sorry for the delay of the next chapter of the new king of hearts my computer got a virus so i have been able to acess a computer. and i decided to make it a cross with kingdom hearts 2 just for the hell of it and since just played the game so it is fresh in my mind. only promblem i have with the game is that disney didn't try to get other cool worlds like yu yu huaksho, disaga or bleach. But as to why the cross is simple it allows me to add a whole buch of characters put in otherwise and the name of the story itself. Also i'll will add at least one oc from my oringal story. As to how could you have bleach world when there already underworld it simple i will have it be explained later. as for my other stories if you read them i don't know when i'll update them.

timeskip of 4yrs.

"Shining fist" yelled harry, "shining finger" yells domon. The two attacks battle for dominace and you slowly saw that harry's was pushing domon back at him. So with a final push which anyone watching would see as a flash of light harry finally had landed his first hit on his teacher then he was then smacked away with domon other fist and domon yelled "don't let your guard down just because you think you won a fight and never turn your back on a oppenet because not all are honorable." He then smiles and then says "Still this was the first time you hit me and won a technique duel."

Domon then says "soon master asia will be back from his trip to asia. He will then instruct you on our school's final technique the Sekiha Tenkyoken." "Then you will finally have mastered the base style of our style. It's then totally up to you on what you do with the style you learned and how to improve it. But just to let you know if you don't improve Master Asia will kick your butt the next time he comes to train you. Also i won't stop be able to him from going overboard either since your finally at the journeyman level. So you're at the point where you gotta defend others not have them keep defendin ya." Harry mummurs "Hmmm, you're right I can't just depend on others for help any time I get stuck. Oh yea Domon why is Master Asia named after a country?" Domon replies "Why the hell would I know I'm not his parents."