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Chapter 2: Meeting the King

After survaying the damnage to the village and burying the dead corpses of the villagers, Anita and Morrigan began walking outside the boarder of the village and stopped. Morrigan looked down at Anita and noticed the braclet on her wrist.

Anita looked up and was about to speak but was stopped by her Mother who spoke out loud for Morrigan to hear, "I am Elisabeth...Anita's mother...I am now known also as Harbringer. This braclet is a secodary form to this sowrd. My soul now resides withen this blade to help protect my daughter and to stop this sword from falling into evil's grasp again. Our family gaurded the sword sence a really powerful sorcerer defeated it and was the time for the sword's power to be re-awakened to protect rather than destroy. With both you and I helping my daughter, I hope we can help give her a better life."

Morrigan went silent for a couple moments for thinking on what Anita's mother just said. She quickly nodded and agreed. Anita and Morrigan began walking once again untill they appeared to a cliff just 5 miles away from the village. Apon arriving Anita looked up at Morrigan and asked what they were doing at this area. Morrigan looked down at her and said, "We are going to the Makai through a portal that my father created long ago with a key that I snatched from his chambers from time to time on my nightly visits to the human world. This key allows me to open my father portal from anywhere in the Makai or in the human world. Now, shall we get going then?"

Anita qiukly nodded as Morrigan began charging the key with her power. Soon the golden key started glowing brightly and started to hover in the air. A beam then launched from the tip of the key to the cliff and golden portal with a swolling vortex soon opened large enough for the both of them to walk through. As they walked through and the portal began to close, the key suddeny burst into bright light and vanished back to it's creator's chamber.

As the portal opened on the other side, Morrigan and Anita found themselves in a hidden chamber that the portal always opens up to bypass guards in the castle. Quickly opening up a secret panel in the stone wall opened to reviel a small passage way. Morrigan looked down at Anita and told her to follow behind.

As they walked through the passage for the last five minutes, the ending of the passage appeared and Morrigan began touching the stones untill she found the one that opens the passage. The passage began opening up to reviel an empty hallway. The duo began moving through several more stone covered hallways untill they came apon an ending that had gigantic doors. The doors were black colored and iron clad. As Morrigan was about to knock on the door with the handle, a loud voice said, "Morrigan get in hear now and bring your guest with you." Morrigan with a surprised look quickly obeyed and opened one of the large doors and walked in followed by Anita behind her.

Within the throne chamber, a large red carpet led from the doors to the throne. Anita looked around and saw many suits of armor both demon and human design standing between the windows which were covered by red crimson colored curtains to keep the unnessessary light from the lamps outside from shinning in. On one side of the throne was a stone gargoyle spewing out red/purplish liquid into a grove that was carved into the floor and led outside the castle. On the other side of the throne was another very large door. Finally Anita looked drectly at the throne and saw a very large being that towered over her making her feel like an ant about to stepped on. The being noticed this and turned his sights on his daughter who began speaking.

"Father! What a surpise, how did you know I was out side your door?" Belial looked at her with slight annoyance and spoke in a deep voice, "Morrigan, cut the crap we both know that you went out side the castle with out my permission again so quit talking in that false surprised voice." Morrigan was about to speak in responce but her father began to rant. "And further more, how can you be my heir if you keep running of and denouncing your duties as future ruler of the Demon Wrold. Between you and still fixing the damnage Demitri caused a hundred years ago I feel like pulling the rest of my hair out. If it weren't for the fact that your not a kid, I'd ground you to this castle for over ten times my actual life span."

"Father, you do remember that I'm a succubus and our life span is only four-hundred years an..." she was suddenly cut off by her father who said, "I didn't forget that nor did I forget that you specificly were born immortal. So using that logic, I can still ground you despite your age..."

Thier coversation was suddenly haulted when the both of them heard laughter coming from Anita's braclet. The laughter continued to get louder untill it became full blown nonstop laughter. Belial mearly raised an eye brow at the child who looked embarrassed and asked why was the braclet laughing? The braclet tryed to talk but was failing miserably at it so Anita spoke to them and said that her braclet thought the conversation that two grown beings like them were having was helarious. Morrigan then quickly turned her father's atition toward herself by saying, "Father, that braclet that she holds is the sword of light that many beings of the Makai thought was lost or destroyed. The original soul of the sword was destroyed by the sorcerer that defeated it. The girl's mother was killed in a village no more than 15 hours ago but her soul now resides withen the sword. When I appeared at the village I saw a Dark hunter that to my surprise, he held the sword of darkness. That hunter was just watching the village being attacked then slowly began walking to the village ignoring the crys for help from the villagers. He didn't do anything untill Anita here was going to be killed by Bishamon who you know is an annoyance to alot of peaceful Darkstalkers and humans in the human world. And only when Bishamon's sword was about to hit, did the hunter/monk act by using the sword to block the death blow. What made both me and Anita both mad at the monk was the fact that he was asking for gratitude for "saving" her. After that, Anita through him across the area through a wall and into an already half destroyed house with her telepath powers (At this, Belial had a surprised look and quickly asked his daughter to continue.) After the monk revived and got out of the rubble he saw me standing infront of him. I then beat him badly and wounded his pride by kicking him in the area where you men don't like being kicked in (Belial winced) and the monk got away."

Morrigan continued ,"After that, we buried the dead villagers and came hear to you so we can ask if it would be okay with you if I would be allowed to take care of her? Belial blinked as his mind resitered what his daughter just asked. After a moment or two, Belial agreed to his daughter's request but quickly spoke saying one last thing. "Morrigan, when giving the girl clothes to whare, make sure they arn't bats. I think you still have some of your old child clothes that could fit her in either your closet or you can ask one of our servants to make some her size."

As the duo walked out of the room and into the hallway, a female servant walked up to them and said, "Mistress, I'm sorry for bothering you but after seeing the girl walking with you after you left one of the hallways, I had a hunch you might need these.

Morrigan looked down at the clothing and realized that some of these were her clothing as a little girl while the others looked brand new but as soon as she got to the bottom though, Morrigan looked at her survant and asked, "And these are for what?" (holding up baby clothes) The servant just smiled that cryed "Don't Kill Me!" and said,"Your father asked me to make them incase you randomly came back pregnet with a random guys child."

Anita after hearing that she telepathicly talked to her mother and asked, :Mother, please tell me you didn't do that as well.: But the only reply she got was her mother saying, :Weeeeeeelllllll...yourgoingtohavetofigurethatonyourownbye! and canceled the conversation with her powers leaving Anita standing in the hallway with a WTF look on her face which was very ironic sence Morrigan was having the same look at that same moment.

After a round five minutes, both Morrigan and Anita arrived and walked into Morrigan's room and sat down. Morrigan then summoned her bats and told them to transform into an extra bed. Anita after getting up from the chair she was sitting on, walked into another room and got changed. She came out waring a long t-shirt which covered her intire body. She then walked over to the extra bed and tryed to climb in but had some trouble but walked over to her and helped her in. Anita then instantly fell asleep. Morrigan smiled and walked over to her bed and fell asleep soon after.

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