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Chapter 6 - Run and Hide

Wendy, Larry, Morton, and Junior huddled under Larry's bed, trembling. "D-Did you guys hear that?" Wendy whispered. The boys only nodded. "W-Who do you think that was?" The boys shook their heads. "Well, c'mon, guys. Speak up! Y-You don't think that high-pitched scream could've been... M-Mama... Mama PEACH, could you?!"

"Don't even SAY THAT!" Junior growled, tears forming at the corners of his eyes. The poor child's heart imploded at the thought of his "mother" hurt.

"Sorry," Wendy said softly. For a few minutes, the four koopa kids waited under the bed. After a while, the door knob turned slowly. The koopalings froze when they realized that it was the Mario brothers that walked into the room. While the two brothers turned away, Wendy pulled down the sheets of the bed to cover them up.

"It-a looks like the kids aren't here, Mario," Luigi stated.

"I guess-a not. I-a wonder where they could be! We've-a scanned the whole-a darn castle!" Mario grumbled. Wendy narrowed her eyes to see what Mario was holding. She gasped in horror as she saw that it was Ludwig's empty shell. Larry quickly covered his sister's mouth and glared as Mario and Luigi paused.

"Did-a you hear something?" Luigi muttered. They stood there for a few more seconds... when Mario farted.

"It-a must've been my tummy! I could use some-a spaghetti right about-a now," Mario laughed. The two Mario brothers left the room laughing. The four koopalings relaxed as Mario closed the door. However, they tensed up again when Mario came bursting through the door. "Wait!" The red plumber walked over to Larry's desk and picked up a pen. "This is-a cool-a pen!"

"Mario, stop-a fooling around!" Luigi yelled from the hallway. Finally, Mario left the room for good.

"Larry, what are we going to do?" Junior asked.

"I don't know, but that jerk just took my favorite pen," Larry grumbled.

"I don't think it's safe to just stay here," Wendy stated.

"Oh, yeah? And what do you think we should do?" Larry retorted.

"...Maybe we should just sneak down to the basement already."

"But we still need to wait for Roy, Iggy, and Lemmy."

"Well, then YOU can stay here for them!" Wendy spat while getting up from under the bed. "I'm not waiting around HERE anymore. Morton, Junior, are you coming?" Junior and Morton nodded as the got up from under the bed.

"Fine!" Larry growled angrily while keeping his voice down. "Go down to the basement. I don't care. But I just have one question: Do you know where our basement is?" Wendy, Junior, and Morton paused. After a while, the three of them reluctantly crawled back under the bed. "Yeah, that's what I thought."


Peach wandered the castle. She had gotten in through a window. "Where is everyone?" she wondered aloud. Oh, no! What if Mario and Luigi already got to the kids? Peach began sprinting down the halls, her puffy dress slowing her down a bit. She was running down the hall towards Bowser's room when someone grabbed the bottom of her dress and made her trip. "Eep!" She was pulled into a closet.

"Sh!" Kamek whispered.

"Kamek? What are you doing in the closet?" Peach sighed in relief that it wasn't Mario or Luigi trying to drag her back home.

"Hiding from the mutant plumbers," Kamek replied.

"Kamek! Aren't you supposed to be looking for the koopalings?!" Peach gasped.

"Them?! I'm pretty sure those monsters are fine on their own! After all, those things can take ol' Kamek down in one hit! Oh, no... Old folk like me can't handle being jumped on all the time by a fat plumber!" Kamek sobbed. Peach sighed and got out of the closet.

"Well, then stay right there. I'll go look for the Koopalings," Peach muttered. She continued scampering down hallways when she saw a familiar face. "Bowser?"

Bowser turned his head. "Peachy? What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for your children!" Peach replied. "And you should be hiding! Mario and Luigi are here to exterminate all of you!" Peach then started pushing Bowser towards his room. Or at least she tried to, but Bowser was too heavy.

"Aw, you actually care," Bowser teased. Peach glared at him.

"Bowser, now's not the time to be fooling around! You and your kids are in danger! Especially your kids!" Peach hissed. "And... And! What the heck are you even doing out here?"

"I was looking for my kids, Princess. I am aware of the situation, y'know," Bowser answered. "Now, c'mon, Peachy. Let's go look for our kids together." Peach made a face.

"You mean your kids, right?" she said. Bowser laughed.

"Whatever you say, my princess."


"Got any five's?"

"Go fish." Wendy, Larry, Morton, and Junior had gotten bored and were now playing Go Fish. It had been a whole thirty minutes since the plumbers had burst into the room, and the four koopa kids were getting restless. Morton was starting to talk a bit again.

"I really think we should've went with Wendy's idea and gone off to the basement, Larry. It's way better than just sitting here under this cramped bed and playing Go Fish. I mean, I bet Roy and Iggy and Lemmy are goners already-"

"Don't say that, Morton," Wendy muttered. Morton stayed quiet once more. Then after a while, he opened his mouth again.

"B-But... didn't you see it, Wendy? Didn't you? ...Mario had Ludwig's shell in his hand... and Ludwig's probably the toughest one of us...," Morton whispered seriously. Wendy felt tears form once more.

"I... I have faith in them. Besides... Ludwig was alone, but Roy has Iggy and Lemmy to back him up," Wendy said softly. Though her brothers got on her nerves the majority of the time, she still loved them, and she couldn't bear the thought of any one of them dying. Suddenly the door knob started to turn once more. Larry pulled down the sheets to cover themselves again. Fortunately, this time it was Roy, Iggy, and Lemmy.

"Guys? Are you here?" Roy muttered. Larry uncovered themselves and smiled.

"You're here! You're not dead!" Morton laughed. He climbed out from under the bed and hugged his brothers. Larry hushed him while Roy blushed and pushed him off.

"Of course I'm not dead! Sheesh! I ain't no weakling like JUNIOR," Roy grumbled. Junior glared at his brother. Roy then smiled at Junior. "Hah! Just kiddin'. Now quit bein' all embarrassin'. Lares, lead us to dat basement now."

Larry nodded and started scampering down the hallway. "C'mon, hurry!" The rest of the koopalings followed Larry down and up hallways until Larry completely stopped dead in the living room (Ahahaha! I just realized that that's KINDA like a pun! Ahahaha, well no pun intended x3).

"What's wrong, Larry?" Wendy said softly. Larry trembled and pointed.

"Them." In front of the koopalings stood Mario and Luigi with menacing smiles. Instantly, all of the koopalings froze, including Roy.

"Hello, Koopalings," Mario and Luigi greeted. All of them backed up as the two plumber brothers stepped forward. "How have you-a been? Have you-a been having-a fun with your Mama Peach?"

"We're gonna die!" Morton whispered. Roy finally took a step towards the Mario brothers.

"No, we're not, Morton," Roy grumbled. "Wendy's right! Ludwig was all alone, but there's six of us now!"

"Uh, you mean seven, right?" Larry corrected.

"Oh, no. I don't count Junior."

"ROY!" Junior growled.

"Ahahaha, just kiddin' again," Roy laughed. Then, his face grew serious again. "C'mon, guys! We can take 'em on!" The koopalings began to get their hope back and started cheering once more. Then, they got into fighting position. However, their hope shrank once more when Mario threw Ludwig's shell at the koopalings knocking Roy, Lemmy, Iggy, and Morton down while Luigi started chasing around a screaming Junior, Wendy, and Larry.

"AAH! NOW WE'RE GONNA DIE!" Junior screeched. They were chased into a corner. Wendy hugged her two younger brothers close. The three of them closed their eyes as Luigi was about to lash out when a certain someone interrupted the scene.


Mario and Luigi froze and slowly turned to look while the three koopalings opened one eye to see who their savior was. And there stood Peach and Bowser.

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