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Chapter Two- Living with Mama Peach

"Kids, I'm home!" Bowser roared as he opened the front door. Immediately all the koopalings rushed to their father and babbled on and on about their day.


"King Dad, Roy won't stop-"

"-Punching us!"

"Shaddup, you twerps!"

"Like, King Daddy, I totally need to go shopping."

"King Dad, you gotta listen to this joke!"

Bowser sighed as he walked off, ignoring his children's gibberish. The kids, as if they didn't know that their father wasn't listening, simply followed him into the dining room. All of the koopas took their seats while still talking. Bowser, however, froze when he looked at his dinner. It was some kind of meat with some red sauce all over it. "Who made this?"

"We told you, King Dad," Junior said. "Mama Peach woke up so she met all of us and made us all dinner!" Bowser looked down at the meat again. Made us all dinner out of WHAT? Suddenly, a crash made all the koopas turn their heads. In came Princess Peach with her hair all frizzy.

"Sorry, Larry, but your piranha plants are especially vicious! I tried to feed them like you asked me to, but they started chomping at me!" Larry slightly narrowed his eyes at Peach.

"…I told you they were more aggressive than most…"

Peach then turned to Bowser who was still staring at the meat. She instantly remembered how she got there and why she's here.

"BOWSER!" The angry shout from the usually polite princess startled the massive koopa. "WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" The furious princess started coming towards him with a pointed finger, which made everyone nervous. "A plain kidnapping would be fine, yeah, but now I have to baby-sit your kids too?!" Bowser finally wiped off his confused face and replaced it with a sly one.

"Ah, yes, Peachy, welcome back to my castle," Bowser said. "It was just the other night when I had a bright idea! Mario can't take you away if I'm paying you to baby-sit my kids, now, can he? …Oh, and what in the world is THIS?" Bowser pointed to the meat with a semi-disgusted face.

"Oh? So you're gonna pay me? With what?" Peach asked.

"Why, by letting you live here in the wonderful palace of Darklands," Bowser laughed. "Now tell me, Princess Peach… WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS MEATY THING?"

Peach rolled her eyes. "That's chicken with hot sauce. I just put the hot sauce there because there was nothing else in your fridge. Well, what do you normally eat anyway?"

"Yoshi eggs."

Peach gave a mischievous smile. "Well, since I'm Mama Peach, I say that there's gonna be a few changes around here! And first, no more Yoshi eggs for ANY meal!" Everyone gasped. Yoshi eggs were their favorite food, after all. "Oh, c'mon, you big babies. Just try it! It's not THAT bad." Everyone stared at the chicken and reluctantly tried it. After one taste, they all enjoyed it and started gulping it down.


Everyone stopped eating again and glared at Peach. Peach ignored it and said calmly, "If you're all going to eat the food that I prepared, then you're going to have to eat it with proper table manners!" Junior raised his hand. "Yes, Junior?"

"How we do that?"

"Well, first off, no elbows on the table!" Peach announced.

"Aw, c'mon, Mama Peach! You don't really expect ME to do all that wimpy stuff, do ya?" Roy groaned.

"Yes, I do, Roy. Also, chew with your mouth closed. And no rough-housing at the table, okay? And no slurping your food either," Peach said. Everyone stared at each other for a second or two and tried to eat with proper table manners. Once in a while, Morton or Roy would start to get crazy until Peach gave them a death glare.


Later that night, everyone went to bed early because there was school tomorrow. Everyone had their own rooms except for Iggy and Lemmy of course who preferred to share rooms. However, that night, Roy was in Larry's room.

"I don't like what our new mama is doin' with the place!" Roy grumbled.

"Yeah, me neither. She overfed my piranha plants," Larry muttered.

"Well, don't worry. I got the perfect plan on how to git rid of 'er. And you're gonna help me, Lares." The two siblings gave evil smiles and got to work.


"Alright, everyone, the bus is here. Hurry now, or else the bus will leave you."

"Yes, Mama Peach," everyone harmoniously replied. However, Roy and Larry had the most evil smile when they said it. Peach watched as all eight of them got on the bus. After they left, the princess sighed and plopped herself on the couch. She did not get any sleep last night. Sleeping on the ground was not the best place to catch some z's. What made it even worse was the snoring of nine very loud koopas. Peach decided that she'd just go to sleep until they got back home, but unfortunately, Bowser was bored and had nothing good to do.

"WAKE UP!" Bowser yelled, which caused Peach to let out a small "eek" and fall off the couch. "Miss Toadstool! It is I, your one and only King… Bowsa Koopa. I'm a turtle, as you can see. A little slow. A little green. But I'm the whole, I'd say, supa dupah!" Peach gave a confused stare at Bowser as he started to dance.

"Princess Toadstool," Bowser sang, "I know you're frightened- oooh, oooh. But if you knew just why you're here your fear would just be heightened."

"What in the world are you saying?!" Peach gasped.

"…I don't know. I was listening to that song 'Ignorance is Bliss' by the Jellyfish and I thought it was real catchy," Bowser replied. Peach sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Please, just leave me alone. I think I'm underpaid for this job."


"I don't even get to sleep on a bed yet I have to take care of eight vicious monsters?!"

"Oh? We don't have any more beds, Peachy. Where'd you like to sleep? My room?"

Peach stood there, disgusted, her mouth open agape and her right eye twitching. Bowser stared at her expression for quite a while and then burst out laughing.

"Ahaha! Just kiddin', Peachy. But, otherwise, you got no place to go," Bowser laughed as he walked off. Peach sighed and lied back down on the couch.


Later that day, the koopas were back home and were doing the usual. Ludwig was locked away in his room working on his experiments with Morton and Junior outside, begging him to let them in. Wendy was out shopping with some friends and Lemmy and Iggy were in the playroom. It was nearing dinnertime so Peach decided to get started on cooking dinner. However, when she was about to enter the kitchen, Roy and Larry blocked her way and gave nervous smiles.

"'Ay, don't worry, Mama Peachy, we'll cook dinner tonight," Roy said.

"Yes, we heard that you didn't get quite enough sleep last night, so we just want to do something nice for you," Larry mumbled.

"Oh, that's so sweet of you two boys," Peach said, impressed. "But are you sure you two can handle it?"

"Leave it to us, Mama Pe-ach!" Roy ensured. Peach smiled, blew the two of them kisses, and ran to the couch so she could get some sleep. Once they made sure Peach was asleep, Roy and Larry ran to the kitchen.

"Do you got the stuff?" Roy asked.

"Of course, idiot! Why would I forget it?" Larry retorted. Roy instantly grabbed Larry's shoulder and tightened his grip enough to make Larry quiet.

"'Ay, just because you're helping me do this don't mean I'm gonna be all THAT nice to ya," Roy grumbled. Then, he let go and got to work on cooking the meal. After letting it boil for a while, Larry added in some of the poison to Peach's bowl. They giggled to themselves and laid out all the bowls on the dinnertable. "Dinnertime, everyone!"

Instantly everyone was in their seats, eating the stew (of course, still with table manners). Peach sat down and smelled the stew first. She then froze for a bit and turned to Roy and Larry. "Oh, this looks good and all, boys, but… what did you put in this stew?"

"Just some chicken, seasoning, spices, and other ingredients like that," Larry mumbled. And something extra special just for you.

"Okay!" Peach chirped and instantly turned back to her stew. She was about to taste it when Morton came and drank it all up. "HEY!" Peach said, her voice rising a bit.

"Aw, I'm sorry, Mama Peach, but I was so hungry!" Morton cried. "Because at school, there was this weird girl who kept staring at my cookie and-"

"It's okay, Morton," Peach sighed. "Just don't let it happen again. I guess I'll just make myself a sandwich." Roy and Larry, when they saw what Morton had done, scurried from the table and to the hallway.

"Larry! Morton just drank up Peach's stew!" Roy said, his voice a bit panicked. "Don't tell me he's going to die!"

"Don't worry, Roy," Larry whispered. "I knew something like this was bound to happen so I only got that poison from a plant that's only poisonous to humans."

"Phew," Roy sighed. "Okay, then, we have to come up with something else!" Larry nodded and the two of them took off. Unfortunately for them, they didn't know that someone else had been watching.


"Mama Peach! Mama Peach!" Peach turned around to see Junior running across the hallway towards her. The small koopa slammed into her and panted for a bit. "Mama… wheeze Peach!"

"Take a deep breath Junior," Peach instructed. Junior did exactly as she instructed and calmed down.

"Mama Peach, Roy and Larry are trying to kill you!" Junior gasped. Peach stared at Junior for a second and then burst out laughing.

"Haha, Junior, that's silly. Roy and Larry would never hurt me," Peach said.

"No, I'm serious!" Junior persisted. "They tried to put poison in your stew that could kill humans but Morton ate it! Then, I heard them talking in the hallway and they said that they'd come up with a new way to get rid of you! And I don't want you to go, Mama Peach. You're my only mama!" Peach pitied to poor boy, forgetting that he didn't have a real mother. But this talk about Roy and Larry was just absurd.

"Okay, Junior," Peach finally said. "I'll keep an eye out, okay? And you just tell me if you hear anything else. But it'll be our little secret." Junior nodded and the two of them went their separate ways.

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