Title: Just a toy

Summary: She was just another toy to him, as he was to her, and both wished it were only a game. SasuSaku Angst

Warning: Some sexual references.

Disclaimer: I don't own it. But I do own the "Something I must protect" Sasuke Sasuke ninja card...

Rating: T.. or M... probably T...

Warm hands caressed soft places. Tears welled and spilled over jade barriers. Onyx locks intertwined with soft pink tresses. She called out his name half in fear and half in love. His mind knew nothing. Her porcelain skin was stained with tears. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. He thrust forward, sending another surge of pain through her delicate body. She bit her cherry lips until they drew blood. She savoured in the taste of iron, it distracted her from the task at hand. It was best for her to face these things with an empty mind. Another hard thrust. Long nails dug deeply into his bare back, drawing more iron blood. He didn't wince, he always kept his eyes shut, and he never said a word.

The darkness of night shielded their awful game. He would play with her body and emotions for as long as he wanted and as hard as he wanted. She would never say a word, for there were none to say. He'd never looked her in the eye when the sun rose, and he would never speak to her unless necessary. It was as if.. during the day.. she was nothing more than a shadow. She feared when the nights would fall and she'd turn from a shadow into his play thing.

He was like a reckless child and she was his toy

He thrust into her again. More tears spilled down broken face.

She thought he would come back changed. The moment she saw him step through the gates and back into her life she thought things would be better. She didn't know why he had married her. Probably because no woman would marry a deserter. She was the only candidate. She would always love him, even when she was treated like a toy.

She gritted her teeth against the pain.

She had worked and studied hard to make him notice her. She was an honoured medical ninja. She was strong and could fight off nearly any genjutsu. She had worked to better herself so he would come home to some one he could be proud of. It seemed that his distant and empty black eyes only saw what lay on the exterior, a woman.

She held back the sobs forming in her throat. Each night it went like this. He would come in while she waited patiently for him. He would kiss her lustfully and some how she would end up in the same position. He would be th master and she would be the willing servant.

After they had first been married she had asked him excitedly about what his plans were. He stated he would restore his clan. She smiled sweetly at this, not knowing that she would be placed in total misery.

He let go of her arms and rolled off her, his breathing even. He got off the bed and went to the bathroom. He did this each night. They would finish their nightly game and then he'd take a shower. It was like he couldn't't stand the idea of her around him. it was at this time when she chose to cry. He would never hear her desperate sobs over the running of the shower.

Tears overwhelmed her vision and came down in large drops, landing on the bed sheets. She would cry until the shower turned off. Then she would turn her back to the door and pretend to be sleeping. She did just that. She faced her back to him and looked out the window at the cloudy moonless night.

Each month he would ask her the same thing. If she was ready to bear the next heir to the Uchiha family, and each month she would say no. He would glare at her angrily and then rise from his place in bed and stalk off to unknown places. She sometimes wondered why he would stay with her. Why he bothered when she was failing miserably at fulfilling his wants.

He walked back into the room and took his place beside her in bed. He would turn his back to hers and face the wall. Each night the tears would spill silently down her face, and neither would utter a word. She felt filthy, married to a man that never loved her and never would. It had always been that way and it would never change.

Slowly her jade eyes would grow exhausted from the tears and she would fall into a fitful slumber. It this time he would silently turn over and look at her sleeping form. He would examine her soft pink hair and her delicate skin. He would listen to her sobbing breathing. She had fallen out of love with him long ago.

She would cry each time they made love, because she longed to be somewhere else. She only married him out of pity. He had no one to carry on his name, so she took one for the team and married him. He would never utter a word, because he feared she would only mock him. He never looked her in the eye, because he did not want to see the hatred she held for him. He would never speak to her during the day, and he would never cast a glance, because he knew she would be with the people she truly loved. He would only make love to her in the night, so she would have an easier time imagining it was some one else. He would give himself to her each night so that she could have the child she wanted. He wondered each night she she stood by his side, when he failed so miserably at giving her what she wanted. He would take a shower each night to wash the filthiness of having taken the virtue of a woman who didn't love him.

She was like a reckless child and he was like her toy.

A/N: so I was going for angst... and romance. A feeling of one sided love on both sides. I hope I hit it. I dunno why but I compelled to write this one shot. So yeah. I hope it didn't suck and that it made sense.