonna go, okay?" Brooke told the little girl, giving her a thumbs up. Averie just nodded and went back to concentrate on pumping her legs.

"In…out…in…out" Brooke heard Averie saying to herself as she walked away from the swing.

Brooke walked over to the bench, picking up her bag and gathered Averie's things. She put Averie's baby doll Lucy into her doll stroller and when she stood up, she noticed him.

"Hey" he smiled down at Brooke.

"I didn't think you were going to make it" Brooke said, in a serious tone. She wasn't looking at him, she kept her eyes focused on her little girl on the swings.

"I told you I would be here, so of course I'm gonna be here" he told her, reaching a hand up to her arm.

Brooke looked over at him and into his blue eyes. Blue eyes that matched her daughters. "I know Lucas. Sometimes you just need to try harder, at least for her…"

And that's when Averie spotted him, "Daddy!" She squealed, jumping off of her swing and falling to the ground. She stood up, brushed off her dress and continued running towards her mom and dad, a huge smile on her face.

"Hey princess!" Lucas smiled, kneeling down and opening his arms to catch his running daughter.

"I missed you" Averie whispered into his neck as she hugged him.

"I missed you too" He said, pulling back and kissing the little girl. She smiled up at him. "Wait a minute" Lucas said, bringing a finger up to his chin as if he was thinking. Averie started to giggle. "Something is different" He said, scratching his chin, making the little girl giggle even more.

"What is it daddy?" Averie laughed, knowing what he was talking about.

"Hmm, new dress?" He asked, squinting his eyes.

"Nooo silly" Averie laughed, placing her tiny hands on her dads cheeks.

"What is it then?" Lucas asked, lifting up his hands and shrugging his shoulders.

"My hair daddy! Mommy took me to get my hair cut!" Averie laughed, bending over and grabbing her stomach cause she was laughing so hard.

"Your right! Where did your long hair go?" Lucas asked, staring at his little girl that looked all grown up with her new short haircut.

"All gone" She giggled.

"Well…I love it" Lucas smiled, picking up the little girl and standing up.

"Ready to go Ave?" Brooke asked the little girl.

.::Five years and three months ago::.

Brooke Davis had just moved to New York from the only place she had ever lived. Tree Hill, North Carolina. Sure, most people have never heard of it, but it was home. It was the type of small town where everyone was like a big family and everyone in the town knew your business by church on Sunday. She loved her small town, but she had to admit that she was looking forward to the big city life. She thrived off of adventure, attention, and meeting new people, and she couldn't wait to do just that.

"So is this it?" Brooke's best friend Haley asked as their taxi pulled up in front of a large building. Haley's face was pretty much pressed up against the glass window of the cab, her hands on either side of her face as she took in all the New York sights.

"Yeah, this is it" Brooke smiled, "My new home."

"How am I ever going to live without you?" Haley asked, bringing a hand up to her face for dramatic effects as she climbed out of the cab, waiting for Brooke to meet her on the sidewalk.

"Well, you have Nathan, you're always with him anyways" Brooke laughed, as Haley dramatically threw her arms around her, making it very difficult to walk.

"But I am gonna miss you" Haley pouted, arms still wrapped around Brooke.

"Ma'am? Would you like help with your bags?" the cab driver asked as he started pulling them out of the trunk.

"No thanks" Brooke smiled, wiggling out of Haley's arms and handing the cab driver some money. "Come on Hale's, grab a bag tootchie." Brooke winked, grabbing a suitcase with each hand, leaving Haley with a large duffel bag and another suitcase.

"I thought your parents got movers to bring your stuff down here?" Haley asked, slinging the heavy duffel bags long strap over her shoulder and grasping onto the suitcase.

"Well they did, but they couldn't pack up the essentials. The mover's left two days ago…I would've died" Brooke said, turning to give Haley a 'duh' face.

"Riiight" Haley mumbled, eyeing the three suitcases and one duffel bag. "Essentials." She said, eyeing the three suitcases and large duffel bag. She rolled her eyes before hurrying to catch up to her friend.

Brooke and Haley made their way to the door of the building where the doorman, Jesse, took Brooke's bags, loading them onto a cart. "Hello again" He said, smiling at Brooke. "Penthouse 25-H? Correct?"

"That's the one" Brooke grinned, handing him a 20 dollar bill. "Thanks Jesse."

Brooke and Haley walked to the elevator, pressing floor 25 when they got inside.

"So…this place is huge" Haley said, wide-eyed. "I can't believe you are actually gonna live here" she gasped, running her hands against the smooth mahogany elevator wall before taking a seat on the small sofa that was placed against the back wall.

"I know right?" Brooke smiled, "But that's what I get for dating a big time basketball star." Brooke said, rolling her eyes.

Haley laughed, covering her mouth with her hands.

The elevator dinged and they walked out, turning to the left and reading '25-H' on a panel next to the door.

"Here we are" Brooke sighed, before putting her key into the doorknob and opening it.

"Whoa" Haley gasped, walking into the gorgeous penthouse.

Brooke set her purse on the counter and followed Haley into the house.

"Where's Kade anyways?" Haley asked, walking into the living room and plopping down on the large, overly stuffed sofa.

"God only knows" Brooke sighed, flipping on lightswitches, even though the light from outside was lighting up the house already.

"I still don't get why you're moving here Brooke" Haley said, as Brooke took a seat next to her on the couch.

"Me and Kade have come to far to just give up, ya know" Brooke sighed, picking at her fingernails.

"Yeah, I guess so" Haley said, looking at her friend who was not about to make eye contact with her.

"The distance has just been hard on us, on him. He thinks we can work everything out if I live here, so I might as well try" Brooke said, sounding unsure of herself.

"Yeah, you'll feel better if you try" Haley smiled, placing an arm around Brooke's shoulder and pulling her into a side hug.

"Can you just stay with me?" Brooke begged, poking out her bottom lip and giving her the biggest puppy dog eyes she could make.

"Don't do that!" Haley said, waving her finger around Brooke's pouted lips and big eyes. "You know that no one can say no to that face!"

"I know" Brooke smiled, poking Haley in the side, making her jump. "I really wish you would stay though, I mean, things with Kade are just weird right now and it would be nice to have you here to help break the ice ya know."

"Yeah…" Haley said. She was worried about her friend. She knew that Brooke had not been happy with Kade for awhile now, but he was such a nice, amazing guy that was totally in love with Brooke. Everyone wanted them to be together, since they were in high school people said they would get married. Haley thought that's what put so much pressure on Brooke. Everyone else. She just hoped that Brooke could work through her feelings.

"Humph" Brooke groaned, slumping farther into the couch. "It'll probably be better when he gets home, after I see him. I haven't seen him for awhile…"

"Exactly" Haley smiled, knowing that Brooke was probably just making her excuses for her sudden lack of feelings.

"What do ya say we order a movie on pay-per-view?" Brooke asked, her smile growing wider as she grabbed the remote from the coffee table. Haley smiled, nodding her head and rubbing her hands together.

"Baby? You here?" Kade asked, opening the door and walking into their penthouse.

Brooke's head shot up, she looked down and Haley was still asleep on the couch.

"Kade!" Brooke grinned, jumping up from the couch and running into her boyfriends arms. He wrapped his large, muscular arms around her tiny frame, picking her up and swinging her around in a circle. "I've missed you…"

"I've missed you too" Kade smiled, setting Brooke back down on he ground before capturing her lips with his.

"Mmm" Brooke moaned into the kiss before separating.

"I'm so glad you are here" Kade smiled, lacing his fingers with Brookes.

"Me too" She grinned, standing up on her tippy toes to give him another kiss.

Kade was everything any girl would want in a boyfriend. He was tall (6 foot 4 inches, to be exact), he had dark brown eyes, short dark brown hair, and tan skin. His face wasn't hard to look at either. He was gorgeous. Yes, gorgeous. But besides the looks, he was actually a nice guy. He opened doors, always paid, was respectful and responsible. He was mostly all the time there for Brooke when she needed him, he would usually do anything to make her happy. Growing up in a small town had done Kade good, he learned all of the small town values there are. And more than anything, he loved Brooke.

"So, where is Haley?" Kade asked, snaking his arms around Brooke's small waist, and leaning down to rest his forehead against hers.

"She fell asleep…we ordered a movie on pay-per-view" Brooke grinned, rolling back and forth from her toes to her heels. He loved it when she did that, she was just so cute.

"Oh you did did you?" Kade smiled, dipping his head down and pecking Brooke on her lips. "So…I was thinking, I'll take you girls out to dinner tonight, maybe we could go for a walk in Central Park…hang out for awhile before Haley goes home tomorrow." Kade smiled, tracing small circles on the small of Brooke's back. "Unless you two wanted to have a girls night, I'd totally understand."

And Brooke knew he was telling the truth, he was understanding most of the time, just another perfect quality to add to the list. "I think your plan sounds great" Brooke grinned, standing on her tip toes to kiss him once more, he pulled her closer to him and she smiled into the kiss.

"Geez you two" Haley squealed, her head popping up from behind the couch. "You're already at it like bunnies and we just got here!" Haley said, covering her eyes.

"I missed you too, Hales" Kade laughed, as Brooke turned around giggling at Haley.

"Oh Kadey-BooBoo!" Haley said in baby talk, getting off the couch and walking over to Brooke and Kade. She reached her hands up, pinching his cheeks. "I did miss you, don't you worry your pretty little face!"

"You know I hate it when you call me that" Kade laughed, rubbing his cheeks where Haley had been pinching them. "Why didn't Nate come?"

"He wanted to, but the Raven's were having some big game that he had to be there for, ya know, coaching responsibilities and all…" Haley said, rolling her eyes.

"That's great for him" Kade smiled genuinely, wrapping an arm around Brooke's waist again. "Well Hale's, I'm taking you two out for a night on the town so you guys should go get ready."

"Ooohh fun! I've never been out on the town in New York" Haley grinned, clapping her hands together.

Brooke was happy she was there, right? It was the right choice, wasn't it? I mean, she didn't know why she wouldn't be. Even though they had their problems, and Kade wasn't as perfect as everyone thought, she had to at least try. She promised him she would try. But why did it feel so weird being with him?

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