The Unheard Conversation.

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Something amazing had just happened to Moses. What began as just another day watching over the sheep in the fields soon became a life-altering mission. Moses walked into a cave. He saw a bush. The bush was on fire, but it didn't burn.

A voice spoke from the bush. It was the voice of God. God told Moses of the hard times the Hebrews faced as slaves in Egypt.

Then God intrusted Moses with the task of freeing the slaves. Moses was taken a back. What could he do? He had once been the prince of Egypt. The son of the man who slaughtered Hebrew children. God assured Moses that he would be with him every step of the way.

God disappeared quickly. The bush was returned to it's normal state. Moses realized what he had to do. With a smile on his face, Moses raced back to his tent.

In the tent, Moses' wife, Tzipporah, was folding clothes. When Moses entered the tent, he took Tzipporah in his arms. He spun her around. "You'll never believe what just happened", Moses said, slightly out-of-breath.

"What happened?" asked Tzipporah. "I went into this cave", said Moses. "Then what?" asked Tzipporah.

Moses continued his story. Tzipporah looked at him suspiciously. Had her husband gone mad from all the long hours he spent working in the fields?

"You have to believe me", said Moses. He sat down next to Tzipporah. "But Moses, you are just one man", said Tzipporah.

Moses looked at his wife. Tears were forming in her eyes. "Tzipporah", he said, "please." He sighed. "Look at your family", he said. "They are free. They have a future. They have hopes and dreams, and the promise of a life with dignity." "That is what I want for my people. And that is why I must do the task God has given me."

Moses and Tzipporah hugged. "I'm coming with you", said Tzipporah. After saying their final goodbyes, Moses and Tzipporah mounted up their camel, and began the long journey back to Egypt.

The End.